McDonald'ssausage macmuffin with egg

Y Sep 12, 2018 Review updated:

Today at 10:59am at McDonald's from store #17768. I order a sausage egg mcmuffin and when I checked it wasn't what I order . So I went back and made a complaint to a cashier. After I made my complaint I heard the Hispanic cookers say to put saliva on my food and said it about three times loud thinking that no one will understand her ... So I talked to the manager and she said that she couldn't do anything because she doesn't speak Spanish she didn't take the time to punish her cookers for what they
Had said... I find this really disgusting that they would do that to the food very unprofessional .


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    9wood Sep 12, 2018

    guess the democrats will play race card if she does anything to someone speaking Spanish ( possible not a citizen)

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