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We purchased a brand new mattress from Macy's. When we received it, it had a few darkish brown/black spots at the bottom corner, which we thought was ink or something splattered. Since last week these spots spread all around Mattress and now see bugs...it's disgusting I called Macy's to inform them and seeking replacement..The Supervisor named Kianna accused us of lying and now I'm out $625 and No Bed to sleep in. I've been a customer of Macy's for 15+ years. I've contacted several news stations and am seeking justice.

  • Ro
    robshane Jan 15, 2013

    Macy's has a bunch of lawyers that advised Macy's on how to get away from employment claims, customers or business disputes
    Some of those lawyers that used to work to defend employees on labor claims, now they changed sides and decided that there is a lot more money to do business with Macy's
    Macy’s is putting its cheating and deceit experience and adding up the lawyers to make the situation even worse
    Macy’s is having the umbrella protection from those guys and felling free to cheat and deceive anybody
    Macy’s Department Store is the most abusive company you can work for.
    25 years of unpaid overtime $477, 906.
    (interests was not calculated yet on the above and below amount)
    $ 8, 000, 000 dollars is my claim for catastrophic injuries by negligence and violation of my wife rights while working at Macy’s. Thanks to Macy’s; my wife is a living wreck for the rest of her life
    MACY’S forced my wife to resign for her disability by Undue Influence
    Macy’s located at Westfield Mall, 14000 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 – 818-788-8350
    My name is Al Henry, a disabled person and thanks to Macy’s my wife is a living wreck for the rest of her life. My wife is in a wheel chair and unable to do anything at all
    Requires my personal care 24 hours around the clock
    My wife worked 25 years at Macy’s

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return policy and credit card fraud

Macy's card is the most abusive card in terms of terms and conditions. For example, if you make a return before the bill cycle closes, most of the credit cards will deduct the amount of return from your bill immediately. However, Macy's would not. If you don't pay the previous bill in full (although you already returned the item), you will be charged the finance charge and then the next cycle, your balance will be negative for the amount of your return reduced by the finance charge. This way, not only you would pay the finance charge, but Macy's will also keep your money for longer time (until you call and request the refund which will come in 10 business days after you request it).

In addition, Macy's really defrauds consumers on return policy. The policy states that you can return the merchandise within 180 days with the receipt. However, Macy's tracks your rate of return (by dollar amount) and will close your credit card account without warning if the rate is "too high" (but there are no description anywhere what that means). Therefore, if you bought one inexpensive item (say, $10) and one expensive (say, $100), and you returned the expensive one - your rate of return is 90% and they can close your account. Obviously, once Macy's closed your account, you cannot return anything you bought on Macy's credit card even if it is within 1 day (not even talking about 180 days). The only thing you can get is “store credit”. This way, Macy’s insures that it keeps your money no matter what. So much for "easy return policy" that is advertised by Macy's.

  • Ja
    JamesDeanFan11 Apr 23, 2010

    ty for this complaint, working for the company..had no clue...I like knowing what they do wrong, so I have some type of answer when issues such as that happen to a customer

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terrible service

My wife's mother opened a VISA account with Macy's in March.

My first complaint is that Macy's offered her credit even though she does not have enough income to support this credit card.

She is now in a nursing home and has no further need of any credit card. Furthermore there is evidence that someone is using this card without authorization. Macy's agreed to block this account on 7/30/2009.

My second complaint is that a charge was posted to this account two weeks after it was supposed to have been blocked.

My wife has power of attorney for her mother and faxed the documentation to Macy's as requested. She phoned customer support after receiving verification that Macy's had received the documentation to ask that the account be closed.

My third complaint is that the customer service representative refused to assist in this transaction in any way.

  • Gi
    girlsanfran Jan 05, 2010

    I just had terrible customer service dealing with a new macy's card. the store signed me up for a card that was supposed to have no interest for 12months. my first bill came with 23% interest on it. when I called to have this reversed I sent on the phone with EIGHT different people for about 2hours of my day. This week I received the same exact card in the mail with a congrats on my 2 account with them. I did not authorise another card yet macy's set me up with a star rewards as well as a visa. Again I spent an hour on the phone with WORST customer service rep. Who confused me more than I was already bu assured me that it was all settled. I will pay off my bill and close out my account after I make sure that the next bill is correct! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

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  • Cr
    crystaliz Jan 30, 2010

    I had terrible experience with Macy's VISA customer service as well. I could not understand a word the first person said, and when I asked for a supervisor he was almost as hard to understand and refused to help with my problem. Finally the third person (after a long wait) was able to help with my simple issue.

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keep calling my cell

The store is a cluttered mess, too many merchandise and not much room. The employees have this persona of...

deceptive selling practices & b.s. delivery fee

On 08/15/09 at 2:39pm Pacific time, I went online to the Macy’ web site to review the item (“Blair Leather...

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denied check?

So I go into our local Macy's Department Store yesterday to pay my husband's credit card statement...


I worked in a non-sales position several mos. I complained of blatant hostile work environment to Macys Corporate, bypassing store HR because I knew she was close to them. Some cowrkrs and my mgr were terminated. I declined very meager severance offer, went back to work to even more hostile work environment, was told it don't look good when people go above store level to complain, then HR denied saying it. New mgr transferred from another store told very serious lie on me and screamed at me numerous occasions, knowing there'd be no witnesses due to remote office location. When I complained again, I was terminated on a fictitious allegation. They even blocked me from accessing the online corporate complaint site so I couldn't retrieve/print my actual complaint that I filed with Macys corporate, so I couldn't have the complaint or other documentation to take to an atty.
Oh, and they also find reason to terminate people once they start using any of their medical or dental insurance.

  • Br
    bruce vandecamp Apr 06, 2010

    Macy's in Greensboro at Friendly Center is managed by a mean, ruthless, nasty woman named Maureen P. I wonder if this is your store? She has been responsible for at least 4 people that I know of being forced out of their jobs due to her constant harrassment and false accusations of poor work performances. These are people that had spotless work records and outstanding preformances reviews up until she arrived. If you ask ANY employee at this store what they think of Maureen you will get an ear full. The crap that she gets away with is basically harrassment and she needs to be FIRED!
    She is being led by Teri S. the RVP. It is really Terri's show and Maureen is just a stupid puppet. But still, anyone with any kind of ethics would put a stop to it. It has been going on ever since Macy's took over Hecht's.

    I honestly don't know what is wrong with these people but they are giving Macy's a horrible reputation. I suppose they are just miserable people, insecure, frightened, and pathetic.

    I hope more people will come forward and get Maureen and Teri out of here! Bring Back the Macy's we knew and loved. Life is too short to have to put up with ### like this.

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  • Hw
    HWMOM Aug 09, 2010

    You guys are preaching! Who the hell are you supposed to complain to if you have complaints about your immediate supervisors? The answer is no one. You are screwed if you go to Corporate. Its easy for them when only a couple of people here and there complain. What would happen if we all got together and made a complaint? They would [censor] their pants when the news hit the newspaper!

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denied check?

So I go into our local Macy's Department Store yesterday to pay my husband's credit card statement. All of that went fine at least for the moment. Had to get skin care products for myself, so I hit the Origins counter. Was sold on a total of approximately $230.00 worth of products. I decided to go ahead and write a check on my personal checking account (the account is fairly new and my debit card hasn't arrived yet or obviously I would have used the debit card). Long and short of it, the consultant rang up my purchases, scanned my check but my check was denied. So I called my bank, they verified that I had WAY enough to cover the check and suggested that I call Telecheck which I did. Telecheck stated that I was good to go and that there wasn't anything on their end that would prevent the check to not go through and that it must be a system problem on Macy's end. I ended up leaving without the products (consultant suggested that I go to my bank and withdraw the funds...not why should I) pissed off. Not once was a Manager called to the floor to correct this. All of this made me late getting back to my own business missing a very important meeting. Once back to my business and my husband checked his Macy's account he noticed that his line of credit on his card had been lowered and also that his percentage rate had increased. I am not certain on the amounts of the decrease in credit line not the increase in the percentage rate. Nevertheless what a rip off. I am uncertain what he will do but I highly suggested to him that he cancels his card (he has been a cardholder with Macy's for a bazillion years). Also when I got back to my office I called their Administrative office at Fashion Square to speak to a Manager about this and how this could have happened. I had to leave a message. I never received a call back. I called several times after that as well hoping that I would catch someone there. Always went to voice mail so I gave up. I know for myself that I will not be back there and will never spend any of my hard earned dollars there. It ended up that another Origins counter got my business and just for the record I spent more (purchased several more products on top of what the consultant at Macy's recommended) at the other location while I was there and my check went through fine through their scanner. So take that Macy's!

credit card fraud

I purchased a diamond ring at macys...with this promise that if i pay the balance within 12 months i would not pay interest...my monthly payments were set a $249 ...i made a payment of $500 in june..when i got my statement said that i didn't have any payment to make next month...but anyways i tried to make an extra payment online...and i wasn't able because..it said that i was trying to pay more than i was suppose..(of curse i didn't have any balance at that time..)so i decided to go to the store to make the payment...of $200...afeter 2 days i checked the balance online...since i manage my accounts online..y faund that my monthly payment where lower..., i was happy with that...and my big surprise yesterday...my statement said that those $2oo that a paid extra were late..and they charge me a late payment fee...when i called to the consumer service dep..they told me that they would wave the charge if i made the payment of $337...now i don't understand why my payments went higher..than before if i made those payment to get rid of this acco...sooner...And when i aks the sevice represent...he didn't answer my questions..I want to know if no matter how much i pay.is not gonna help me an anyway...because looks like...you get punished for trying to pay more and sooner...
I don't want anything more to do with macys.becaause this is not the firt time this happen to me.

  • Ek
    ekkojohnny Mar 03, 2009

    It's good to see these other complaints. Now I don't feel so insane. The way Macys blatently turns their back on the legal system is amazing.

    Macys will take your payments, then refuse your payments. You can send copies of cancelled checks until your blue in the face and they will not care. Trying to take their fraudulent claims off of your credit report is like trying to breathe underwater. It's impossible and Macys should be sued.

    I guess they make their money by selling the accounts. I can't even imagine how they percieve this as customer service. They must also donate to the credit bureaus because Macys has no accontability with them. What Macys says...is the gospel.

    To the people who run Macys...Do your children know you steal money so you can send them to college? They would be so proud.

    Macys is a discusting cancer.

    They built their customer base one by one. Now they will lose their customers one by one.

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bogus fee's added to bill

Do NOT, under any circumstances, open a Macy's charge card to get an additional "20% off" your total purchase. Here's what these SOB's are REALLY doing. The clerk is signing you up for a monthly "credit protection service" and gets a bonus for each person who signs up (without you knowing you have signed up!) Here's what you get, a $2.37 mnthly fee to your credit card bill. Don't bother calling the Macy's credit card people cuz they don't care (and are probably in on this scam). They tell you to call the Credit Protection people and have them credit your account. When I asked them how they think they can bill me for something I never signed up for they said the clerk at the store signed you up and when I signed for the credit card, I agreed to it. If I have problems with that I should call Macy's and speak with their manager. They canceled the service and credited back the fee to my card but here's the catch, everytime I use the card the fee appears again so I have to go thru the whole exercise all over! I told them to pound sand and canceled my card. I may never go into a Macy's again. Who do these fricken people think they are?? Hopefully my complaint to the Better Business Bureau will bring on a class action suit and anyone that ever shopped at Macy's will get a check for $2.37. I repeat, DO NOT OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT AT MACY'S...EVER!! Nordstrom has nicer stuff anyway and have gotten a lot cheaper in this bad economy. Hey Macy's people, "bite me - you all suck!!" :-)

  • Ma
    marilyn pressma n Jan 09, 2009

    I want my line of credit back, I have never been late or missed payments and without any notice what so ever they decreased my limit. I am mortified and very angry. I pay my bills on time and even more than I am supposed to, why not go after the dead beats. i had almost 2000, oo on my credit card to use and I was shopping in the store with the concept that I will buy some xmas presents but not exceed at least 150.00, when I went to the counter to pay, I was declined, I said it was impossible, when I called for my balance it was 96, 00, I was embarassed and humilated, how dare they do this to me without any kind of written certification, when I called they said O WELL, , Is this anyway to run a business? I would like my line back and an ap ology as well,

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  • Ju
    Justin Jan 09, 2009

    This is becoming a common practice in this economic crisis and credit crunch period; credit card companies are making every attempt to reel in the unsecured money they have floating around. The good borrowers such as yourself are being punished for the banks lending practices, it is unfair, but also completely legal till 2010 when new regulations become active.

    I totally sympathize with the offense you are feeling and how righteous you are in being angry, however it is happening to people all over the country many with near perfect FICO scores so you are in a club of sorts. I wish I could give you an answer that would give you some recourse.

    Also please check your statement to make sure they have no raised your APR as they have been doing this too.

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  • Ih
    IHateMacy's Aug 01, 2009

    That's quite a scam alright. Kinda makes you wonder what else they are doing that consumers don't know about. I'll think twice before shopping at Macy's.

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  • Dt
    dtbbiplagre Aug 01, 2009

    yeah, that scammed

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  • An
    andreajb1420 Jan 02, 2011

    I work at macys when people apply for the card it always ask if you want to sign up for the credit protection it clearly asks yes or no. Its your fault because you didnt read the catch pad, its not a scam if you press yes then you signed up for it. When I do a credit application I always inform my customers what the credit protection is and how it works. So dont blame macys for something you clearly didnt read yourself.

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Please let everyone you know that if they have a Macy's credit card, their interest may have increased to 26.99% in January. They did not send letters out to their customers. There was a note on the January 2009 bill that most customers probally missed. They have lost their minds. Their interest rate is higher than a title pawn.

  • Na
    nana yaa Feb 11, 2011

    I had a macy's visa Which i was handling very well. when the card became an American Express card, i had many problems. it takes a long time for their system to update the merchants and balance and most of all the balance is always higher than what its suppose to be. At times by almost $150. I have had my card for years and i have a $10, 000 credit limit but i will make one final payment to bring my balance to a $0 and get rid of the American Express and just lower my credit limit on the revolving type 20, accout which is the macy's store account, to $100. This way i can keep track of the balance. you cant cheat no one who only hase a $100 credit limit
    I wish all the luck to the rest of the unsatified customers.
    God Bless!

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macy's credit card

Dear Macys - As one of your "valued customers" I would like to let you know that I'm not feeling so...

deceptive billing practices

I have a Macy's Visa Credit Card. I have a bill payment through my bank. I began to receive bills from...

unauthorized billing

I made some purchases from the Macy's store in January this year. They had some promotion going, and offered me to become a member to get a discount on my whole purchase. I said I don't want to open a card with them, to which they replied that it's not necessary. I paid for the items with my credit card and left. After three months I got contacted by their collector department that was demanding a payment. Only after minutes into the conversation I realized that he wanted me to pay the amount I already paid again plus a late fee. From his words I opened TWO cards with Macy's and one card has a balance on it I did not pay.

I have been fighting ever since, they had illegally opened the credit cards without my permission and harassing me every day for not paying and threated me for reporting it to credit agency. I have disputed it several time and asked them to show me the proof or signed copy of my receipts that i have asked to open them the cards and paid it using the store card. But ever after 5 months I have no reply from them.

an unfair termination

I worked for Macy's tyson Galeria for about eight years and received ceveral recognition and...

closed my account

I have had an account with Macy's for 4 years, paid my bill on time every month, paid over the minimum every month, and had credit available. So I was flabergasted when I checked my account online and saw that my account had been closed. I called Macy's, and was told that despite I have never been late, paid over the minimum every month, had credit available and was overall a good customer, that my account had been closed because when they did their "periodic" credit check, that my overall credit history was not good. My near perfect credit history with them was null and void... As a result, this is going to kill my credit score, as this was the longest running credit card I had open and had the highest credit limit... I have already begun my letter of complaints to the BBB, and the attorney gerneral. I am sick of these credit card agencies screwing over people that are trying to secure a future for themselves by trying to get the best credit score they can... Because as we know, you can't get anything without credit these days!!!

  • Bo
    Bob Dickson Jun 15, 2009

    Last Christmas while shopping at Macy's I was making my purchases and handed the store clerk my Macy's card. My purchase had totaled $105.75. I was told my the clerk that my something was wrong and that my purchase would not go thru. I was confused because the card had a zero balance and the last time I had used the card was the Christmas before. The clerk asked me if he wanted me to have him place a call to the credit department and find out what the issue was. I asked him to do so. That's when I found out from the credit department that because I had not used my Macy's credit card in over a year that they had dropped my normal credit limit of $500.00 to $100.00. Ok I say to myself, I know things are tuff in the credit world but here I am trying to make a purchase of $105.75. That's $5.75 past my new credit limit. I asked the credit department person on the phone if he could authorize my purchase this time as it was gifts for my son's and was declined. Even though I was in good standings and never missed a payment with Macy's. I was also told that if I wanted to keep my credit good with Macy's that I needed to continue making purchases with them in order for my new credit limit to be raised in the future. Not wanting to jepordise my credit standings with Macys' as I had held that card for over 10 years, I reduced my purchase by half not wanting to leave empty handed. Needless to say it was embarrissing to me, standing inline during the Christmas rush, with folks behind me listining to me etc.
    FYI, I have yet to go inside a Macy's store sense then.. I don't like being treated that way.
    So check out on your statements closely. After reviewing my old statements I found that they had informed my of the credit lowering by no use. I just never looked closely enough, as I didn't see any purchases and thought that all was good.

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awful company

I am a very loyal Macy's customer, I have a Platinum Credit Card which means I spend over $1000 with Macy's a year. I am a professional that does most my shopping there when the sales are on. When I travel I even shop with Macy's and have shopped at Macy's in 10 different states.

Sometimes I also shop online with Macy's when I find a good deal. As a Macy's Platinum card holder I am use to free services provided to there most loyal customers. When I buy online I use to receive free shipping for items purchased online.

Recently Macy's has discontinued this practice as of May 1st, 2008 however they did this with out alerting customers. As of July 30 the site does say:

** For free services, which are not available at all Macy's stores, purchases must be made at Macy's with your Macy's Card. Excludes furniture, mattresses, floor coverings, and purchases on macys.com. Credit will appear on your statement.

In some parts of the site it does say the above. However it does say the below on a lot of pages also. Free service purchases must be made at Macy's with your Macy's Card. Includes shipping on macys.com purchases. Excludes furniture, area rugs and mattresses. Credit will appear on your statement.

First when Macy's changes a long standing practice without alerting the customer it is wrong. Second if you are going to change the policy then you have to make sure that it is consistent, as I called in on July 30 and was told that yes of course I should receive credits automatically.

After explaining to him things changed without anyone being notified, he put me on hold and began to speak with his supervisor. After that he explained that it had changed as of May 1st. He also credited my account but explained that it was a one time credit and that in the future the new policy would be enforced.

A lot of customers probably don't realize that this policy has changed. They did not take the effort to inform there customers. Really Macy's should not take this reward away from their most loyal customers.

  • Di
    Dissatisfied Macys Customer Nov 17, 2009

    I am a Macy's Platinum card holder also. I do a majority of my shopping online. It does bother me that Macy's changed the policy without informing the customers. I usually use the gift wrapping service during the holidays but found that 1/2 of the stores I visited no longer offer gift wrap. To me it makes no difference now if I hold a Macys Red or Platnium card. The perks are just are not worth it. Also, the extra coupons that you receive hardly do me any good becuase they exclude just about everything. The free shipping and handling was what I enjoyed most.

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  • My
    MysteryStories Feb 10, 2011

    You both are right. As I wrote to accompany another person's complaint these new "perks" aren't perks at all. I wish we had the old tailoring, free shipping, gift wrap services, that I, over a number of year, worked towards. You know the other thing that gets me? That we can't used the Rewards Certificates online. What the hell?

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returning merchandise

I tried to return some clothing that was given to me as a gift by an elderly relative. The clothing had all...

bogus "finance charge"

I received a bill from Macy's that included a $2.64 finance charge, although I had made the earliest purchase shown on the bill only three weeks ago. I called them and they said that this was a "provisional" finance charge, and I could subtract it from my payment although it was included in the amount shown as the balance due. Many if not most consumers would pay the balance due without realizing this charge was added. This is a straight up RIPOFF by Macys!

  • Jb
    J Browne Jan 21, 2010

    The latest balance on my Macy's credit card is for $376.94, of which $4.47 is for an "Initial Interest Charge". What is an "Initial Interest Charge"? I pay my balance in full and on time every month. Is it legal for Macy's to add this preemptive charge? Sounds like a rip-off to me.

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i worked for macys for 3 years. i was promoted to a specialist and received a bonus of 300.00 dollars every...

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