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Would like to lodge complaint as I purchased Kia Cerato k3 1.6 on 23 Srp 2017 from Kia Batu Caves. Lately, I had problems in starting the car push button. Thinking nothing serious, I thought of bringing the car to Kia workshop at Setapak on Saturday (12 Aug'17).

On Thursday (10 Aug'17) around 11.30pm, I went to refill petrol at Petroleum Sri Rampai. After filling, I tried starting the car but couldn't, I had no choice but to call my insurance to arrange a tow truck. The truck took my car to Kia Setapak service that very night.

The next morning, I rang Kia service to enquire on my car faulty and to my surprise I was told by the officer that my car battery needed to be changed and that will cost me rm350. Feeling angry as its not even a year, I enquired why should I pay as its barely a year, the officer said the battery is not under warranty.

Not satisfed, I rang Kia call center immediately to file a complaint and spoke to officer Adi and he said will call me back after checking. Not receiving any call, I called Kia in afternoon and on line was Adi. Outcome of findings by him, I still needed to pay for the battery and of course he had no logical explanation as why did the battery gave way less in a year but gave an answer which did make any sense that the battery is under warranty in 1 year provided the car km is 10, 000 or less. To me, warranty 1 year for the battery provided its 10, 00 km or less is like a big joke. Its like, I buy the car and don't use it.

Didnt wanted to argue, I hang up the call and called my foreman to fix a new battery with rm250.

Now my complaint here
- How came a brand new car less in a year can have the battery worn out (I also bought a new Almera somewhere last Mar'16 and till today the car battery has not worn out or given any problem so why Kia, and yeah Kia Cerato is way expensive than Almera)

- Any logic explanation as why this happened and why I had to pay for the battery when the car battery should never give me any problem as its less than a year

I'm going to write an official complaint to the press and also lodge this to Hak Pengguna if no logical explanation is given. As it is, Kia cars never had a very good impression among lots of customers before K series came into market and I believe lots of customers would love to hear that Kia car battery's worn out less in a year from the car purchased date.

My details as below;

Name - Satwinder @Sam
Contact num - [protected]
Email add - [protected]
Car Model - Kia Cerato K3 1.6

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Mar 27, 2019 12:53 am

I doubt any one from NAZA Kia management is reading this, I don't think they care or bothered.
my experience was worst, the battery exploded in Feb this year when I want to start the engine, the battery was the original one delivered with the car (Sportage) which was only slightly over 1 year old. lodged a complaint to the KIA CARELINE demanding for a root cause to the explosion and expectedly no response.
I have to admit, the new models are not reliable, with the poor after sales service, KIA will not survive long, I hope someone from KIA Korea will read the post here. do not let the poor NAZA management damage their brand.

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Aug 15, 2017 12:53 am

@satwinder, You only have yourself to blame for buying a Kia. You should just stick to a perodua or proton next time

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