Naza Kia Malaysiasteering wheel issues

N Oct 09, 2019

Bought Kia Rio Sedan in 2016, complaining the car dealer about the steering wheel was not able to do the steering lock. The Dealer advised me to send to the Service Centre and check. Once repaired and after a few month, it began to make a noise, Klik' Noise' when accelerate. i had to return back to service centre many times and they said it's a normal sound for Rio. the klik noise' always keep coming until today. Now my steering deck is broken and have sent back to Kia Service Centre. The steering deck cost me around RM3000 to replace and they've said after 3 years no warranty period for the items. took me while to find it outside (aftermarket price). Now managed to get it around RM1800.00.

the conclusion is :-
Car Dealer - Gave me a problem car
The Service Centre - no good in servicing

Both are sucks!!!

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