McDonald'sextra tartar sauce on a fish filet sandwich

L Sep 06, 2018 Review updated:

3755 Hwy 14
Millbrook, Al
Tel: [protected]

I stopped at the above McDonalds on Sep 06, 2018 at approximately 4pm and ordered two fish filet sandwiches with extra tartar sauce and a senior coke to go.
To my surprise when I checked my bill I was charged and extra .30 cents per sandwich for the extra tartar sauce.

I ask and employee was this correct and she stated yes. I then ask to speak to the manager. Again, the manager told me this was correct. I stated this was like asking for extra mustard or ketchup on a hamburger were they going to charge extra for that. I then told her to refund my .60 cents that I did not want extra tartar sauce if I had to pay for it.

I feel this totally wrong to charge a person extra for tartar sauce on a fish filet sandwich when that is all that is put on it. This needs to be corrected immediately and stop charging customers for extra tartar sauce on a fish filet.


  •   Sep 06, 2018

    So, they should just give away extras? It may not seem like much to you but tartar sauce packets are costly. Catsup and mustard are much cheaper and the price of a couple of packets is built into the price of burgers. The food is fairly cheap, I hear. I’ve never eaten at McDonald’s, only Burger King, at least a dozen years ago. Fast food greasy, fatty salted food is yucky.

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