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fraud - stolen information from within macys

Do not ever get a macy's visa or for that fact any macys cards (Including bloomingdales)

Visa card is used in stores like reg. Macy's card giving macy's employees the ability to see your visa information. Someone recently changed my address and received new visa cards clear across the country in california, where they were able to charge $4000.00 worth of jewelry! Macys never called me to verify the address change and they changed my telephone number as well! When I logged on to check my balance and saw my name with a california adddres & phone number when I reside in new york. After calling the number, I was shocked to hear a voice mail account set up with my name and it was not me!!!

Heres the kicker, the same thing happened to a friend of mine a month or so prior. Wish I would have cancelled my card then, but thought it was a rare occurence. We both had shopped at local macy's prior to this.

Cancel your macys cards before you are a victim of identity theft! I had to join a high cost monthly service to protect my identity!

  • An
    ANGIE Feb 14, 2009


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  • Ug
    UGH! NJ May 20, 2010

    I applied for a Macy's card too, It seemed harmless enough, I NEVER received my card, NEVER received a bill that was of course gaining interest & late charges. When I opened the account I confirmed my information 3 TIMES because the person entering it messed up, but it was finally right, or so I thought. When I called searching for my card & bill, the street address was WRONG! They reversed the charges made the necessary address changes and said I would receive my bill in about 2 weeks...Well I got my card, but NEVER received the bill, I called them AGAIN..I just want it paid, I worked too hard to keep up on my bills and credit..What is wrong with this company???

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  • Fl
    Florida case Nov 29, 2010

    Received a call from Macys on 11/16/2010 that someone called to up my credit limit and I had not used my card in several years. They thought it was fraud, it was. We put the card on a fraud alert and put it on hold. I told them I would not be using the card. I put a fraud alert on my accounts and had life lock in place.
    The woman who stole my identity called back and reopened my card with a fake drivers license 100 miles from my home that did not match the state of my application. No phone call was made to my home.
    She charged the limit to my card of $1, 100. Even going back to Macy's to exchange her purchases to make her selection to her liking. She then requested a second card. This is when Macy's decided to call me to see if I wanted to approve a second card. I asked them why I wanted a second card when my first card was on a fraud alert on hold. They did not realize I even had a first card at the time of the phone call.

    I now have to file 3 police reports and the police do not want to help. I have already file 3 police reports in my home town. A federal report. A fraud report. and contacted my banks, other credit cards at least 40 times...I am exhusted...and this is with having life lock for 4 years...

    The moral of this story is don't have any...yes, any store cards...because yes, Home Depto got hit too...this woman went into home depto with a fraud alert on and told showed the fake drivers license and got my credit card number and did not get stoped until she charged $2, 000 and guess what I have to file 3 more police reports for 3 more towns...

    And now she has power...she has succeeded...becasue the failure of Macys...they knew she was out ther on 11/16 and then just gave her the account number...it is too easy for these jurks to give out account information...this does not happen with regular Visa, master cards or Amex...the only way they get your number is if they steel the number...with the stores they just give the crooks the number...

    Please close all store cards...it is not worth it...and do not just close them...tell them close means do not re open in one week or 30 days...they have a policy that a closed card can be reopened in case you change you mind or even if the crook feels like opening it with fake ID...so please get a service like life lock and close your store accounts...

    I feel bad because my Mom works at Macy's and makes her living opening up Macy's charges but I told her she is doing a diservice to her customers...I had my daughter close her card yesterday...

    Please...please close all you cards...that are not store cards

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  • Be
    becbec Dec 12, 2010

    That's awful. I hope that you are seeking help from an attorney. I would let the BBB & the media know. (Does Fox still do that "Fox6 on your side" when someone is treated unjustly?) I hope your roof wasn't in too horrible of a shape when you first went to that company for help...

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  • An
    andreajb1420 Jan 20, 2011

    cuz you have used it in the past i guess call them and ask them

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  • St
    Stopthief! Mar 06, 2011

    Macy's is the worst. I've charged less than $500 on my Macy's account in the last ten years. Someone with a fake license and NO credit card was able to go on a multiple thousand dollar spending spree covering Macy's stores in 3 states in three days. Macy's allowed a loan, upped my credit limit, and changed my address for them. They are handling the aftermath very poorly too ... there is no reason not to pick up the phone when you see stuff like that. Having Macy's credit is like keeping your lifesavings in a coffee can on the front porch.

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rude female black rep

I bought a watch of other brand and went to DKNY counter to adjust the chain. Two customers were there besides the counter waiting. I came over to ask where to adjust the chain. A male rep told me where the line is. One customer left with her watch adjusted minutes later, so I came over to give my watch. I don't know which rep works for DKNY and which rep is responsible for chain adjustment. Now a female black rep pointed and yelled this was DKNY counter, DKNY customers went first, you had to wait. She was extremely rude and loud to clear the area at the front of the counter. How do I know the other customer is DKNY customer? (She may be choosing watches or waiting to adjust watch chain too) If customers came over to fix chain, where are they supposed to stand then? I saw one standing closely by the counter!!! And she was gone when I was waiting!!! Stupid rep just doesn't know how to say in a nice way and respect customers.

forcing employees to quit vs. pay unemployment

We have disturbing testimony that macys wrongfully, perhaps, criminally committed in order to” force us to...

internet "shipping fee"

When I went to order online with Macy's I discovered they kept increasing the "shipping fee" the more items I ordered. The first time I called they said, after a long painful call, to a heavy accented woman, that she would adjust the fee. When order confirmed the large fee still there. When I called back second woman, speaking into a scratchy microphone, said "we charge not by the items but by the price of the item. I said so if I order a 4 pound item for $20 you will charge $6.95 but if I order a $100 item you charge $12.95. She said yes. Each $50 of price adds on another level of fee. $200 item, same weight, same address, would cost $23.

They gave me a $10 credit after I complained, but I sure wont order on line with them ever again. PS their website ordering process is painful to use.

negative experience all the time

I continuously receive coupons in the mail for what appear to be generous offers from Macy's. However, when making purchases, the items I buy invariably seem to be on the (rather substantial) list of exclusions. What is the point of "inviting" customers into your store, if it's going to be a negative experince. With the economy as bad as it is of late, you would think that they would not have any exclusions so more people would shop in their stores. Or maybe I have it wrong and they are immune to the present economic situation and don't need more sales.

  • RJ_Kansas Dec 11, 2012

    I have been shopping at Macy's for almost 3 years now. Their coupons work most of the times on their website, but none of them works at any of their stores in my city (Kansas) too. Within the last 3 years, I had atleast 4-5 bad shopping experiences in their stores, mostly bad customer service experiences from their Representatives and sometimes even from their Management Staffs. I think Macy's needs to train properly their employees how to take care of customers with good customer service experience. If they can conduct their traditional "Macy's Parade" and other events during these recession times, they can certainly set aside some budget for their employees training also.
    One time I even left one of their store without buying any of the clothes that I shopped for more than 1 hour and thought not to go back to their store again. Since I have a Macys Card, I shopped this holiday season once again, mostly through Macys.com. But when I went to do an exchange, I had to deal with a very bad experience in their store once again. This time, I complained about this shopping experience to their Corporate Office, but they also never cared to contact me back yet as if they don't care me as a customer and my business or they back their staff regardless of their bad attitudes and terrible customer service. I have now decided to not ever shop with Macy's again, 100% not in any of their stores for sure, and considering to cancel my Macy's card also. Now, most of my business goes to Kohl's and they treat me like a "MVC" and don't have any issues with exchanges or returns. Even though Macy's is established in 1900s, if hundreds or thousands of customers like this leave them, they will eventually start feeling the pain and I think that day does not seem to be so far.
    The bottomline about my review is "Shop at a store, where you are treated like the way you want to be treated ("Most Valuable Customer") and not like a "jerk". Let small businesses in America grow now and help to break the monopoly that Macy's enjoyed at one point.

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ridiculous that this company can have the power to screw my credit

I have had a Macy's credit card for several years. I recently purchased a mattress during one of their sales. This purchase was considered a 6 months deferred payment although I continued to pay my Macy's bill well over the minimum due in order to pay the mattress off as soon as possible. In February, I received my first letter stating I was late on my account. I knew this was impossible because not only was I paying them over the required amount I was making more than 1 payment a month. I called customer service and was told I now have 2 accounts. I was upset because the sales guy never mentioned this and we never received anything in the mail stating as much. The Macy's representative said it wasn't a big deal because we could take care of it over the phone. He was going to apply the money I was making to my so called other account so that I was no longer considered late and he was dropping the late fees. I was then informed that my other account was the same number as the first followed by a dash and a number. A month went by and I received another letter stating I was now 3 months behind. I called and there was no record of my previous call. My late fee had not been dropped and none of the money from my first account was applied to the delayed payment account. I got everything straitened out yet again after wasting more time on the phone. A few months later I went to apply for a car and found out that Macy's reported me 3 months late to the credit bureaus! Not only did this screw me out of a decent interest rate, it required even more time on the phone. I called and told Macy's I wanted it taken off my report since I was never late. That was over a month ago. I called again today because it is still on my credit report. I had to explain my story all over again and yet again there was no information concerning my first call about the credit report. The Macy's representative told me it would take yet another month before my credit was clear. This is unacceptable. I have been with this company for years and I have not paid one bill late. It is ridiculous that this company can have the power to screw my credit the way it did and show absolutely no remorse.

  • Re
    RestlessHeart May 07, 2010

    What I hate more than anything now is we're all being held hostage by these damn Credit bureaus.

    We get stuck with higher interest rates because so damn many people aren't paying their bills...so the CC Companies have to pass that on to US...those who DO pay on time.

    But then crap like this...that Macys is pulling on you messes with your credit score and then the sh*t promptly continues to roll down hill.

    I think it's entirely wrong that any credit card company or anyone else you may owe money to has the ability to mess with you in sooooo many ways and even when they're wrong nothing changes

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  • Ro
    roksmom May 27, 2010

    They lowered my credit limit with no notification which then put me over my credit limit...longtime customer being screwed over...told they have no control because its done with the computer. WHAT???? Seriously, told them that a HUMAN BEING had to program this and a HUMAN BEING could fix the problem. Was then told they were able to do this with NO notification. Feel like a hostage in a credit world gone crazy!

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registry rewards fraud

Macy's wedding registry rewards program advertises that Macy's will credit the bride/groom with a gift card worth 5% of the gifts purchased for them plus 10% of goods they "self-purchase." I was entitled to about $220 under this program, but I was mailed a gift card worth $13. I called Macy's repeatedly over two years and spoke to at least 6 customer service reps, wasting countless hours, and not one could explain what happened. Each promised a call back or transferred me to a different department, but no one ever returned the call or did anything productive. Finally this January a supervisor named Russell Turner sent me an inventory claiming I bought negative $1033 of goods at one point, which is obviously impossible and subtracted $103 of store credit. I did purchase an item for about that amount which was apparently entered with the wrong sign in their computer and explains the ~$200 discrepancy. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, I emailed the supervisor three more times and left phone messages, which he stopped returning, and I never received the store credit. I emailed my complaints to the presidential office and was of course ignored. Macy's clearly has impossibly bad customer service, defrauded me out of over $220, and wasted easily 10 hours of my time. Shop at Saks or somewhere else that cares about customers.

  • Oi
    oilyfatness Apr 06, 2011

    Omg y r u complaining? You didn't even buy the items from your wedding registry, it's the people who attended your wedding that bought the items that you requested on your bridals registry list! Just because you got upset about getting a gift card thAt has little money on it. You didn't buy the items in the first place! Cheap person! Ugh

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  • Wh
    whollysmokes Apr 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oilyfatness is a good name for this creaton. 1st - contact store manager, if that gets you no where - phone corp. office and ask to speak to the office of Terry Lungren - he'll definately help you and you'll have the credit you deserve.

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wedding registry rewards fraud

Macy's wedding registry rewards program advertises that Macy's will credit the bride/groom with a gift card worth 5% of the gifts purchased for them plus 10% of goods they "self-purchase." I was entitled to about $220 under this program, but I was mailed a gift card worth $13. I called Macy's repeatedly over two years and spoke to at least 6 customer service reps, wasting countless hours, and not one could explain what happened. Each promised a call back or transferred me to a different department, but no one ever returned the call or did anything productive. Finally this January a supervisor named Russell Turner sent me an inventory claiming I bought negative $1033 of goods at one point, which is obviously impossible and subtracted $103 of store credit. I did purchase an item for about that amount which was apparently entered with the wrong sign in their computer and explains the ~$200 discrepancy. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, I emailed the supervisor three more times and left phone messages, which he stopped returning, and I never received the store credit. I emailed my complaints to the presidential office and was of course ignored. Macy's clearly has impossibly bad customer service, defrauded me out of over $220, and wasted easily 10 hours of my time. Shop at Saks or somewhere else that cares about customers. If anyone at Macy's reads these forums and cares in the slightest, email me at [protected]@gmx.com.

  • Ki
    KixStar Apr 12, 2010

    Hah... you've spent "over two years" dealing with this? What the hell?

    Plus, they did not "defraud" you. Sure, you didn't get what they claimed you would, but big deal. Did you have to buy all of the stuff off the registry yourself, or did family buy you gifts?

    Calm down, princess. It's not the end of the world.

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  • Ro
    robert702 Apr 12, 2010

    It's about getting what they tell you you will get. it's a lie to promote a program that doesn't do as it claims. good luck.

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  • Wk
    wkkunkle May 12, 2010

    My fiancee and I just created a registry a few days ago and I gave my account number to enroll in Registry Rewards.

    Confirmed enrollment that day ...

    Next day, online, it said we weren't enrolled ...


    Two days later ... says we aren't enrolled again.

    That's how they'll avoid paying the % back on a Gift Card ... they keep kicking out the enrollment at random spurts and thereby declining to make a payment to the bride and groom for anything bought while "not enrolled" in the program.

    It is after 1 am EST now ... I'll give them a call tomorrow. Sure that will be fun ... will probably try calling or emailing the Registry Consultants at the store first versus speaking to someone overseas who probably doesn't even understand the concept of a Wedding Registry.

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  • Ma
    macyscam Dec 04, 2012

    Hello, I'm thinking this is a scam and/or sentiment shared among many unwitting customers of their registry. I got off the phone 2 minutes ago with a Macy's rep who will try to redeem the credit for me, but it will take up to a month. Funny thing is, it's deja vu because I went through this a month ago, because they had to make a claim and I had to wait. When nothing happened, I called back. So another month I have to wait.

    I'm in the process of starting a lawsuit. This is unacceptable from such a large corporation to take advantage of its customers in such a deceptive and conniving way. Especially, newlyweds. Don't we get enough headache from all the vendors trying to take advantage of us during our wedding?

    Thanks for posting.

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they don't honor their own receipt

I bought a pair of jeans and asked the cashier to put the receipt in the bag. When I went to return it, I just notice "merchant" printed on the receipt instead of "Levi". They could not find what that code stands for and the bar code on the jeans wouldn't scan either. I realized the original cashier must have the same problem, but it was right before store close, she made up something that matched the price. The manager decided "this is not a proof of purchase" and reminded me to read the receipt each time I buy something, that is to say from her own mouth "you can not trust Macy's". Also, she said "My manager won't come out to see you until next week."

  • Oi
    oilyfatness Apr 06, 2011

    Are you one of the cheap people who buy the jean, wear it for 4 months or more and then decide to go back go the store and return it? If so that is y the recipe doesn't match the tag! So freaking cheap jerk! Ugh

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false advertising or damaged product

Incident = On 12/06/09 I purchased a bedroom set consisting of 2 nightstands, a 10 drawer and a 7 drawer...

human resources

I never received my W-2 from Macy's and I know they have the correct address. I have called over 8 times to many different stores to get a hold of the human resources manager. I have left 2 messages with no call back. I have even talked to a manager that said would call me back on how to get my W-2 because she was "busy" and never called me. This is the most unprofessional store and human resource manager. My family and I will never step foot in that store again.

customer service

Today, I contacted Macy’s about my husband’s account. I spoke with a young lady named Jamie. I tried to explain to Jamie that Macy’s is reporting an incorrect balance on my husband’s credit report. My husband has made payments to his Macy’s account monthly since December 2009 through Northland, a company representing Macy’s. We recently settled the account for the amount of 3000.00 on February 15. Prior to settling the account, monthly payments were made in the amount of 80.00. Yesterday, we contacted Macy’s to find out when the account would be updated with the correct balance as we are in the process of purchasing a new home. I was told by a CSR that the account was not flagged correctly and the Manager of the department would update the records the following day. I followed up today to see when the account would reflect the changes that I had been told would transpire today and was told by Jamie, that Macy’s had 45 days to respond to the credit bureaus and by it being a closed account that they are not obligated to report on it at all. I tried to explain to her that we spoke with someone the day before that assured my husband that the change would be made today, but she insisted that I did not understand what she was saying and started calling me Wanda by my first name. Somehow I went from Mrs. Brown to just Wanda. I asked to speak with someone else and she said that I was welcome to call back and speak to anyone that answers the phone. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and she told me that her supervisors do not answer calls and that she is very capable of handling this call. I asked her if I could speak with the person responsible for updating account records and she then told me that she did not know who that was or what department responsible for updating the account. I asked is there an address or fax number that she could give so that I could write a formal letter requesting service and she said no and told me that she would be hanging up. Customer Service is an important part of retail. If CSRs are this rude to customers, why would I wish to continue to spend my money there. Even though I no longer have a credit card there, I often spend money with Macy and pay by cash. I won't anymore and when asked I will tell my friend about my experience.

  • Ga
    Gabriela yesabel Feb 25, 2010

    O my god !!! same thing happened to me my husband send out a payment they cashed the check before the due date and I had to call the bank show proof because they were charching me the late fee!

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  • Ga
    Gabriela yesabel Feb 25, 2010

    Im very unhappy with Macys they have people answering telephones with CERO experience!!!

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never in all my life spoke with such insensitive phone reps with no compassion

I am disappointed to say that I have been a cardhold since 2005 with Macy's. I am a single mother of 4 and in [protected] I had 2 surgeries for cancer. I was late a couple of times in 5 years and explained why to May's csr. I have never in all my life spoke with such insensitive phone reps with no compassion. In addition, several fees were added to my account making it a financial hardship. Your a star rewards customer in Macy's as long as you pay but if you become ill or lose your job look forward to not only penalized but mistreated.

finance charge

Macy's charged me a $2.00 finance charge on my last purchase saying I would get it back on my next purchase. I rarely use the card and I did get it back; however, now my account sits at -$2.00. This will be subtracted from my next purchase, but I'll get another finance charge added at the time of purchase. This will go on and on and I'll never get the $2.00 back unless I close the account, I guess.

$2.00 might sound like nothing, but multiply this by all the Macy card holders and you'll see that Macy's has a tidy sum from the pockets of its customers. To me, this seems like robbery because I always pay off my credit card purchases in full when I receive the bill. I never have a finance charge on any of my accounts.

  • Ma
    MacysSucks4ever May 12, 2011

    The exact same thing happened to me. That is really a dirtbag, ###, and terrible way to do business. If you're a Macys card holder, you better check your bill for this fee, because you're getting stuck up the a$$ with this charge. Close your account now and stop shopping there, or use another credit card that doesn't stick it to you like Macys does. Let's say there are a million (probably more) Macys cardholders. If you multiply the number of cardholders that made purchases by $2, that's an extra $2 million dollars in Macys bank account. I don't even know how this is legal.

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employee harassment

I was hired as a Loss Prevention Supervisor however my manager constantly bullied and harassed me in numerou...

rude service

There are too many stores going out of business and need the consumers business to "stay in business", so why shop at stores that have bad customer service and rude employees like Macys does. Go someplace else and shop. No more Macys for me ! I have given them too many chances and they just don't care about the customer anymore. When you shop at a store and spend hundreds of dollars a lot of months and the clerks know you, they should be little more polite to you and treat you like a valuable customer. Not Macys, oh no.

  • Am
    Amy123 Feb 04, 2010

    I think the opposite...I think Macys costumers card holders think they have a golden ticket! They are totally abusive towards the employees!They abuse Macys policies returning dicusting merchandise that they wore over six months, no receit, no ticket, and they complain about not having OUTTANDING Service, give me a break! Before you judge maibe you should get a job there to see how it realy is on the other side of the fence!

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  • Jg
    jg19 Feb 06, 2010

    did u ever realize that people that work in retail get called more horrific names by customers, and go threw so much harassment and ### from customers?? thats probably why they have this attitude. they earn just minimum wage not commission. i love that store, always great deals and fine quality. i feel the employees pain.

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unfair/unjust firing

I have worked for Macys (Barton Creek) for 8 months and my lease to my apartment was up so i had to move back...

simply terrible

I am a sales associate for Macy's and will start off by saying that I make a measly $7.55 an hour, and that's after my raise. We are asked to do things like open credits, ask customers their names, and other menial tasks that are not worth our time when factoring in how much we are paid. Besides doing chores we also have to deal with idiotic managers. They act like we are children. Their superiority really gets the best of them and I sometimes feel like a high school student that wants to rebel against the authority. I don't mind doing hard work, however it's difficult to do hard work when there are people breathing down your neck and pointing fingers when they're getting paid all the money. I truely feel like being at Macy's is like high school all over again. There are cliques, "managers" pets, and much more gossip than I can handle. I feel like my job is such a joke because I can be the best associate in history and won't advance to anything more than just an associate. There are people that have been there upwards of 15 years and they are still in the same position that I have been in for only one year! I don't feel like I am working for a multi-million dollar company. I feel like I'm working at a daycare with high school students running it. I worked at a tennis club that charges their members $30, 000 to join and pay me more than twice that Macy's pays and was treated more like an adult employee and less of the child that Macy's treats me as. My biggest question is are all Macy's stores run this way or is it just the way retail works altogether?

  • Ma
    MaxHirsch Feb 09, 2011

    Yes. I'm pretty sure they're all that way.

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  • My
    MysteryStories Feb 10, 2011

    I'm very sorry to hear about your time with Macy's. As an associate, I understand that perhaps full timers have a lot more problems than part timers, but I think we all have the same goals just less so for the part timers because we just aren't there the same amount. I can see there are some cliques in my Macy's but, I have to be honest, I don't really like a lot of people, particular a great number of the customers that come in the store (I once had a customer say that a $5 shirt was too expensive. A $5 POLO ralph lauren shirt) that turn my stomach, but I do it because I really like the discount and I use it for my family and for clothing for my day job. I do agree though, that there are people in the same position for years that don't seem to move up. For instance, we have a woman in our department who had worked in the store for 11 years and remembers (as I do from being a customer) when Macys (and when they absorbed Hechts) offered Ticketmaster and Gift wrap. She can tell us stories about the "good days" when the customers cared as did the associates and I think that's what is missing. As an associate, our break room areas, and lockers, and space is just disgusting. The store itself needs a remodel. I don't know what your bathrooms look like but they are so dated and there is a point where you can clean and clean but it's just looks run down. Macy's is NOT putting money back in to my store and it's sounds like yours and back into its employees. That (and the clothes aren't really attracting me) has really lessened my desire to go to work and to shop there.

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smell & pilling

I purchased martha stewart flannel sheets at macy's (They were on sale for 50% off and now i'm wondering if the poor quality and problems isn't the reason why). I purchased plain red twin flannel sheet set and a king size sheet set with the little scottie dogs on them and I purchased extra red flannel pillow cases. I went home and put them in the washer and they smelled like gasoline. I then washed the sheet sets separately a 2nd time (First time all in one large load). The 2nd time the king still came out slightly smelly and the twin set a little bit less - but still gasoline so now i'm on the third wash, and one sheet at a time (As I think the additional water around the twin set helped it come out a bit less smelly).

The sheets shed and pill up in little pieces that come off.

The sheets are made in pakistan

I will be very careful in the future buying anything with the martha stewart label or that is made in pakistan.

I tried going to the martha stewart website to let them know but I could not find a way to leave a comment about any product.

  • Ma
    Machellgirl Dec 26, 2009

    After 30+ years of buying flannel sheets, I came upon the Martha Stewart sheets several years ago. So many people complained about the smell of the newly purchased sheets. So they smelled, big deal! Another wash or two with a "baking soda' base detergent removed the smell completely. Nothing I have purchased in flannel sheets prior to these, couldn't hold to the Martha Stewart luxury sheets. There is no struggle to place them over my queen size mattress; they is no pulling out of the corners while sleeping. They are the warmest, highest quality flannel on the market today. I have three pair and alternate each pair weekly during the winter. There is very little wearing after washing, they don't "wear thin" as some other flannels have done for me. Truly, I am looking for a sale today to purchase some sheets for my daughters in law.

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  • Me
    melodymairgead Jan 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too, have purchased many sets of flannel sheets over the years. I have never had sheets "pill" as much as the Martha Stewart brand. I was very disapointed - I expected quality.

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  • Ka
    Karen Moran Feb 01, 2013

    I have purchased many flannel sheet sets over the years. When I came across Martha Stewart's brand in Macy's I was happy to find what I thought would be a good quality flannel sheet. I was totally wrong. They are generous in size, but shed so much with each washing, that after one winter, they are no longer soft and fleecy. Martha Stewart should be ashamed of her flannel sheets! Don't buy them!

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  • Dc
    dcubed Apr 06, 2014

    My Martha Stewart flannel sheets are TERRIBLE! They are navy blue and the pilling causes navy blue "balls" all over the carpet DAILY. They are a terrible quality! They were purchased at Macy's and I intend to force them to credit my account. I have written a letter of complaint but as yet have not heard from Macy's. The quality is NOT good and no one should have to clean their carpet daily because of the blue balls from the flannel sheets. I will not buy anything more with the "Martha Stewart" label. POOR QUALITY!

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  • An
    Andrewamy Nov 14, 2014

    I have purchased the MS LUXURY flannel many times. Never a problem with them.

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  • Be
    Beth Waugh Dec 29, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have purchased 2 sets of Martha Stewart flannel sheets & am not happy. The first pair of sheets I bought were Queen size flannel sheets & they are meant for the deeper mattresses. The fitted sheet fits very well, but the flat sheet hardly covers the bed. It either only barely covers the mattress, I want it to hang down below the mattress on both sides. I love the feel of the sheets but not how they fit. So then I went & got a King size set, thinking that would hang down farther (thought the queen set may have shrunk) & if they shrunk, they would still fit better than the queen set. Wrong, they didn't shrink & they hang down way too far. Am at a loss as to what to do???

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issue not resolved/poor service

I purchased a defective IPOD at the acy's in Henderson, NV via the in-store ZoomSystem. The store would not accept returns dircting me to deal with ZoomSystems. They took my information and said they'd contact me within 3 days. After 7 days and no contact, I contacted them again, only to have to repeat the process. On the third request, I finally recieved directions to ship the IPOD to San Bruno, CA to their Customer Service Dept. I had to ship it, insured, at my expense. It has been three weeks with NO contact from them. I have tried calling and emaling Macy's, ZoomSystems and cannot get the status of repairs. I am now being charged plus interest on a purchase that I returned to them with no resolve. I cant even get the status on what, if anything, they are doing with the faulty equipment and despite all my efforts, cant get a straight answer/just passing the buck. I will no longer continue to do business with Macy's or any affiliate of ZoomSystems, will tell everyone I come in contact with to do the same. It's very inadequate customer serviceis beyond reproach in todays society!

  • Js
    J Sims Dec 18, 2009

    I will never, repeat, I WILL NEVER buy anything from one of these kiosks!!! I saw an ad in Macy's Christmas flyer on a Garmin GPS that includes a bonus kit in which the kit includes a travel pouch along with a USB cable and the value of the bonus kit was $19.99. The GPS was on sale for $119.99. Though I could find the same item cheaper elsewhere, I thought I would maybe break even with the bonus kit. Well, I saw the advertised item listed on the main kiosk screen. I selected, pressed checkout and paid with my Macy's credit card. The screen listed 2 items which I assumed was the GPS item AND the bonus kit that was part of the advertised package. The machine dropped the GPS box and then retrieved the second item. Only, the second item was ANOTHER GARMIN GPS AND NO BONUS KIT. And, yes... I WAS CHARGED FOR TWO GPS SYSTEMS AND THERE WAS NO BONUS KIT. I read on the receipt that Macy does not accept returns and listed a phone number to call. I called the number and told the agent on the other end what had happened and I was a very unhappy customer. She told me that there was no location to return the item(s) and I would need to mail them. She told me it will take 30 days or longer to process the return. I told her that the GPS was a Christmas gift, there was no bonus kit and the advertisement was deceiptive advertising. Also, why should I pay the interest Macy's will charge me on the balance of this purchase while the slow, return process is the reason I am forced to pay interest fees? After getting nowhere with the agent, I asked to speak to a manager. She informed me he was busy and I would need to wait. After waiting an extremely long time, she informed me to keep holding that he would be on the phone once he's free. I told her to tell him (the manager) that I was heading back into Macy's and informing the store how this company (Zoom Systems) handles customers, the deceiptive advertising in Macy's sales flyer and ask why does Macy's have a kiosk in their store from a vendor that has horrible customer service (waiting over 25 minutes on the phone and still no manager to address my concerns), not to mention wrong charges. Back inside Macy's, I was told by one of the sales associates that they have had numerous complaints about the kiosks. After asking for the store manager, I repeated to the manager how I was charged for two GPS when I only selected one on the advertised link, how there was no bonus kit included... we both looked at the kiosk and both agreed that there is no way that the bonus kit could be included because there were no kits in the kiosk (and, yes we both read the GPS box and the bonus items were not listed/included in the box) and Macy's has some responsibility to bear because the store allows their Macy's credit card to be used in these kiosks and the purchases are made in their store. Because I repeatedly stated that Macy should bear some responsibility in handling complaints on kiosks' sales since the items are advertised through Macy's, items are allowed to be charged on Macy's credit cards and Macy's customers assumes customer service from Macy's personnel since these items are purchased in a Macy's store, the store manager did credit my charge card and stated she doesn't know how to return or what to do with the kiosk items, but wanted me to be satisfied with how this problem was corrected (I have shopped at Macy's for many, many years). I apologize for this post being so wordy but want consumers to know that no one should buy anything at these kiosk machines. Also, I expect Zoom Systems to be out of business in the very near future because no company can stay in business with the poor policies and questionable actions they practice.

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  • Cb
    CBbrooklynMOS Feb 16, 2010

    I purchased in-ear headphones on 2/4/2010 from Zoom Systems "Best Buy" kiosk at Palm Beach International - items did not fit, way too big for ears. I contacted the company on 2/6/2010; they stated that this did not fit their return policy, and that I'm stuck with them. I explained that the defect was that they don't fit in any ear, in my entire family. They stated a supervisor would call me on 2/8/2010. No one called. I contacted the manufacturer who stated that I should contact the Attorney General.
    This company is using the Best Buy brand to sell its products. My wife and I entered a Best Buy in Long Island, NY to seek assistance with this - we were told by the rather nasty saleswoman that she never heard of a Best Buy Express kiosk, and that Best Buy doesn't sell this product, that's when we went to the back and brought up a pair of the ear-headphones. I am look for guidance with this - we cannot use the ear buds at all - I would even take a credit from Best Buy. However, Best Buy must look at the operations of Zoom Systems, their BBB rating is an "F" - and again they are under the implied auspices of Best Buy.

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