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H Dec 08, 2018
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I when To Lowes Yesterday to get my Pick up order. Staff member Ashley, got my Order and told me to get my own cart to put my stuff. Another member happened to open the exit door pulling on the doors, I followed the staff member to get my cart. When I came back inside Staff member Ashley started helping another customer after I waited for 10 minutes for a pick up order. I politely asked her if I could go? Ashley answered me NO with an attitude, and she asked the other client let me finish with him and I will continue to help you. After that she started going off on me about me trying to break the exit door. She told me in front other customers with an attitude saying I cant open the exit door, if you had broken the door I will have to pay $10, 000.00 dollars, I told her I didn't touch the door I just followed her employee, she keep repeating to me well if u break it u have to pay 10k, I keep telling her I didnt touched the door. I told her if she had a problem she need it to let her staff member know that not me and her answer was I not a manager.Them she keep accusing me of me trying to break the door. I told her well you should do your job and have a Cart there for my Items, thats why is called Pick-Up Service. I told her to check her security cameras. She blow me away with attitude and told me sign here and there is the exit.. Racist Staff member. I dont treat people for the way they look, because if that was the case I wouldn't want to deal with someone who has a earring in their nose for customer service. Ashley needs to Learn not to falsely accuse Customers. Ashley keep yelling me about the door Non stopping. I felt ASHLEY was discriminating ma or prejudice against people of other races, I believed No body particular race is superior to another we all Humans. I'm taking my business to Home Depot.

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