McDonald'sunethical behavior from a female staff in red tee seemed to be manager called apple

At around 15:00 on 28-Sep-2019
Apple (I saw the name from her name tag) was servicing an old man and said, Do u have any xx card? The old man replied Yes I have. Apple raised up her voice, looked unfriendly and said, I asked u many times before and u did not give me any response, now u said Yes u have?! She pointed to his helper and said: u better assist him to order. After the order, Apple directly said $37, instead of Thanks $37. The old man looked to his helper and asked, how much? I can't hear clearly, and his helper talked the amount for several occasions and finally she just showed him some hand signal. I'm no sure if Apple encountered something from this man before I entered. However, in my opinion, it's really a bad service and attitude i've ever seen in McDonald's and we are talking about she is in a manager/leader position. She really breaks the image of McD and I feel full of scare from her activities. Even I only know the second part of their conversation, I can't understand why she needs to scold the man and not fully assisting him. She is not working in a service industry?? So no need to RESPECT and give good service to CUSTOMERS? I can't see any bad words from the man since I entered.
I've sent a complaint letter in Chinese via FB messenger to the service team from McDonald's Macau. However I know they've already have a look on my complaints, but they did not reply me after a day. I hope this complaints-board can give me a response, otherwise I will have further action against this case.


Oct 02, 2019

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