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gift card stolen

On December 13th I ordred on Macy.com a $75.00 gift card for my niece as an extra Christmas gift. The order was confirmed and charged to my credit card. I called my niece and asked if she received anything and she said no. I called customer service on December 22nd and they checked and after being on hold for 45 minutes they said the card had been used on December 20th in there Hearld Square Store, in New York. My niece lives over 300 miles from this store. The card was taken by some employee of Macy's it never left the store. I called they said a new gift card would immediately be sent. Well guess what after another call on December 28th customer service said then working days. Called again on January 7th and still no card was sent. They are acting like I'm some thief when I'm out the money my niece has no gift card but one of their own employees got some merchanise. Very unhappy about this run around.

flim flam

I had a Macy's charge card for several years. When I received a new Macy's American Express card in the mail for no reason, I believed that it was a replacement for my old Macy's card. I destroyed the old card and started using the new Macy's card. I made payments as usual through my bank website (the old Macy's card). Then I started receiving frequent calls from Mason, Ohio. They never left a message. When I finally spoke to someone, it was to let me know that my American Express bill was late; and did I want to pay it over the phone. I blew up, because I felt that I had been flim flammed, not knowing it was a separate account. I told the person on the phone to send me the bill and I would pay it. Within a 5 day span, I received 3 phone calls from them. When I called the # back that was on caller ID, I got someone in India.
With the unemployment rate in this country, why do companies like Macy's & Kohl's, who depend on American citizens to buy their merchandise, staff their call centers in India? Not only did I feel that I was flim flammed, but I am outraged that their call center is staffed in India!

  • My
    Myra Damron Jan 20, 2011

    Apparently, you work for Macy's! Whether companies are obligated or not to send out bills, I haven't encountered one yet that doesn't send out bills. Granted, I didn't read the fine print. Busy holidays, also replacement cards are frequently sent out unsolicited, and yes, they do have to be activated just like new cards. Fortunately, this was not a card that I use on a regular basis, interest rate is highway robbery! There were "harassing" phone calls from Mason, Ohio; the customer service reps in India were illegible. Closed both accounts and will find other places to shop!

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  • St
    starlet317 Mar 08, 2011

    I see this same complaint ad nauseum. If you received the AMEX you had the VISA. Same deal. Two accounts...two bills! Why would charges on an AMEX be able to be paid at Macy's?! The Macy's AMEX is a mere convenience so you only have to take one card with you shopping whether is be Macy's or Walmart. Doing so earns you rewards certificates. Have to pay it off though. I don't buy the old arguement about the high interest rate. Nobody should be concerned with that if you're not spending more than you can afford.

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poor customer service

Went to Macy's (Kaneohe, HI) on Monday 12/27 @530pm HST. Looked at a purse that I was interested in purchasing. Proceeded to take the purse up to the register for purchase when the sales associate stated (while combing her hair w/her fingers) "oh...that person can help you". The person that she was referring too was busy organizing other merchandise in the area. The second sales associate made her way to the register to assist me w/my purchase. Upon looking at the handbag that I wanted we discovered there was no UPC code or tag. She proceeded to walk to the jewlery counter to ask another associate for help finding the UPC. They both could not find it and stated that other stores on the island were not answering their phones or were too busy and would call us back. During the 10 minutes that were used to walk over to the jewlery counter and supposedly call I did not see either one of them pick up a phone. I was then told that they would put the bag on hold and contact me by the end of the night w/the price.

So I gave them my contact information and waited for their call. As Monday evening and night went on I began to get perturbed because no one had called (after all how difficult was it to contact another store to get a simple piece of information - there are 4 other stores on the island).

Tuesday came and throughout the whole day still nothing. Wednesday comes and still nothing by 3:00 in the afternoon. I was frustrated. I really liked the bag and it was the last one of its kind on the shelf (at this particular store). I called the store and was told that they did not have anything on hold...boy was I mad. I decided to go down there and saw the same initial sales associate that was combing her hair w/her fingers. I asked if she could help me and she said sure. Once I began telling her about what I needed she said "wait, I"ll get someone". The associate she was talking about was rearranging merchandise in the handbag area. This lady was VERY nice (and I was really really mad) I explained to her what happened and what I wanted. She went to the back to check and FOUND my item!! I was told that my item was not there over the phone...WTH!! Anyhow she looked at the tag w/my request for price, UPC, etc. on it and no one had called to follow up!!! She apologized and proceeded to contact another store. In less than 5 MINUTES she received and answer!! She typed up a tag w/the price and UPC info and assisted me with check out.

How could she get the info in less than 5 minutes while the other people couldn't get it...did they even try?!?! Maybe not since I didn't get any call back. What happened if I didn't follow up...would they have reshelved the product, who knows! Hopefully someone will see this and fix their customer service at this particular store!!

  • Bu
    Buch Jan 10, 2011

    I purchased a sectional with a leather back and microfiber cushions from Macys. After 5 months I was extremely dissatisfied, so I called them. The sectional was constantly coming apart betweens sections, so I was constantly pushing the couches together and I would have to move the prongs that held them into place, they would cut my feet, stub my toes, because they always moved...and they were extremely uncomfortable. These are the unsafest couches I have ever purchased and Macy's said there is nothing they can do about them because I should have called them within 3 days.

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  • Er
    Erica28 Jan 19, 2011

    Well first of all maybe you should not have selected an item without a upc (or you just tore it off) and expected promt service for that item. You should know in 2011 the sales associates have to track that purchase with a upc code.

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  • Ma
    MaxHirsch Feb 09, 2011

    Hey, Erica. Maybe you ought to quit combing your hair with your fingers and make sure your merchandise is properly tagged. You know we can't very well grab one with a tag if the only one left is untagged. But I suppose they should probably just find something that they don't like as much, so you don't have to work too hard and break a nail.

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  • St
    starlet317 Mar 17, 2011

    Erica, you're an idiot so stop trying to contribute to society because you're failing miserably.

    OP, sorry for your experience. Sadly, many sales people lack brains and common sense. Glad you found a one that knew what she was doing and you got your handbag!

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  • Tu
    TuanNg Jan 04, 2016

    I try to call Macy's customer service about the late fee they over charge me and was put on hold for more than 30 minutes, I have to hang up the phone because I have something else to take care off. What kind of customer service is that

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  • Fr
    frogking Mar 02, 2016

    I had ordered a gift card from Macys.com last month for my sister's birthday. The order was canceled with no real explanation. I tried again and it was canceled again. I finally got a hold of someone at Macy's and the customer service was very helpful. They were extremely apologetic and took care of my issue right away.

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non payment of commission

I was hired (FT) in Mens' suits and shoes (commissioned area) in May of 2010. Upon being hired I wa...


Dont ever buy an electronic item from a Zoom Vending machine - especially at Macy's. The return policy - which they do NOT tell you when you buy - is ONLY through Zoom Systems. Zoom Systems makes you call in to an 800 number, fill out a form over the phone, then wait 10 days to get an email telling you how to return the product - at your expense and insured - to them. Total bull****! The operators at the 800 number say Zoom is "backed-up" and thats why it takes so long for return instructions. It could take up to 30 days just to get the "instructions" for how to return the item. In the meantime, you are out the $. This same system applies to your item if it is defective or damaged. Never purchase something from these Vending Machines - Go to the Apple store instead where you get instant returns or repairs.

  • Bo
    bonniezim1 Mar 02, 2011

    I sent back a camera and it was received on 2/2/11. I'm still waiting on my refund. I hate these people.

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  • M3
    M3g4n Nov 12, 2014

    I'm trying to return an "unopen" iPod that I've purchased in Macys through Zoomsystems machine, I've call and I was ask to wait for email instruction to return the item for 5 business days. So far I've kindly called back 3 times already, 3 times patiently waited for more than 5 business days, Now my receipt is due still no email. I'm afraid and hopefully not next time they'll tell me I cannot return it anymore because my receiptis already due. It seems purchasing in that machine has no guarantee of returns weather you purchase a damaged one or not. Not to mention your call is directed internationally to a call center, people who are trying to help you never have a Macys or Zoomsystems in their place overseas.

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  • M3
    M3g4n Nov 12, 2014

    By the way I've purchse it from Seattle Macys Zoomsystems machine.

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holding on the phone

I am very upset today about the Macy's store in Bloomington. I like Macy's for the most part but today was ridiculous. I was put on hold for 25 minutes and 41 seconds before someone picked up the phone! I called the Macy's store in Burnsville and the lady was very kind enough to tell me they did have the top I was looking for at Bloomington (Mall of America) in my size. When I called Burnsville the lady helped me right away no wait time. However I cannot say the say about the Bloomington store. I called and was put on hold forever! When I finally was picked up again, the lady said she never seen the top before! But apparently there were larges and x-larges. I was looking for a small and Burnsville confirmed there was one. I confronted Bloomington and the lady repeated saying she never seen the top before and we only had larges and x-larges. She did not even step foot off the counter to check the floor for stock. I am anger that such customer service if you can even call it that was displayed. I was a sales operator before at a different store and I know for a fact you should never put a customer on hold for 25+ minutes! This is just one of many bad experiences I have had at the Macy's store in Bloomington so I hope for Macy's sake that they hire some better employees or make a designated sales operator job so people can get some service. I am just astonished by how long I had to wait just to hear an incompetent employeee tell me she was not willing to help me even though the top was there.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 28, 2010

    helpNu, you are 100% correct.

    1 Votes
  • In
    in the know sometimes Dec 28, 2010

    This is a crazy busy time of year in stores. Not the time to call and expect amazing customer service.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 28, 2010

    Additionally, customers are first come, first serve. The person on the phone may have had several real-life and phone customers that came before them.

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ridiculous fees

I do not plan on making ANY more purchases at Macys. We bought an item and let the sales associate talk us in to getting their card. We sent the payment on time, but they neglected to post it on time. We then were charged interest plus a $25 late fee without even knowing it- all the while thinking we had a $0 balance. We then got another $25 late fee for not paying the last $25 late fee. We now owe $58 on something that was paid in full!! And if you are wondering- we have perfect credit and have not had any problems with any other card.

  • Sa
    Sandy F Smith Dec 08, 2014

    I am a Canadian citizen and I applied for a Macys Credit Card in September, 2014 while I was in state of Washington. I made a purchase that day of $ 19.32. When the bill came in the following month I did try to pay it over the phone but was not successful so I decided to wait for the next bill and pay the approx $ 2.00 interest fee with my purchase. When the second bill came I was in complete "Shock" at the amount they wanted - double my purchase price plus $ 2.00 for a total of $ 40.64. I immediately purchased a US money order from the bank and sent this to them, along with a letter and my credit card. In my letter I requested them to "close" my account. IIn early December, 2014, I received a new statement from Macys with a $ 2.00 charge on it, nothing else. I am completely stunned by this; words cannot describe how I feel inside. I will never, ever step foot inside another Macys again.

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  • St
    starlet317 Feb 02, 2015

    Sandy, what did you think was going to happen when you (admittedly) and purposely neglected to pay your bill for one month? Have you never heard of late fees? I love how people do idiotic things with their credit cards and then blame the company for it. This is your fault and you owe the money and the additional $2.00 that accrued from not paying your bill off for several months!

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extremely rude manager

I was shopping at Macys at Tyrone Square Mall tonight 12/21/2010 while I witnessed the Manager by the name of...

lack of customer service

I purchased something from Macy's totaling $200. and had a coupon stating $50 off purchase of $200. It also states sales and clearance (not in the same sentence). The attendance told me I could not use the coupon because it was only for sales and clearance items. My response was "you are giving additional saving on sales item and none on regular priced items?" I interpret the coupon to read sales and clearance are included since coupons are usually only applied to regularly priced item. However, they would not honor the coupon and I contacted Macy's by email more than 4 times and until today the only response I have gotten is the automatic response stating that a representative will contact me. Since I have not gotten a response, I will be returning the item and will not support Macy's since their customer service is definitely lacking some sort of courtesy.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 15, 2010

    It's sounds like you just assumed things. Why did you buy the item if the coupon could not be used with it?

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  • My
    MysteryStories Feb 10, 2011

    pobarjenkins - I agree. It's the same problem over and over again. People don't read the back of the coupon or ASK an associate BEFORE they get up to the register to explain the coupon. As a matter of fact, for anyone shopping at Macy's PLEASE understand that Everyday Values (items ending in $.98) are NOT eligible for coupons so you have to have $30, $50, $75, etc worth of items outside of those ending in $.98.

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  • Oi
    oilyfatness Apr 06, 2011

    Dumbass read the coupon again! Coupons doesn't work on certain items for example: it does not work on fine jewelry, impulse department ( high ends expensive clothing, shoes or whatever), cosmetics, fragrances, handbags, and etc!

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Ordered 100% authentic UGGS sold directly from manufacturer claiming to be 100% original and 100% guarantee. I should have received a red flag number one, since they claim to be in Austrialia and do not provide a contact customer service line. Red flag # 2- the email response comes with Chinese symbols and broken english. Red Flag #3 - my credit card was charged from Shanghi, China. I have attempted to email for a reply and either the email gets rejected or a general message with multiple tracking numbers comes across which provides all different shipping locations and dates. I did research macysboots and found that the owner has over 300 website links, this should have been a SERIOUS red flag to me, lesson learned, don't be frugal when wanitng a quality product, just bite the bullet and purchase the REAL UGG boots .
Please be aware of this site. I have contacted my credit card company and they have flagged this purchase and retailer and refunded me the monies. Good thing for credit card protection.

  • Pe
    PEllenK Dec 16, 2010

    Thanks mudcurls. I knew the price looked too good to be true. Also their link does not show up on the reputable sites like Amazon or zappos

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miniumn balance went up without my knowledge

I've been a Macy's customer for a long time. I think I got my card in 2007 or 2008. I've paid my bill with their billing company check free for years. It pays the minimum balance on time every month. Sometimes I change it to more than the minimum but I've never had a problem, until now. Recently my back account was compromised so I had to get a new checking account. I updated my check free and presumed it would continue on. I was wrong. Check free did not pay my november bill on time or my december bill. Macy's charged me a late fee. I figured this out when I was getting called by their collection agency. I called them and got their line in India. All the girl would say was "Oh I am sorry. We are just the reciever of the bill." She was no help. I asked to be transferred to check free. They were more helpful. The guy said that when you make a change it takes a cycle to catch up to itself. I didn't know this at all. So I called Macy's today and told them what happened and asked them to remove the late charges. She did, reluctantly. Then she said did you know your minimum balance went up. And I said no I had no idea. I've asked you people for paper statements for years and never have gotten one.
Then she said it went up to 25.00. I said my November bill says 5.00. She said no it's 25. I said I'm looking at the bill and it's 5.00 and I paid that bill after I realized check free wasn't paying my bills.
She argued with me and I said do you want me to email you the bill. Then she said well in December it's 25.00. would you like to make a payment. I said fine. She said it's 30.00 for November and December. I said why am I paying November's bill when it's already been paid. She said that's interest. I said from where. the bill was paid and the minimum payment is 25.00. She said well If you do not pay the 30.00 the collectors will continue to call you for a past due. Eventually I told her forget it. Pay the 30.00 and send me a final bill and cancel my account. She made no effort to explain it to me or to try to save me as a customer. She was rude and argumentary and it was the worst customer service I've ever delt with. Obviously Macy's could give a crap about their customers.

black friday

Macy's had a full-page color ad with their infamous $10 off $25 purchase coupon for Black Friday. I did...

missed payment

We haven't missed a payment on a credit card in years - somehow a paperless statement from Macy's got missed and we missed a payment. The very next month before we were aware of the missed payment, and before we could make the back missed payment, Macy's sent us to collection. As we are just refinancing our house, this lowered one of our credit scores over 50 points, and will cost us over $30, 000 dollars for the life of the loan. Macy's refuses to fix our credit account, and the bad thing is it made us so mad we cancelled our Macy's account - I'm sure that will further screw our credit score. Macy's is now a four letter word in our household. Don't get a Macy's credit card - it can come back to haunt you, as the 10% saved by opening the account can cost you big time in the end. Macy's Christmas spirit is bah humbug

  • Aj
    ajalberg Dec 07, 2010

    Well I guess you are a very organized person - I use major credit card to pay for most all of my purchases and have a very simple pay plan - just pay the credit card bill. Our mistake is that Macy's opened 5 different credit cards for me and my wife - with five different numbers at five different stores. We have now cancelled all our little retail store cards as they don't provide the real time service that our American Express, Visa does - I have never ever had a problem with American Express or Visa - they are there for me and help me deal with minor problems as they arise. They also alert me to a potential problem Maybe you don't have any money, and don't have but two bills a month.I have also never gotten unemployment and have been self employed since I was 5 years old, so I am not an idiot about money. Sorry if I trash your beloved Macy's, but I have been making every payment on time for over 30 years - By the way, do you keep gas mileage on your car? Because if you know every bill you owe each month, you must know your mileage down to the tenth of a mile, and I quit figuring mileage in 1990

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  • Ld
    ldarmo Dec 18, 2010

    I am having the same exact experience! I never realized I had more than one account with them! Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to them today. We are about to either refinance or purchase a new home, and I have excellent credit. Don't need Macy's messing me up.

    To Macy's:
    I have had a terrible experience with my Macy's American Express, and am prepared to cancel all of my Macy's accounts. I received a call today informing me that my account is over 60 days past due and that I have been reported to a credit bureau. I was not aware that I was behind.

    1) I was not aware I have two accounts, store and AmEx - I never knowingly signed up for an extra account!
    2) I have not received bills for the AmEx and did not know I was two months overdue. I made a payment last month on a Macy's account, so thought I was good.
    3) I received a call that because I am overdue, I am being reported to a credit agency. I was not notified prior to this that there was an outstanding balance. Why was I not contacted earlier by phone or email? I did not deliberately maintain an overdue balance.

    I have spent thousands of dollars at Macy's in the last several months. You used to be my department store of choice. I just attempted to pay the full balance of the AmEx online. I will call the credit department and cancel all my accounts once balances are registered as zero. I do not need this threat to my excellent credit rating, and expected to be treated better, as a loyal Macy's customer. If any accounts were overdue it was because of the very confusing Macy's financial dealings. I am very very disappointed. I would like to be contacted to be assured that my credit rating will not be affected and that any late fees are credited. Please contact me, at least initially, by email. I have wasted entirely too much time on the phone on my weekend.

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approving a credit card with a fraud alert

On Nov 16 2010 I received a call from Macys that someone called to increase my credit limit on my credit card and it did not make sense to Macys since had not used my card in several years. They marked the account as fraud and put it on hold.

On Nov 23 unknow to me Macys reopened the card to the identiy theif and lifted the fraud alert with out calling me and gave the woman the charge number. I ask myself why would you do that Macy's don't you think if you already know it is FRAUD why would you give her the number...She then charged $1, 100 over the next several days at several different Macy's, even going in to exchange her purchases to get just the right gifts for her family...maybe even gift wrapped...bring with her a fake license that did not match my application to stores that were 100 miles from my home...still no call to my house...

I have had life lock for 4 year and by now I have had a fraud alert at the credit beurau for several days...but still Macys could not figure this out...

The kicker...I get a call on 11/26 from Macys to see if I will approve opening up a credit card...I said to the man...my card is on a fraud alert on hold...why would I want to open a new card...why are you calling me...did you not see from my social security number whick the criminal has given you that I have a account on hold...and that is when it hit me...I said did she finish charging up my account and now wants a new one...and they said Oh, yes ...you...meaning the real me just went to Miami, Floriada and spent several days buying clothing...and I said no you Macy's just gave away $1, 150 of merchandise...I had nothing to do with this...

Macys...says they can not do anything because they can't figure out what was stolen yet...their computers could not figure it out...their employees had to have their nice weekends with their familes...while I had to work the phones calling police agencies...yes, I must file 4 different police reports because she went to several different stores...but Macys said this was no big deal...and they can't do anything about it, it was not their fault...they did everything right...

Please close all of your store credit cards...and get life lock...
I have learned my lesson...please don't be like me...because guess what...next they went to Home Depto...same thing...account closed...they reopened it and got the number from the desk...Home Depto stopped them at $2, 000 but that is another 3 police reports...

And now I have to worry about who they will try to scam next...

I pray everyone will listen to me...I pray that my misfourtune will be a lesson to all...these scam people went to Peir one, Kohls and so far they were stopped...if you don't have credit at a store and you have life lock it will stop them but if you do have credit at a store...with fake Id and you social security # they can get in...

I believe my Id was stolen at the doctors or hospital when I went to Miami or where I live...

Lastly, to the first Macys person who alerted me to the fraud...you were wonderful...to the few who really held my hand I thank you...to the fool who did not call me when the fraud alert was on my account and the scamers were reopening my account and then charging 100 miles from my house with a drivers license that did not match my application...I hope they get you someday so you learn what this is like because only then will you not be so ready to lift a fraud alert...what were you thing...are you fools...or just stupid!

Good luck

[Resolved] terrible customer service

I tried to purchase four pairs of shoes over the phone. I called Macy's Herald Square store because I...

ridiculous on-line bill pay

Macy's credit cards and the so-called customer service reps that work there are worthless! I tried to...

false report to credit bureau

When checking my credit report, I found I had one "negative account status". you guessed it macy's. here is what my credit report dated 10/19.2010 states. (take note of the dates)
date reported 10/2010;
date of last payment 10/2010
Balance $210
Are you ready for this? I have the bill in my hand. it is dated october 28, 2010 and the payment due date is november 28, 2010.
How can this be overdue and why did macy's report this to the credit bureau? here is the killer-I have been a macy's charge customer since 1968 (not a typo) and never a credit problem with them... time to close it. can anyone explain why macy's is doing this? do they do this to everyone before the bill is due?

  • SKOR Dec 11, 2012

    If it was reported on 10/2010 then it was based on a previous bill - you need to go backwards starting from September, not your October invoice.
    If it was a legitimate mistake by Macy's, they can remove it from your file at the credit bureau.

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harrasting phone calls

I owed $75 to Macy's on a revolving account that was due 10/4. I received a series of phone calls beginning around 10/8 that became daily until 10/18 about this past due bill. I could not understand the persons calling, nor could my husband when he took the call. Federal law requires a meaningful disclosure from the debt collector which I was not given, because the person spoke little English. I considered the calls harassing when I had never received so much as a 30-day late notice. This pro-active debt collection practice using staff who cannot speak Enlish puts Macy's at risk of violating federal debt collection practices.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 12, 2010

    I assume if you pay off your debt then the calls should stop.

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  • Qu
    QuitMacys Jan 01, 2011

    I always pay my credit card debt in full and on time. I have a long standing relationship with Macy's as a customer with an exemplary record. I received a harassing phone call from Macy's today (New Year's Day) because I was a few days late on a $20 bill. I never received the bill, but I understand that out of the many bills I pay every year, one can get away. The representative was very assertive and pressured me to pay the bill over the phone. I canceled my Macy's account and paid the bill on-line. I am very disappointed with Macy's aggressive pursuit of debtor, even when the debt is minor and the customers has an outstanding record.

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do not use online pay service

Do not use Macy's online bill pay! They say you can pay no more than the amount of your bill - however the number is re-entered from the online system. Instead of being charged $69.84 the amount they charged my bank was $69, 384.00!

I had my bank stop payment and then called Macy's. They apologized and promised I would be charged no late fees, a paper bill would be right in the mail, and my account would be closed. A few days later I got a second overdraft notice from my bank - after the error was identified Macy's attempted to process the payment a 2nd time! At this point I spoke to a manager who told me this was all my fault! Regardless of me identifying the error he said it was their process to run the charges twice. He was rude and completely dismissed any concerns I had about them sending me to collections.

It is now a month later - I called Macy's AGAIN because no bill had been received. Found that not only did I have a fee for a returned check but my account was open and no bills were being sent. At this point the bank fees and Macy's fees are more than the original bill!

The woman on the phone actually had to ask why I was closing the account. I will never shop at Macy's again.

  • Mi
    MikeAshely Mar 30, 2011

    I concur, Macy's credit card service is horrible. There was a discrepancy between Macy's and mycheckfree.com on what my balance is. I called Macys and they told me i had a balance of zero and that I don't owe anything. Yet mycheckfree kept on sending me debt letters in which they also told me I don't have a balance. After a month of receiving multiple letters I contacted Macys and asked why I kept getting these letters only to find out I have a balance with late fees.. The manager I spoke with blame me for not paying hte bills. They have the worst service ever. This will be my last time shopping with MAcys via the credit card service.

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  • An
    anonymous collectior 2014 Feb 24, 2014

    I respectfully disagree and customers need to take responsibilities for their actions. Why are you blaming Macy's when it's your fault? You made the decision to use mycheckfree. Mycheckfree is a payment services company that Macy's contracted with until they had their website setup.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Green Rae Sep 24, 2018

    Mycheckfree just failed to make 2 payments. It has been turned into my credit report already. I have used this service for over 15 years and Macy’s nor Mycheckfree will admit guilt and will not correct it. Macy’s has lost a customer.

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warranty scam


My Wife and I purchased a sofa and Love-seat in 2007 from Macy's furniture in Schaumburg, Chicago. We were told by the sales person Evelyn Chua that the extended warranty we purchased would cover all pen/pencil/marker stains & tears etc. So we paid for the extended warranty and was given the impression that the 7 year warranty would cover everything. We were told that if the salesperson was in our place she would buy the extended warranty. We were not told of any other limitations that the warranty would be void under else we would not have purchased it if we knew that multi-colored stains are not covered. Now after 3 years when 7-8 days ago, my 2 year old got hold of some markers and pens and scribbled over the sofa and love-seat and when we called macy's customer service who forwarded us to worry-no-more/Uniters, they denied our claim saying multi-colored marks are not covered under the warranty. They told us that the terms and conditions document mentioned not covering multi-colored stains. The terms and conditions document was not given to us not along with the sales receipt but at the end of the transaction inside a box what the salesperson casually said was a complimentary kit which we really did not need for 3 years and not that it contained important information about the terms and conditions. On calling Uniters, they made it as difficult as possible for us to register the complaint. We were given the run-around between Uniters customer service and their supervisors. Macy's washed their hands off the whole issue saying the matter is between me and Uniters when in fact we not not told that the extended warranty was from a third party at the time of purchasing it. We were made to run from pillar to post between macy's and Uniters. I feel like, macy's and Uniters have through smooth sales talk sold us something that has caused us extreme inconvenience and financial loss. When I went online to post a complaint I saw many similar stories against Uniters and Macy's push to sell these warranties without appropriately informing customers.

  • Sj
    sjacob Oct 14, 2010

    Yeah...Sorry bout that...It's how I refer to my old residence sometimes...I'm talking about the macy's furniture gallery( next to Woodfield mall ) off golf rd, Schaumburg.

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  • Sj
    sjacob Oct 14, 2010

    @maggie, you're correct. But we were handed a cleaning kit which we were told was complimentary and that's it. We were not told there were terms and conditions documents inside specific to the warranty.
    We've never needed the kit, cause we've always maintained our sofa and love seat well.
    And that's where it stayed and the kit got misplaced during my move from schaumburg.
    On the other hand all the other documents were were handed over was filed(sales reciept, brochures, even the salesperson's business card). Also consider this, we were told all marks/tears, etc would be covered, but shouldn't we have been told it would only be BLUE color and no other color. I think if nothing else, atleast that point deserves some mentioning.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 14, 2010

    Most warranties cover accidental markings only, like spills and single marks.

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  • Sj
    sjacob Oct 14, 2010

    @TheLoveFist II - I figured you're a joke and to be ignored, and Oh I confirmed it after I read these..


    Stop smokin all that weed you arrogant jackass.

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