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Leon's FurnitureArm Chair Order

Arm chair order was placed online on 27/08/20 and FULLY paid for ($2, 217.78). It states it is a special order so cannot be cancelled and will take 8-10 wks with some delays.

I have emailed them on 21/10, 24/10 (and called), Leon's called 3/11 to say chairs expected before Christmas, emailed 19/12, 30/20, called leaving a message 06/01, emailed Leon's in Ontario and received a call by Eddie Jenkins on 06/01 at 10am lasting approximately 20 mins.

Recap of call from 06/01/21 - Told I had not paid for the chairs which I disputed. I confirmed with him the name on my bank statement the amount, date and name of the merchant paid too - Leon's Furniture Web. Then I was told the chairs are here but cannot be delivered without full payment and I had an outstanding balance. I asked what this balance was. I was told that I would not be getting the chairs. He told me I had to go find out where my money is and that they did not have it! I asked to speak to their accounting department to find out where my money has gone as it has left my account and was refused.

I remarked that they have to return my money as this is now illegal and breaching my consumer rights. I was asked why I was upset. I was told again that I had to pay the outstanding balance which I told him I received a confirmation email from Leon's on the 27/08 that it was fully paid. I hung up the call and mentioned I would be taking this further.

I am seeking a full refund now. It sounds suspicious their business practices and although they say special orders cannot be cancelled, they have made no reasonable efforts to keep me informed of this ordered, have not replied to any of my emails. They should not have a policy which only states special orders cannot be cancelled. These means a consumer who has paid for something can wait forever and ever to receive it. It's wrong. Also to not provide a definitive date for delivery even though it states on their website 8-10 weeks with delivery. Again, this means a customer can wait indefinitely after paying for a product.

They have some seriously flawed, immoral and shady ethical practices.

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    After visiting Leon's and complaining to the head office of leon's complaints office, the sales/ marketing manager has been in touch. I have explained to them my issue and what they could improve on. She has promised to proactively keep me updated until my chairs arrive. They are expected in the next couple of weeks and she offered a goodwill gesture of a $200 gift card. I am happy with the result. As I mentioned to her, it would not have escalated if someone took the time to respond to the emails or phone calls. I said a customer gets more and more frustrated by a wall of silence especially if they have paid a huge amount of money upfront and had to wait five months or more! It's just not acceptable or professional. Happy to have just spoken to someone to find out what was/ is happening.

    Leon's FurnitureExtended Warranty For LG Refrigerator

    I am writing to you because we bought this refrigerator from you "Leons" and since you own the horrible nonresponsive warranty company"King And State"Legally you are responsible for their actions or for them not acting.

    I have been without a fridge since December 30th. First and foremost we made this claim on December 30th and service was scheduled for January 4th which is unacceptable.

    Where is the Peace Of Mind that King And State Trade Mark's, And Understanding Family Needs If You Never Respond Back?

    We have 4 children and a baby in the house and we've been without a fridge for 4 days. I have nowhere to put my baby formula, milk, eggs, or food in general.

    This has caused everyone in my family a lot of stress and hardship. We had to throw out over 400 dollars in groceries and we spent New Years' without a working fridge.

    It has been nearly impossible to get in contact with your representatives at King And State. I've waited and waited on the phone without anyone picking up the call and suddenly the call is disconnected, this is completely unacceptable and I will be filing a complaint to Consumers Affairs.

    Furthermore, Repair people were at our home yesterday and were not able to repair our Fridge and mentioned that they need to order parts and that would take a couple of weeks.

    I was hoping that your customer service people at Leon's location would help but they haven't responded back either, and getting through to them by phone is nearly impossible, I guess this must be part of the Leons training or they're practicing social distance with the phone.

    Do you think it's fair that we will be without a working refrigerator with 4 children and a baby for a serval fridge?

    We need a fridge immediately and I am requesting a replacement fridge instead of this repair since this repair will not be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

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      Leon's FurnitureCustomer Service

      I purchased a new loveseat and it came ripped, loose stitches and a broken spring. Leon's will not exchange it for me. They want to come look at it even thought I live a hour outside of Winnipeg. I already waited 4 weeks for this one to come in. I do not want it "Fixed" I paid for a new loveseat and that is what I want. They have not called me back once in the last 3 days I've been calling them. I next step is to show up there and embarrass their whole store

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        Leon's FurnitureCouch

        My family ordered a couch from leons in July 2020 we received it about a week later left for vacation and when we came back we noticed the stitching was torn. We contacted the warranty place and it took 3 weeks for someone to come check it out. Two weeks went by and we heard nothing so I called and they have me my options I like the couch and just wanted it replaced they said a week and we would have a new one. 2 or 3 weeks went by and again no call, so I called and they gave me the date November 2nd.. November 2nd came and went no call so a week later I called and they told me the first week of January ...I asked if there was something else I could do since I didn't want to wait 6 months for a couch and they said a manager would call me back right away ... this happened 4 times before I got ahold of a sales manager a week before Christmas.. he after belittling me said the end of Jan I stated that the couch was dangerous for my kids because their arms keep getting stuck in the cushions and they were getting hurt ... he called me back 2 hours later and said it would be delivered Boxing Day and he would make sure the couch was checked over to make sure everything was perfect before sending it ... they showed up this morning with a couch that is broken ... so still no couch and they took the one I had apart and I had to reassemble it ... thanks leons will I ever get my replacement couch that I paid good money for?

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          Dec 23, 2020

          Leon's Furniture — Bunk beds

          I have bought a set of white bunkbeds in Jan 2020. My grandchildren 7 and 4 have slept on it 1 time. A few...


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          Leon's FurnitureAlexis bed ordered - wrong bed received

          order number 11260BUKPWW. Some of the worst service and arrogant management I've seen. Ordered Alexis bed, arrived 5 days late, no bed to sleep on, WRONG bed received (Cloud headboard, Alexis Frame) doctored part name info - see box below. additional bed not available until February. Unaccommodating Sales Manager - Brandon (ARROGANT), nothing for inconvenience, 2+ weeks before I get this out of my house. All they do is look for quick sale without much focus on customer service. Even the Brick who they own was more friendly and willing to do more. I'll stick to Stoney Creek Furniture where I've had better experience.

          Alexis bed ordered - wrong bed received
          Alexis bed ordered - wrong bed received
          Alexis bed ordered - wrong bed received
          Alexis bed ordered - wrong bed received
          Alexis bed ordered - wrong bed received

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            Dec 14, 2020

            Leon's Furniture — Dining complaint

            The worst experience I had from leon's. I must say this is the most unreliable company ever. I have...

            Nov 20, 2020

            Leon's — Amana dryer

            I have a dryer under warranty, tried to set up an appointment on line this was impossible, so I called...

            Leon's FurnitureDangerous driver almost killed us

            Your delivery driver ran a stop sign almost hitting my son and I and blew through Stop sign and proceeded to go up wrong way on a ONE WAY after almost hitting us when blowing stop sign. Then turned left on a No Left Turn. Complaints to local store go nowhere. My names Shawn Sabbe and my number is [protected] and if I don't hear back and have a good outcome I'll have no choice but to contact authorities and go public. Thank you! Email is [protected]@hotmail.com

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              Oct 13, 2020

              Leon's Furniture — Misleading sales

              On Oct 6, 2020 me and my wife went to Leon's store in Abbotsford, BC to look for a mattress set. We met...


              Leon's FurnitureOrder fulfillment and customer service

              Ordered two couches for five thousand CAD on 11 Jul 2020 from Leon's Ottawa West through sales rep Brian V. Receipt clearly states delivery between early and late September (screen shot included).

              Emailed customer service on 09 September and received no response. Called 19 September 2020 to find the delivery has been changed to mid October 2020. When I requested an email with this info, was told they can't commit to mid October delivery in writing, and this info is not guaranteed.

              Overall impression: once they have your money, they stop caring about service or commitments. Requesting a refund if not update by mid October.

              Order fulfillment and customer service

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                Sep 09, 2020

                Leon’s Furniture — Dining room set

                We bought a dining room set from them less than a year ago. The table arrived badly damaged and started to...

                Aug 19, 2020

                Leon's Furniture — Service

                It was a total disgrace. I went into the store looking pretty rough (single father of a child with severe...


                Leon's FurnitureKitchen appliances / delayed payments

                I ordered $11, 000 of appliances on July 3. Product delivery is delayed until September. Okay, I get it. What is irksome is that the delayed 24 month equal payments commence immediately before you get the product. As well my warranty commences on the date of purchase. I lose 2 months of warranty and will make 2 payments before I see my appliances. I hardly think this is fair.

                I have complained to Leons, and their answer is..."That is the way it is". When I order a new ford truck and it is delayed 9 months, which it is, I don't commence payments the day I place the order, and I certainly don't expect to have my warranty start the day of purchase.

                Nor was I told this either at time of purchase. Nor was I told my products would be delayed two months.

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                  Jul 26, 2020

                  Leon's Furniture — Product and service

                  Hi there my name is Courtney and my husband David Tanti. We bought a sectional last year September. We have...

                  Leon’s FurniturePurchase of furniture

                  Purchased furniture for 1099 marked on the floor on the save the tax sale (980.29+117.29 tax) The furniture was delivered 2 or 3 days later. The next day they advertiseD the furniture for 300 off plus they add 100 to the price (they say it was mismarked). Their receipt says "price guarantee 60 days". We phoned and they refuse to refund the money. Leon's Richmond BC

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                    Leon's FurnitureAppliances take too long to deliver

                    Ordered appliances June 10th, was told special order(which they seem to tell everyone). Told me 4 to 6 weeks delivery. On week 7 call me to tell me another 6 weeks approximately. I replied then why did you charge me the whole purchase price on day of sale and not a deposit.
                    No reply was given. They replied did u know you ordered a special order? I replied yes they said that when i purchased that's why 4 to 6 weeks but 12 weeks to 15 weeks is totally ridiculous.
                    First time buy from Leons and definitely the last and wont go to the Brick because belongs to them too. Guess will return to their main competitor again.

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                      Jul 15, 2020

                      Leon's Furniture — Peyton couch

                      I purchased Peyton couch not knowing you are not able to lay down to get comfy and relaxed I called...


                      Leon's FurnitureService sucks, been 7 days

                      I am a long term buyer of leon's, called about dryer being fixed over a week ago they said my piece is being shipped should be a couple days. Make calls to the phone number and no one ever answers, when they do u get hung up on! You leave messages for return calls no one does! Rudest service ever.

                      My name is paula lewis this is the last message im going to make asking for someone to come and fi my dryer, if I dont hear frm someone |I will just buy a new dryer from the brick at least there warranty & costumers service is worth something. My number is [protected] thank u

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                        • Cl
                          Clide Brown Jul 28, 2020
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          just an FYI, the brick is owned by Leons

                          0 Votes

                        Leon's FurnitureMy dryer heater coal

                        Hi my name is Paula Lewis
                        I bought a washer & dryer from you and my heater coal went out less than two weeks ago. I called and had them to come and fix it & they came in great time fixed and left. No problem there but this morning I was drying my clothes and three hours later they are still wet dunno if they fixed the dryer with a used heater coal cause its broken and not drying again.
                        my phone number is [protected] Can you pls have someone call me or someone who can fix it call me to set up another appointment thank you and have a great day
                        Model # YMEDX6STBW1

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