McDonald'sbelgrade’s tašmajdan store

L Aug 05, 2018

I had a chance to visit this store yesterday and the service that i've received from Safet, the manager was absolutely disturbing!!!Wanted to order extra chicken in my salad(which is possible to customise where i come from).His stuff firstly mimicked me how i spoke then he got involved saying ‘That doesn't exist anywhere'!I've advised Mr Safet that surely customised orders do exist somewhere, he went into deeper conversation with me as in ‘where is it possible'.When i said in Australia he started lounging and said rudely how he's has never been in Australia!To make things worse he went to back of the store and continued talking to his stuff how he's never been to other country's Mcdonald's.Other, younger stuff got involved and were laughing on the same matter while other customers were present!!Such an unprofessional behaviour from the manager and his stuff!!All i tried to do is to prove my point that i wasn't asking for impossible!
Dear Mr Safet by the looks of it you will be stuck in Serbia's McDonalds(as a manager) for the rest of your life!!!Shame on you!!


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