Mcdonaldsmeal packages

E Aug 16, 2018

My boyfriend I went to Mcdonald's today for lunch. We ordered 2 20 piece mcnugget meals. When it arrived, there were no fries. The manager told us that the mcnuggets do not come with fries. Which is a crock and rip off. We had to pay an additional $6.48 for 2 large fries. so $11.91 plus $6.48 for a meal. plus the fries were cold...too many pre cooked< I saw at least 6 pre cooked and boxed on the rack . we thru them away and left we were so discussed with this store and manager. .
We are not happy and the receipt is so faded we can not read the code to redeem for our coupons...We will not go to that Mcdonald's again I told them corp would hear about this !!
aug 16 2018 12:09 pm Rancho Cordova ca # 4929
sunrise blvd order # 241 & 248
Thank you
Eileen MacDonald

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