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I Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

i don't usually eat mcdonalds very often but when i ordered a big mac yesterday at charlestown square store i was shocked at how they had shrunk in size from the original size when they first came out (at least then it was a meal and now they are snack size ) .
i know that you have bought out the larger version of the big mac (i think it was called the grand big mac or something similar ) but since that came out its almost like the original big mac has shrunk in size .
its almost like it was a diversionary tactic ...bring out the larger big mac, shrink the original one and when you take the big one away maybe people wont notice that the original has shunk.
and for the price you pay for a big mac it is a bit of a rip off (getting less for for more)


  • 9w
    9wood Aug 17, 2018

    been smaller for years
    like other things they are charging more for less

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