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Good day!

Hope this email finds you well. I’m filing a complaint regarding the service I’ve experienced at Mcdonalds Mabiga/San Franciso Mabalacat Branch in Pampanga.

This incident happened between 12:20 AM -12:40AM in the morning today 17th of February 2024. I ordered a food for a dine-in however your crew processed it for take-out. I also asked for my change from my payment I made since he did not give it to me after he took my order, what he did was rude and impolite, instead of giving it to me and put it on my hand since I already lay it to him however he throw it on the counter like he’s not trained at all and don’t know what is ‘Customer Service’.

I confronted him why he did that rudeness but he reasoned out madly that because he is still assisting other customers, is that the right way to interact with your customer? Please do some actions to this kind of behavior, this is a well-known fast food chain and not just cheap stores but that is not the right way to treat your customer.

Thank you.

Claimed loss: NA

Desired outcome: Please do some actions with your service crew’s behavior. Some of them are not trained to treat your customer right.

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