S Aug 18, 2018

Every time I go to McDonald's on Plainfield Pike in Cranston, Rhode Island the service there is awful. The last few times I have gone there recently, I have went to the door of the building to come in and place my order, but the manger comes to the door with and attitude and says I cannot come in. I ask why and she says the dining room closes at 9:00pm which is not right when that is still a very early hour. After this I am told to go to drive through, which I was told by the manager who came to the door, I WAITED 21 MINUTES TO GET MY ORDER because they do not let customers in after 9:00pm when the restaurant is open until midnight or so. This restaurant on Plainfield Pike, Cranston Rhode Island needs to conduct business differently so people do not have to wait over 20 minutes to get their order because they do not let anyone inside after 9:00pm. In addition, I was so fustrated waiting at another time, that I asked nicely to get my money back because I was not waiting as long as I was going to have to and the young boy taking orders told me they do not give money back. I WAITED (once again) OVER 20 minutes and was told i was not getting my money back, so then I said I was calling corporate and still did not receive the money. (With how business is conducted on Plainfield Pike in Cranston, Rhode Island, I do not think business will last here! CUSTOMERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT IN A DRIVE-THROUGH LINE FOR ALMOST 30 MINUTES BECAUSE THEY CLOSE THE DINING ROOM AT 9:00pm. Customers should be entitled their money back if they decide they do not want their order because of how long they are waiting.

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