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Reviews and Complaints

McDonald'sgoing to the back of the line

Today about 12:03, October 14th, I ordered a #3 large combo with a coke, so naturally the girl at the window entered a bacon quarter pounder and I was given the wrong price. When I got to the pay window, she said "Bacon quarter pounder?" and I said no. My order was corrected and my price was correct. When I got to the food window, I was asked to pull forward. Then I watched no fewer than EIGHT CARS get their food and go around me. Finally, I was so furious that I got out of my car to go in and confront the manager about WHY I didn't have my food, and met the poor crew member assigned to bring it out to me. Listen, the management of this restaurant has gone WAY down hill, but the worst is going to the back of the line BECAUSE THE CREW SCREWED UP! NOT OKAY!!! I left the lot about 18 after 12, AGAIN NOT OKAY for a fast-food restaurant. Did they have to slaughter the cow before they made that quarter pounder?
You will just have to deal with the all caps because I'm still so furious I could scream!!! Notice: you do NOT ask a customer who is inconvenienced because of a crew mistake to be inconvenienced further by having their order put together when the crew gets around to it. THIS IS A CORPORATE PROBLEM!!! Fix it or you've lost this customer for good.