Lowes Extended Warrantyfailure to replace defective product


Our frigidaire stove that is a little over a year old, has a chip in the porcelain on the top of the stove. Since the manufacturer warranty recently expired, we contacted lowe's as we had purchased an extended warranty at the time we purchased the stove. A service technician from a and e factory service came out on september 23, 2008. He deemed the defect to be cosmetic and had us sent touch up paint. Lowes states they do not cover cosmetic defects as part of their extended warranty. They keep referencing #4 under the general exclusions which states, "cosmetic damage and problems due to improper and / or non - factory authorized installations or repairs. " i tried to explain to several people including supervisors that the damage was not caused by improper or non - factory installations or repairs. Therefore, it must be covered. They refuse to replace the part or replace the stove. They are failing to uphold their extended warranty contract. A contract that we paid an additional $89. 97 for at the time we paid $524. 88 for. This is consumer fraud. I have provided copies of the sales receipt in addition to a copy of the extended warranty agreement


  • Di
    dirty clothes Dec 15, 2008

    Yes, we are experiencing the same negative level of service from Lowe's with their Extended Warranty. It seems to be a scam where they can make an extra couple hundred dollars.

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  • Mi
    michelle a Feb 04, 2009

    Do not purchase an extended warranty through lowes, we have a whirlpool hot water heater we bought with an extended warranty, it went up on sunday, we also had a carbon monoxide leak, 3 days later it is still not fixed, lowes promises to call me back, but never does. When i finally talked to someone they told me it could take a week to be looked at. Even with a health risk they dont get the ball rolling any faster. Complete waste of time!!!

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  • Ji
    Jim May 11, 2009

    I also had money stolen from me by Lowe's under the scam of an extended warranty. I lost $190 covering a lawn mower I was told for 3 years PAST the manufacturer's warranty, only to be told today it has expired, 3 years after purchase. I will be contacting authorities in the morning.

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  • Ex
    exlowesemployee26 Jul 27, 2009

    What part of the terms and conditions exclusion #4 don't you understand. If I remember properly it states "These plans DO NOT cover:", and #4 is COSMETIC DAMAGE. So, next time you want to complain about your warranty, I suggest you read your terms and conditions thoroughly before doing so. I'm not saying the plan is perfect but since I'm an educated consumer when it comes to my warranties, I have never experienced a problem with them.

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  • Si
    Simpleguy10 Oct 15, 2010

    It was big mistake to buy Lowes extended warrenty for my Lawnmower. I bought 3-year extended warrenty and then I had problem with my Lawnmower and called Lowes warrenty number and they told me to take it back to the nearest Lowes store and they said I have to pay $25 fee so that they can send it to a service repair center. WHY??? I had to call the Lowes warrenty number again and had them talk to the store. They finally agreed to take it but because there was littlebit of gas in it, they said I have to take it home and empty the gas and bring it back.

    I got really frustrated and called the Lowes warranty number and ask them for service center so that I can take it to. Anyways, I ended up taking the Lawnmower to a repair center associated with Lowes. Few days later, I got a call from the service center saying that the carburetor needs replacement but NOT covered by my warranty. When I asked why? They said, the carburetor was dirty. Of course lawnmowers get dirty because they are outdoor machines. I ended up paying $90 out of packet to repair it. Bottom line, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM LOWES.

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  • Ke
    Ken Freedman Nov 07, 2010

    My stove has been broken since 10-20-10. It took 1 week for them to send a repair person who didnt fix it. Then they didnt show for the next visit since they didnt have the part. Too bad they didnt call to cancel. I missed another day of work. When I called they told me it was my responsibility to call to see the part came in. Now they say I have to wait 3-5 business days to see if the part comes in since they cant find it. I asked for a replacement stove. They claim I will have to wait 10-15 business days to detemine if I can have it replaced. They would give me a Lowes credit card for my replacement stove. That will move the final date to 12-3-10. I gave up and went to Sears and purchased a new stove. Lowes will never get the part and it will take too long for my family not to have a working stove.

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  • An
    anonymous894796847635 Jun 09, 2011

    Just so everyone knows the extended warranty and Lowes are two totally different companies. Up until a few months ago Lowes used to sell National Electronics Warranty or NEW. Lowes got sick of them treating their customers bad so they did not renew the contract they had with them. NEW stopped using all of their good service centers (including my appliance repair business) and only uses cheap technicians because they only care about the money and not the customers. NEW mostly uses A&E Factory Service because they are cheap. Ironically, to the guy that said he went to Sear's, Sear's is the one that owns A&E Factory Service. So if you have a problem with your new appliance you will get the same people. You can even google A&E Factory Service complaints and they have so many complaints about cancelling appointments with customers without even telling them. There is a bright side. Lowes is now selling their own extended warranty so you will not have to worry about dealing with NEW. For anybody that is dealing with NEW because you bought the appliance before Lowes started selling their own extended warranty. If you have a problem with NEW (even if you call "Lowes extended protection line" they are actually NEW, too. NEW has a separate line for their Lowes warranties) call either the local Lowes store you bought it from or Lowes corporate office. I think you may be pleasantly surprised because I have heard customers tell me that Lowes backed them up and made NEW do something for the customer.

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  • Th
    TheWayItIs Jun 11, 2011

    @Keith - covering only electrical, electronic failures is quite normal on all plans - Sears covers cosmetics for the first 3 years, but you're paying for it with exhorbitant "Master Protection Agreements."
    @michelle - yup, techs or plumbers in your case, don't jump at these opportunities because the extended svc plan administrator doesn't compensate them well.
    @jim, @simpleguy10 - you both were had - three years were from the date of purchase and the mfr warranty is two years. Complain to their corporate offices in NC.
    @exlowesemployee26 - if a customer has to read the fine print, the plan isn't worth the paper it is written on.

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  • Hu
    husquavarna riding mower Jul 16, 2012

    Lowe's extended service plan is a joke. it is not a service plan. they only pay 25% of the part cost if the part falls under their list. I wasted two weeks of time waiting for a response of only that. Misleading from the beginning. NEW also treats long term loyal Lowes clients that have spent thousands of dollars for the past 17 years like garbage. Waste of time and waste of money...I guess I will be shopping at Home Depot going forward and I will never get suckered into a service plan again. No wonder there are thousands of complaints online about these plans...read the 30 pages of terms and conditions if you have time, lol

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  • Au
    aunty neighbor Apr 26, 2013

    i am not thrilled with the local lowes management team. i too have been told that this is cosmetic when in fact it is a poor design.. this panel houses all of the electrical stuff and sit next to the soap dispenser on the front loader washing machine. the break in the face plate allows soap and bleach and water to spray behind that panel. the panel is violated and it is indeed integral to the operation of the appliance. and of course my warranty is just about expired... :0(.

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  • Ph
    Phiniki Aug 26, 2013

    AGAIN! Lowes warranty do not do what they are suppose to do! We called almost 4 weeks ago to use our warranty to get our ice machine fixed on our whirlpool refrigerator fixed. It took the warranty company 8 days to find some one to come out and fix it. This guy was 120 miles away and has every excuse in the book why he can't make it. First he had to order part and then it was back ordered. He told us a total of 5 times he was coming to the house and never showed up. This last time we called the warranty number and they told us he was in the area and would be there shortly... @ 9:00 pm... They said they would have someone call us in 3 working days, I refused to do this another 3 days and had them call on Monday. They called... This is the real kicker... She told us that it had been going on to long and we would have to get our own repair man and pay him and they would reimburse us for the work only!!! The mileage would be on us!!! This is not the first time we have been screwed by Lowes warranties. And by the way the warranty still has a year left on it. I am sick and tired of being ripped off by warranties from Lowes!

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  • Er
    Erinyes Dec 30, 2013

    Never again will I purchase a product from Lowes. I purchased an extended warranty for my a/c and when the product quit working, I called the service line. Because the item was too big to ship and not big enough to send a service tech out, they were going to reimburse me and that I was to receive and email with details as to what I was to do. At the same time I had taken seriously ill. I had not received anything and called back again stating that it took a little while for it to come via email. Called back again a day later and told that it was being sent out via regular mail with a sticker that I was to put on an envelope and send my receipt in and they would reimburse me. After this, I had been hospitalized, had surgery, and have one of two specialists now. All the while never receiving anything from Lowes. Called back, yes, a few months later, to inform them that I am still waiting to which I was told that because I did not respond to THEM in a timely manner, that they could no longer honor my warranty. I asked to speak with the supervisor Laura #154424, who told me that they only recorded 2 calls and that the computer doesn't lie. And that if I didn't receive anything, I should have called them back in a more timely manner and that they would not accept responsibility for not honoring the warranty. Interesting enough, she made a comment that on the "second call" an email had been sent out to the email they have on record but did not repeat the email addy to me. After hearing about issues with Lowes warranty protection, I will save myself the hassle and loss of funds by no longer purchasing a product from them. I will also make sure that those I know who are looking to purchase appliances to stay away from Lowes as they do not seem to have an honorable warranty system in place.

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  • Ca
    capelady Feb 11, 2014

    Agree. Had a problem with button on front loading dryer and also sensor . Had appt. they did not show up, called the service company and they said Lowes never sent it over. Called Lowes they said they did. So had to get another appointment.
    The serviceman came out today, of course the button worked. i told him sometimes it does, sometimes not. Anyway, he said cannot fix if not broke!!! As for sensor, clean out the dryer duct. I clean my lint catcher after EVERY load.
    So nothing accomplished. Warrenty expires in a few months, so guess out of luck.
    Won't buy another Lowes warrenty or appliance.

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  • Mi
    milly milly milly mandy. Apr 22, 2014

    i recieved on the internet, about the problems with all major brands of front load washers mold problems and also in the latest issues of consumer reports. I had been diligent about cleaning the washer, with clorax ect . leaving the door open ect. Bingo, i checked and I had mold. Samsung, said my warranty was up but I had an extended warranty from Lowes. If you want bad service, here is how to get it. Buy the washer pay for the extended warranty, then when you need them call and get an appt about mold, wait for the repairman, get a phone call at that time cancelling as Lowes does not cover it. Call Lowes corporate. Listen to head banging music for one hour, nasty man comes on line, and gives you the good word, that their word means nothing, that you should have picked up their pamphlet of exclusions or gone to the internet. Yes You are a senior and have no computer. Makes no difference. Read on the internet what to do to get rid of mold. You see it is what you have done for all that time. Clorax it. Call Store mgr. Nice person, Again however you should have gotten the pamphlet before leaving the st ore, but still he will try to help. He is leaving town but will turn it over to his ###'t mgr, who is our friend. and they will try and fix it. Yes and we now know why we are sick. Signed up for class action suit. Pending. love and hate lowes.

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  • La
    Lake Rampersad Jun 28, 2014

    I also bought new appliances for my home, whirlpool refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave and the ### extended warranty. I bought these appliances since October 2012 and since from the beginning the Whirlpool freezer had ice frosting in the upper freezer compartment. I contacted Lowes and they sent out the technician who came and changes the seal. Then the manufacture warranty finished and the extended warranty kicked in. After numerous visits from various companies and after changing different and the same parts and seals its the same. After speaking to various managers and listening to their bs stories about how to wait for an exchange from the store am still waiting. When I bought the warranty, the manager who sold us the appliances told us that if the appliance cannot be fixed, no problem Lowes will replaced it no worries. Well am still waiting for the exchange and see what happens next. The point is after three different companies and changing of the same parts about six times whats next. By the way one technician came and used silicone or caulking for the seal.Its now 2014 and the refrigerator is not fixed as yet, hope that the warranty does not run out.

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  • Ne
    never again lowes warranty Oct 03, 2014

    We have many rental properties with tons of apliancies from lowes
    And on all of them we bought the extended warranty thinking that it was the right
    Thing to do at the time until we needed a couple of things serviced. Never in my life
    have i delt with such bad customer service. Long story short..its been 3 months and appliance still not fixed. I give up on the lowes and their scaming warranty!! I am just exhausted going back and forth and at times having services provider not even show up
    After i took off work! i called lowes and all they say is well we can try to reScheddule a third time. uhhh no thank you lowes!! I'm DONE!!

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  • Br
    Brian888 Oct 14, 2014

    Yea, was told that a snowblower has a two year manufacturers warranty and I went into the store and the guy told me that it comes with one year and for $100 I could take it up to four years after digging and prying I find out that it's only three years from the original date to not full further scams and their extended warranty on most

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  • I purchase a extended warranty during Black Friday in 2011 for a Maytag washer and I thought Lowe's would repair my washer, but they are refusing to fix it due to what they are saying its not feasible to fix it due to what I paid for it. This is over $800 washer and because I got a good price on it they are trying to give me my money back for the washer. I have never hear of this before and I suggest for them to give me my money back for the warranty, dyer and both pedestals. I want it all refunded so I can go out and buy another washer and dryer from their competition. I will never shop in Lowe's again.

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  • My Maytag needs repairs from Lowe's

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  • Jh
    jhkremer Dec 19, 2014

    I've bought a samsung dishwasher with extended warranty, have had it for 13 months so it's in the extended period. In the first 12 months it had 5 major repairs. It's a lemon, plain and simple. I think it was dropped during transport or something because I've had EVERYTHING replaced. During the 30 days it takes to call in the breakdown, wait for service, wait for parts, wait for part installation, etc you don't have use of the machine. So in 12 months I have had a working dishwasher for 7 months. NOT happy. And even with all this, Lowes refuses to replace it. I finally wrote to the CEO and he referred the letter to some guy I had already spoken with who had told me "too bad your loss." Yeah. That's the guy I got on the line again and he was saying the exact same thing, verbatim, in a monotone. He's a complete di-k and knows it. I am going to sue Lowes for a working dishwasher. So more later.

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  • Mr
    m-ra May 06, 2015

    Lowes refused to pay for repairs to my mower because "it ran over a rock" which they said was an exclusion to the warranty because it was an "accident." I paid $279 for the mower, $40 for the protection plan and then they wanted $170 for repairs a year and a half later. I am never shopping with them again. The protection plan is intentionally misleading and is a scam to get more money from the customer without giving any services for that expenditure.

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