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I purchased a maytag french door refrigerator from sears. After 7 repair visits-it is still not working...

maytag french door refrigerator

Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer, Model MFI 2568AEB purchased in June 2006 and immediately experienced problems with food freezing in bottom drawer and fruit drawer. Phoned for service while under warranty and repaired with no charge. A broken thermostat slider was the problem. Second problem occurred January 2008, damper door is opening and closing on it's own and dispenser lights are flashing when compressor turns on. Placed a call to Maytag and still awaiting response.

Encourage others to report problems to the Consumer Product Safety Commission at www.cpsc.gov (especially if you have property damage and Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov (complaint form). The more people that file formal complaints, the more likely a product recall will occur.

  • Al
    alvaro pineros Jun 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    purchase my maytag2568aeb in spring of 2006. no problems to this point. but about a week or so, the panel started poning and closing and all kinds of lights are flashing.
    disconnected the damn thing from the top of the left door. and now the top of the refrigerator isn't working . can someone help me? am i out of warranty?

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poor quality & terrible customer response

Beware MayTag - Whirlpool Products & Service...Based on our personal experience. Our MayTag Diswasher (Model...

customer service

On December 23, 2007 my Maytag dishwasher caught fire. I was preparing food for a Christmas party and discovered smoke and flames shooting out of the top portion of the door. I kicked the table out of the way of the flames and ran to cut the power.

12/24/07 I contacted Maytag who told me that they would have to send a service man out to verify my claim and to see if the unit could be fixed. They scheduled me for 12/28/07.

The serviceman arrived and verified that the unit had cought fire in the control board and that he had never seen anything like it. He also stated that it would take 25 parts to fix the unit at a cost of $900.00. He contacted his supervisor who told him that Maytag made a concession and would fix the unit for free. (unit is 4 years old). The service man stated that all parts would be shipped to me and I should contact the service dept prior to the scheduled date (1/8/08) to verify that all parts were here.

To date, 1/4/08, no parts have arrived. I have contacted Maytag and asked to have my unit replaced and they stated that I should be thankful that they agreed to fix it for free as the extended warranty I purchased expired last year.

I am very upset with the treatment I have received. Maytag stated that my worry for what could have happened is unfounded as the circuit breaker would have tripped. They do not care that I had to cancel a Christmas Party and throw away food because my kitchen had filled with black plastic smoke.

Never again will I purchase a Maytag!!

  • Da
    Daniel Beaulieu Dec 30, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought a dryer at home depot at $403.00 we were happy but we went shopping a Brand mart and the same appliance was $349.00.VERY DISAPOINTE. Customer unhappy.email [email protected] Dan

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What a nightmare - Maytag Dependability Plus is a ripoff. We have a high end commercial grade range made by Dynasty. After 6 years of paying Maytag Dependability Plus for a service contract the oven burners went out. It took 3 weeks to get the parts, the technician came out and Maytag refused to authorize the repair. $500 repair on a $6,000 range. They said the value of the range was $200. Yesterday representative Jenny said that it was their mistake and it would be fixed immediately. Today representative Ashley said that I had to PROVE the value of the range and implied that I had falsified the value of the range. I informed her that Maytag owned Dynasty at the time I bought the range and I just got a card from MAytag in the mail to enroll in the coverage and paid it. Asked for a supervisor - was told one was not available - said I would continue holding - she hung up on me after lecturing me that Maytag Dependability Plus is not Maytag (regardless of the Maytag logo in their website).

This is an evil company. I am going to call Maytag Corp and register a complaint - maybe they will understand that this company is giving Maytag a bad name.

  • De
    Debby Stryminski Jan 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am going through the better business bureau now for the same thing

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  • Ga
    Gary Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had Maytag un-dependability plus service too. They treat you like your stupid and can never repair anything correctly. It's just a simple money game for these people. I hate all these big companies. Buy it cheap, and throw it away. That's the only way you'll end up ahead and I'm in the service business.

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  • Ti
    Tim Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a Viking Dishwasher and other high-end appliances. The dishwasher quit working in July 2008. I worked on a solution to the problem and low and behold I received a notice in the mail from Maytag Dependability Plus asking me to renew my service contract. I didn't realize I had the extended warranty. But this was good news so I called and made a claim. It has been over 30 days now. Initially the authorized company, B&B Appliance, came out to access. They came with no repair parts. They left, stating they needed to submit for approval to Maytag DP (once they verified the specific problem) and it took over one week for this to occur. The bottom line at this time is the part is on "national back order" and maytag DP essentially says that's just the way it is. I have no working dishwasher and there is really no solution...until this morning. The supervisor at Maytag DP said after the part has been on order for 60 days, they will replace my dishwasher. The magic 60 day mark is October 14, 2008. Get this, my service contract expires October 3, 2008. I asked for the owner of Maytag DP to make further complaints and the supervisor, Jacob (877-342-1446) said he could not tell me. "Jacob" just talked in circles and offered no real solution. My question is will Maytag DP really replace my high end Viking Dishwasher? By the way, did I say the dishwasher is only three years old? Is this the standard life expectancy of a high end unit? Once again, I do everything right and pay for added protection and still get screwed.

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  • La
    Laura Settles Mar 14, 2009

    We have a Maytag dishwasher that is only a year old, and the circuit board went out. This company still has not repaired the dishwasher. We have nine people living in our home, and we have been without a dishwasher to three weeks now. The new circuit board was mailed to our house, and sits here. Their repair man cannot come out until next Friday. We will be without a dishwasher for a month by the time it is repaired. Shame, shame, shame on this rip off company. Tell everyone you know not to buy a contract with them.

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[Resolved] won't clean dishes!

I have a quiet series 300 also, I may as well wash all the dishes by hand because if I put them in the...

maytag hired a and e factory service not licensed to fix dishwashers (recall)

Class action needed - read all

Maytag told me and many others to call a and e factory service to install part on my dishwasher due to recall and a and e factory service isn't licensed to do this. Shame on whirlpool (Maytag).

Whirlpool owns maytag now and I had a maytag dishwasher that was a recalled model due to fire in the jet dry compartment. Maytag sent me a part. Told me to call a and e factory service to install part. I thought maytag was protecting me. And did what they said.

A and e factory service came installed the part. Machanic got an electric shock and said he should'nt of. Got a tester and said wires he touched shouldn't be live and it is. He said something wrong with my dishwasher. Tested it and said he must of touched wrong wires. He then told me he needs to change the gasket because of the first part he put in. Now he told me to close the door and I couldn't. He showed me and I had to close the door very hard like I was pushing furniture I couldn't lift.

He left and 1 min. Later I noticed the crack on the front of the door and called maytag. My son came home and noticed the door out of line and door bows. Maytag was called many many times. I was finally told to call a and e factory service back. I called and was told well some of the mechanics don't know what they are doing we will send someone better this time. I forgot to tell you dishwasher also doesn't work right and shakes and makes funny noises and doesn't clean good now. Also to install this part he did alot of electric work (Many wires).

Second mechanic came asked me who did the installation of this part and I didn't know. He asked me if it was the jewish guy with the thing on his head and I said no. He adjusted the latch and then told me to close my eyes in my home and I did and I peaked and he was lifting the door and shifting it. He told me to close my eyes and I did and this time I was afraid and he did something. I asked him about the door bowing, he said it's fine after the installation of this part. Maytag was told the door bows and I had asked them if that's ok and they said no. I then asked about the crack in the door and was told well maybe it was there before the first mechanic came. I said it wasn't. And if you saw it you would realize the door bows and you had to push both top ends of the door so hard to close the door it makes sence the plastic would crack in the center. It doesn't mater anyway I still have a dishwasher that doesn't work right anyway. My son told me I should of told him to leave when he told me to close my eyes. I was afraid. I did tell maytag about this.

Maytag was called many times and you can't reach someone higher up in whirlpool they are hiding, you have to write to them only. I did that also. I really spent about 100 hours on the phone due to this problem. I was told I would probably get a new dishwasher and I have to wait and be told this and was informed I have to pick a store I would like the new machine to go to and they would install it not a and e factory service. O-k

I wish they didn't break my dishwasher in the first place. I really liked it. It cleaned pots good and my dishes came out clean. I had no complaints regarding the dishwasher they distroyed. I never wanted a new dishwasher I liked mine.

Got the o-k they will give me a dishwasher and I was told to wait and they will give me 2 choices of machines. I started to look at the new dishwashers and called many times if I didn't understand what they were talking about in the brochure. If I asked a harder question I was put on hold and was given an answer and if I had another question and asked the first question again was put on hold and was given a different answer than the first time. They didn't seem to know the differences. I received different answers to the same question. I was told none of the dishwashers heat up I was told heats only in rince told heats in wash. (Example)

I was finally given a model and asked if that o-k? I said I would have to check it out. First I found it doesn't come in bisque that I need. Finally contacted someone that could help me and was told wait again this time shorter about 2 weeks and we will give you another choice. Finally came to a model. O-k. Now I told them what store I want it to go to and was told o-k. I asked if they needed the address and they said no they have it. I was told I wouldn't hear from maytag and would hear from the store and didn't.

I got a call from whirlpool co-contractor at about 6:00 pm and was told they have my dishwasher and want to install it tomorrow. I said who are you and was not even given a first name.
Called maytag back and asked what going on. Was then told I was never asked to pick a store and I said I was. I have made many calls and the store I picked is on there list but not in my area maybe another state. I finally got a hint of this on one call to maytag. I was told by maytag that how could this store install it you don't live near this store. Maytag never checked it is probably same name in another state even. Well I said send it to my store they said I have to accept this installation they already have your machine. I asked what is the name of the co. Installing it and was finally told environmental field service. I said I would think about it. I called maytag back and this time asked who are they give me the tel. No. I only have a cell phone and was told she doesn't have the no. I called many times to find out about this co. Given run around given a tel. No. Which led me back to maytag. Given a local address in my area 17 inez street in my area and I checked it out not right also. Did research on them called many companies and finally found them.

Called maytag and asked if environmental field service is licensed and was told they are licensed to install my dishwasher. I live in ny and call consumer affairs and they are not licensed to install my dishwasher and are not in ny anyway.

Called maytag and this time the person was very nasty. Called maytag many times, again all day on the phone with them and was finally told that environmental field service doesn't install dishwashers they hire companies or plumbers that are licensed to install maytags dishwashers cheap. They are in one state and are hiring co's in other states. Yes they are licensed but what is the quality of there work. Called consumer affairs and was told not to let them install my dishwasher unless I know the companies name and tel. No and license no.

I called environmental field service and they said if I have a problem I would call maytag and they would call us and it would be straightened out. I could not get the co. Name or tel or license no. Tried getting it from maytag no way. Finally told by maytag I have no choice but to let them install your dishwasher. I finally got another call from the installers and asked who are you and was told
P c renovations. Asked for the license no was given a number. Called consumer affairs and found the number was wrong and given a number they are licensed and was told there is one complaint against them regarding quality of work. They came to install it was I was told the hose is to short. They installed my dishwasher at an angle to the counter to stretch the hose and left. I couldn't but items back in my cabinet because the hose was in the way. They came back and I got charged $20.00 for hose and 10 clamps they needed 1 more to do the job not 10. O-k but I said dishwasher is at an angle and they blamed it on the hose and left. I thought about it. If this was true all dishwashers would be at an angle to the counter the hose in the back goes across to the sink on the left of the dishwasher and that really is normal. Called maytag and called they set up an appointment and never showed up or called. Called maytag and they said they would call the co. No response called maytag again and this time maytag gave the co. The o-k to come again and they did and was told I am right it shouldn't be this way. Four appointments and three installations to get this straightened out.

My dishwasher on heavy wash and high temp doesn't clean like my older dishwasher at all. I did alot of research for that machine. I need to count on a good dishwasher due to raynaud (Medical condition) and ulcerations because if raynaud I can't have my hands in water and detergent. I could loose my fingers. This dishwasher doesn't do a good job at all and takes 2 hours also.

I now have called consumer affairs on a and e factory service to find out if they are licensed and now after it's to late found they are not licensed to do this.

Shame of whirlpool (Maytag) for telling me to call a and e factory service to come to my house and install my recalled part. I was also treated in a way no rep.co. Should treat a person.

Whirlpool (Maytag) has distroyed many dishwashers by telling us to call in a and e factory service.

There should be a class action against them. [protected]@msn.com

  • Ee
    eee Aug 06, 2008

    I've had a terrible time with A and E. They still haven't been able to fix my machine. I've been without for 6 weeks. Maytag is no hlep...never again will I buy another.

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stopped working

My mother has a Maytag Atlantis Washer and so do I. About 3-4 months ago, her washer (after working semi-perfectly) just quit. Last night, I was loading it, and it just quit. Ours has always had a problem with the lid, you have to push on it to keep it running, but last night, we pushed and checked everything, would not start! Please help!

  • Ch
    Charles Haggard Jan 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have same washing machine for three years,


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  • Ro
    Rosemary Simo Jun 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an Atlantis washer and dryer and have had nothing but problems with the washer.
    Motor went out, switch on the lid went out twice. Valve went out. Motor went out, transmission went out. Belt needed replacing. Black soot came out of the bottom. I took out a warranty but still has been an inconvenience.

    I think that a class action suite needs to be brought against Maytag or Woolpool who bought Maytag out.


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  • Vi
    Vicky Emmer Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a maytag atlantis washer sitting in my garage. The repair people told me it wasn't worth fixing. It is a transmission problem. This problem arose after it was out of warranty. This is my second maytag atlantis washer. The first one broke within the first year and they replaced it with this one that's sitting in my garage that looks like brand new with the stainless steel wash tub. I feel maytag should have recalled this and paid for repairs at least. I paid over $600.00 for this p.o.s. I think there should be a class action suite agaianst whirlpool or maytag or whoever is responsible for creating this washer out of various parts from different companies. Thanks for listening . Vicky

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  • Bo
    bo Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have the same washer and from what I understand alot of these washers have the same problem and are all braking down around the same time. Besides fixing the led switch, Ours will wash clothes and will drain the water but the tub will not spin to remove excess water from the clothes. We spent $600.00 for ours also thinking it would last along time, but I guess as the comsumer we were wrong again. There should be a recall or Maytag should be paying the bill to get these fixed. You know this might make the lonely Maytag repairman unlonely and keep him busy but he surely won't make any friends.

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  • Ka
    Karen Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the Maytag Atlantis washer and dryer. They replaced my dryer after one year since they couldn't fix the numerous problems with it. The washer completely wore out after 2 years and they rebuilt it under the extended warrenty I took out. Now less then a year later it is wore out AGAIN!!! Definitly unhappy.

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  • Ma
    m&h2002 Dec 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I to have a Maytag Atlantis which we purchased just for years ago. However, we have had no problems with the washer to this point. I washed clothes two weeks ago and then last week while I was at the hospital with my daughter my husband called and asked me what was wrong with the washer. I said nothing so he called for the repair man who came and looked at it for a fee. Said he couldn't fix it so he left came back because he felt bad he couldn't fix it and looked at it again and said it was not worth fixing as it was the transmission and it would cost almost $400.00 to fix it. I can purchase a washing machine at Home Depot right now for $289.00 plus tax. Hmmmm what would you do. I think it is crazy that they make the parts so badly priced. I am so upset. I have always dealt with Maytag and there is always problems with them. I will never purchase a Maytag anything again.
    Very Very disappointed!

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  • Sa
    SavageTofu Mar 21, 2011

    I have one. Basically when this happens there is a little piece of plastic under the lid of the top loader that turns the blasted thing to cycle when the lid is closed. This little piece of plastic is cheap & gets loose. What I did is got some twisty ties (that I got free from some trash bags) & shoved them under this plastic piece so that it did not have any give. I then duct taped the twisty ties to the lid. This did the trick & keeps my washer running. Every once & awhile I need to replace the twisty ties. This is a cheaper option then buying a new washer. Hey they make these things to fail. All they had to do was put a firmer plastic piece under the lid & these things would have run a much longer life span. Luckily for me I didn't pay for this as my mother & law gave it to us when they moved. Hope that helps somebody!

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all I want for christmas is a working washing machine!

A copy of email I sent to ABC,

Dear ABC, I am hoping you can help me with a problem. My Maytag Frontloading washer was purchased in Feb of 2006, broke down Oct. 13th 2007 (for the 2nd time) while I was washing a load of clothes. I called the maytag repair man who came out on Oct. 29th. My clothes at this point had been stuck in the washer for 2 weeks. He tells me he has to order parts and they won't be in till Nov. 30th, because they are on national back order. He also can't get the door open, it's broken locked shut with my clothes inside.

I have been going to the laundry mat for 6 weeks, and I had to purchase new clothes.

I have e-mailed and spoken to maytag several times, they are always sorry but have no answers!

We paid 1200.00 for this washing machine that is clearly a lemon. (I told them I had a Sears Kenmore that lasted 14 years without a problem) This is the 2nd break down. They sent us a recall part because they were causing fires, and now I can't get the parts to get the washer fixed. NATIONAL BACKORDER!!! because everyone washer is probably having the same problem!

I started calling them on Dec 1st 07, because the part is not here, and they treated me with sarcasm saying why did I wait so long to call, I said "because you said the part wouldn't be here till Nov 30th and its still not here! I demanded a new washer, because this one is clearly never getting fixed! They said NO. I got sarcastic and asked if they are going to replace my clothes that have been sitting rotting in my washer for 7 weeks, they said, NO call your homeowners insurance!

I have been patiently waiting for this part, but the waiting is over! I need help! I don't know what you can do for me, but anything is appreciated. I think a $1,200 washing machine should last longer than 1 year 8mo. and breaking down 2 times! All I want for Christmas is a working washing machine!

Maytag refrigerator failed after 18 months

After 18 months the door water and ice dispenser failed. We had a 3 year service warranty and after a week of...

poor non responsive service

This is the second time I've used my extended warrenty on my 2 &1/2 year old dishwasher maytag model MDB9600AWB. The first time I called Maytag Dependability Plus they said I should here from the repair Co. in 3 business days. Not hearing anything I called them again. I found out they sent the order to to a Company that had closed due to the death of the owner ( a very long distance call). They contacted another repair companey but again I had to wait 3 days before I heard from them.

This time I called & was told I would hear from the repair Co. in 3 days. Not hearing I called the repair Co. who had not recieved the order. Called M.D.P. again they had the wrong puchase $112 not the $650 I paid. I had to fax the sales contract before the would act. They recieved the fax & I was told it would take another 2-3 days to process. Here I sit with a broken 2 year old appliance awaiting repair.

  • Pl
    P Leclerc Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maytag Dependability Plus Service Contracts are a fraud.
    After one technician didn't have routine parts (belt and pully) another service call had to be scheduled a week from that time. Despite having an appointment, a technician "wasn't available" to honor the appointment and I have to schedule another appointment. What;s the use of making appointment if they don't honor them? The Dependability service conract is a fraud and ripoff. Better to simply call your local appliance service man. UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE

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nightmare to deal with!

Wasted the money on an extended warranty through Maytag on a GE Profile Harmony Washing Machine. Called October 31st to request service. It is now November 26th and I still do not have a working washing machine! Family of 5 and no washing machine. Scheduled 6 service calls through Maytag (GE Techs were sent out)... 4 times they did not show up and 2 times they came and did nothing! Was told by Rusty at Maytag that he would get an authorization # so we could call someone in ourselves. Five days later and still no authorization #. Spoke with Brandon who lied and promised to transfer me to a supervisor (after 12 minutes on hold while at work) but sent me into an automated message machine! On the phone now for 25 minutes waiting for Josie to find a Supervisor... LOL Did you know Maytag does not have Live Supervisors available! So DISGUSTED with how they treat customers. Never bought a warranty before, and never will again!!! BEWARE of Maytag & GE!!! They take your money but do not follow through on your warranty.

ice/water dispenser

Bought the top of the line Maytag fridge just 14 months ago and water and ice dispenser stopped working. It looks like many others are experiencing the same thing. Looks like 2500 big ones are down the tube What ever happened to "Made in America" and having the company back up their product?

selling a bag of goods

i received an offer to purchase a 3-year extended warranty on my Jenn-Aire applicance that I purchased in November 2005. I received the offer to extend in in October and have previously dealt with thei Maytag Dependability Plus contracts I paid the $127.84 and when the certificate came in i filed it away. Now here we are 2-years later and I had an issue with the control panel on the oven. I called Maytag Dendablity Plus and the scheduled a service tech out 2-days later. The tech & my husband called me at work to inform me that the serial & model number on the Certicate of Coverage & that on my wall unit were both incorrect. I called the local maytag store where i purchase the product and they had the correct serial & model numbers. AFter over one hour on the phone with Dependablity Plus they stated that the only thing to do is for me to cancel the contract and that my and they would prorate the time left & refund the difference. OH, they would also offer in another extended warrant but unfortunately it was have a 60-day wait so the call that I was having service on would not be covered. They state that the dealer sent in the wrong paperwork and yet my sales agent said they do not send anything in. So, in sense, i have no coverage, they want to cancel the contract which is just fine with me but I will only get PRORATED funds back to me for time remaining on the contract, and this is on a product that isn't even in my home.

Maytag Dependability Plus will not take responsibility for their mistake and for that I am being punished. I reqested to speak to a supervisor numerous time and you never get one and the the phone disconnects you.

Bottom line is = they have no probably taking your money and giving you a piece of paper stating that you have this wonderful extension on your appliance that is supposed to give you a piece of mind when it fact if it's wrong gives you high blood pressure.

You pay your money in good faith but when a probably arises they won't take care of you in good faith. BEWARE


I have been trying to have my dishwasher repaired on the fire safety recall for more than three months - I...

maytag ice20

y Ice20 Refrigerator has had nothing but problems. Refrigerator refused to cool and lights flashed on front and flapper kept flapping. They scheduled an appointment for 1 week and did not show, then rescheduled for 1 week more came and said that this was a recall and replaced the computer part. Still did not cool, called and they scheduled appointment for 1 more week out, came and said it was the fan. Scheduled another appointment for 1 week out and the fan part never came and said that I should call UPS to track it. I have had it! Another appointment has been scheduled and we are now 5 weeks without a refrigerator. I will never buy Maytag again! A&E is their service vendor and they are unbelievable in their lack of concern. The last lady I got was at least willing to reorder the part THEY lost. It turns out that the flapping computer part is a RECALL they failed to notify anyone about.

  • Ro
    Ron Williams Dec 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A&E are an authorized service provider for MAYTAG and that's all they are. They are used because of their knowledge of the product. They are also not affiliated in any way with the design and engineering of any product. Also, the parts used to service the appliances are manufactured by the companies that manufacture the product and have nothing to do with A&E. A&E is only a service provider and have absolutely no control over design problems, or any issues related to the products they service. And it is in that regard that a lack of concern was possibly conveyed. Obviously, your frustration may be warranted, but take it out on those responsible. Would you chew out a plumber if you had a leaky pipe?

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  • Pl
    PlatonicAdvisor Apr 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe the complaint in reference to A&E was directed towards the service not the product. If your going to take on the responsibility of resolving issues for a manufacturer, there is certain Etiquette expected. Like being on time ...or ...courtesy.

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washer in spin cycle is extremely loud and walks the floor it shakes so bad

I bought this product from lowes approx. 2 years ago I have had repair man out twice, paid money for a new motor, I adjust the load and still it is horrible. I will never buy a maytag product again, I spent good money on what I thought was the top of the line and I am so dissapointed.

  • Ti
    Timothy Nesmith Feb 26, 2010

    I have a Maytag neptune washer I purchased in 2005 from Lowes and it walks all over the room in spin cycle. I have had a repair man out more than once and its allways the same thing, they say its not level. I can put a level on it before they come and see that it is clearly level before they get there and that is always what the repair man says and it never helps. THIS THING IS JUNK!

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problem: model mbf2262hew

Sadly, we purchased a maytag refrigerator in december 2006. We are currently listening to the drumbeat of the fourth damper that has been installed in this unit. Maytag admits that a poorly engineered damper is the cause. They refuse to trade or issue a credit, claiming that a noisy (Really noisy!!) damper is not a defect. The maytag "customer service" department was absolutely useless! They have stated, in essence, that as long as the refrigerator is cooling properly, they have no liability regarding noise issues. Even though they are aware of this problem and are re-designing the damper, they continue to sell the defective model (#mbf2262hew) to unsuspecting customers. There must be some protection for those of us who bought in good faith. I strongly encourage future customers to think twice, or even three or four times before purchasing a maytag product.

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    lawrance Aug 22, 2010

    I had a Maytag 737L Wide by Side refrigerator with ice and water - The Maytag 737L Wide by Side refrigerator with ice and water (GZ2626GEKBSU) features an exclusive zigzag design and comes in a Stainless Steel door finish with pole handles.

    After about 3 years of use, there was a buzzing noise that became more and more prolonged to the point where it was *constantly* buzzing. The repairman replaced the damper unit, which is located at the top left rear corner of the refrigerator. The problem did not go away so it was replaced again. Same deal.

    On the third attempt at fixing the noisy damper issue, they replaced the temperature control board as well. This truly fixed the problem. All along, it was some kind of issue with the control system, rather than the damper itself.

    The fridge is super quiet again. I absolutely love it (again).

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not happy with your product

To Whom It May Concern:

When your first Neptune washer did not do so well, I admired your integrity when you sent your customers a rebate on your recall. My husband and I took the money and put it toward your Neptune II. I regret that. I hear that you no longer produce that model and I am not surprised. I have had a number of irritating, time-consuming and labor intensive problems with that machine. I really enjoyed the front loading of the first Neptune and was looking for the same thing without the odor problems that came with it. My husband and I were told by a salesperson at the Home-Depot in Keene, NH, that the Neptune II was such a machine because though it was a top loader, it had no central agitator, just these neat paddles. I have had enough of the paddles! Rarely does a load of laundry go through that I don't have to re-arrange the contents (dc). So I wait...and wait for the machine to unlock, re-position the contents, and the paddles promptly do their thing and the whole load is unbalanced again.

Okay.., so I remove ALL the water-logged contents into a plastic bin , dripping all over the floor, and let the machine start again. It empties the water, using about 90 seconds, at which point I hit the Pause, put the clothes back in--minus a LOT of the water--and Press Start. The load usually finishes. I shouldn't have to do this.

I do have an option. I can fill the machine to the brim, and then it usually runs through. But then I have to dry the clothes in two cycles to get a dry load. This should not be necessary. The only cycles that get me anywhere near what I need are the Bulky and the Handwash.

I'm looking for you to do something for me that will clear your name and re-instate your integrity. As it is, I am not happy with your product. Please change my mind before I replace this appliance with one from your competitor.


I have Maytag Quiet Series 300 (MDB 5601AWW) dishwasher and purchased it in 2006. Within 1 year of using it, it started making an unusual noise. It is supposed to be the "quiet" model. The cycle will start out in the quiet mode, but then make a louder rumble and from then on make a loud rumbling noise on and off throughout the cycle. It cleans perfectly. However, we bought that model because of the quiet function, which is not working. Could you advice what can I to do to fix it?

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