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Macy's - Macy's in store purchase process for adding loyalty #

I made an in store purchase on Saturday, November 4, 2023 in Macy's flagship NYC store. Today, I went online and could see my online purchase from Saturday but not my in store purchase. After combing the website and reading the FAQ's, I finally reached out to Ara Mae D via the live chat option. She was in the chat with me from 2:55 - 4:09 p.m. and after going back and forth for over an hour, the conclusion was that there was no way for me to view my loyalty # online as it is encrypted (and no way to add it myself to my Macy's wallet so I can easily look it up) and, even if I use my default credit card for the in store purchase, unless I supply my loyalty # to the store associate at the time of purchase, it will not show up in my purchase history or be counted towards my star rewards. Oh, unless I use a Macy's branded credit card for the in store purchase. The process and rules should be made much more clear on your website. In my case, I would be better off making all my purchases online to ensure I am getting my loyalty points, since apparently there is no way for the store associate to look it up when I'm making my in-store purchase. Not a very consumer-friendly process, that's for sure.

Desired outcome: Ideally, just using my defaut credit card for my in-store purchase should link my account. Or, at a minimum, the store associate should be able to look up my loyalty # and apply to my in-store purchase.

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11:53 am EST
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Macy's - Unauthorized "credit protection" fee

Recently I received a letter from Macy's "reminding" me of a program "credit protection" that allegedly I opted in for in 2011. I was astound to find they charged me fees for this program I have never heard of, and called them immediately to cancel it and refund the last charges they put on my bill, I notice for the first time ever they did. The amount was around $20. The representative said it will be removed, and I paid the balance of my bill, excluding the fee I never authorized. But Macy's not only did not refund this fee, but also started to collect interest fee and late fee on the fee that they added without my consent. They claim they "protected" the account and therefore will not refund the fees. This is a protection that allows Macy's to charge fees from their customers for years! until they accidentally notice.
I have never opted in this program and was never asked if I accept their terms of fees. As I now see, many other consumers experience this exact same practice. So it seems like in Macy's they believe it is legit practice to enrich the company while customers are blindsided, and being unapologetic about it. This is a scam. AN unfair credit practices and abuse of power by Macy's. Shame on this company.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement of the funds charged without authorization

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Update by Horovitz
Dec 28, 2021 10:31 am EST

Additional information: I found that this issue was already found by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as "illegal credit card add-on practices" as detailed by FPBC: "These holders of Citi cards—or those of a Citi subsidiary that issues store-brand cards for Macy's and Bloomingdale's—were victims of misleading sales tactics, the CFPB alleges." ( Although City bank who is the operator of Macy's credit card, had to pay $700 million in refunds to customers, for these illegal fees, not only they did not reimburse the customers as the order said, but they kept charging these fees without any disturbance since it was ruled as illegal practices.
On top of the fact I was not reimburse with any of the past charges as City was ordered to do "Any affected customers will automatically receive a statement credit or check, according to Citibank." When I found out they charged me without authorization (it was about $20 fee that month) as they refused to cancel this one charge they already doubled the amount within one month, adding interest and fine.
The worst part is that that no one is actually discussing this issue with the customer. The "customer support" claim they will forward the issue and the decision will be mailed to the customer. I don't know any other credit card that is so "one sided" toward their customers. Abuse is an understatement. A class action is so appropriate as I noticed the amount of similar complaints being reported online by effected customers (even after City was sanctioned for this practices)

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4:52 pm EDT

Macy's - I am complaining about my purchase I got two left shoes

I bought the pair of shoes on October 22nd 2019 at 1:14 pm
Number ticket : R9295003082690847101
Other numbers
M M Kors WS
[protected]. 329/40
Orig 225.00
Total 99.13
Cash 100.13
Change 1.00
I did I went home with two left shoes. This is ridiculous !
I need that you send me the right foot to the following as I won't be able to go to New York until Christmas :
Amy Martin
1319 State Route 147
Amsterdam, NY 12010

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5:58 pm EDT
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Macy's - Customer service/customer accounts

As of 6/30/2019 I HAD a Macys account and a Macys card for several years.

I also only have ONE Macys account and only have ONE email address I use for the account AND the card. I've been shopping online for years with this SAME account and the SAME email address.

Last week I was online shopping on the Macys website looking to see if they had any holiday sales out yet. I didn't see any so I put a few things in my favorites so I could have them today when I logged back in to see if they were on sale yet.

Today I try and log in to the Macys site and it tells me there is no such email address! So I tried again, several times, making sure I was typing the right keys, and I STILL kept getting the error message stating there was no such email address!

So I get on the customer chat window and tell them whats going on. They tell me there is no such email address in their system! I told them I've been shopping for years off this account and the email address has NEVER changed! I told them I logged in last week with no problems, and I was told again that my email address does not exist in their system!

Not only that, my Macys card number does not exist in their system!

I told them, obviously they don't want me as a customer anymore since they deleted my account without even giving me a f**king courtesy email or phone call about it!
So I told them I will take my money somewhere else!


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