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none delivery

Beware do not order from Leons or you will wait 6 months for furniture! I ordered a naples sofa in January and still not received it and was told today another 4 to 6 weeks !
Call and no one returns my calls !
If they cannot supply furniture they should not be taking orders!
Leons is becoming a very dishonest company to deal with !!!
I believe they are still open in some locations but their suppliers obviously arent

Samsung Refrigerator

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from your Windsor, Ontario store which was delivered on March 13, 2020. This product did not ever cool down right from the start. I requested a new appliance and was told that I had to have it fixed through warranty. Contacted the service company who came out the following week only to tell me that he had to come back with more parts the following week. The service company is not local and is located in London, Ontario which is about a 2 hour drive from my location. He came back and replaced the control panel which did not work. Then he came back and replaced the fan and I believe something else, not sure what it was. The whole time this was going on I was in constant contact with the store, asking for a refund or a replacement. I called the store numerous times, probably 10 plus, believe me they have a record of this. Not once would anyone return my call, they always gave me the same line, so sorry about this, let me look into it but never did. Finally, last Friday I was able to get a customer service rep at the store who actually did something for me, well at least she called me back. On Friday, March 27 I called the store and asked if there was a manager in and I was told yes she was in, I asked to speak to her and the customer service rep came back and told me that she was too busy? I cannot imagine a manager who would not speak to a customer? The customer service rep assured me that she would pass my message along and that someone would call me back on Saturday, March 28th and no one did! So on Sunday, March 29th I called the store yet again and spoke to Tory, service manager I believe, she finally acknowledged my frustration and said she would try and help which she eventually did. I finally received my new refrigerator on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. So I went 18 days without a refrigerator in my kitchen, I was forced to use a small bar fridge which does not hold much so I had to go to the grocery store every day or every other day, 3 people live in my house. This is not the time to have to be doing that with the COVID-19 outbreak. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service at this store. I have an account with Leon's and I am paying for this refrigerator over a 6 month period. I believe that I should be eligible for some sort of compensation for having to wait this long to get a working refrigerator. I am hoping that you will take this into consideration and do something to resolve my issue with your company. Thanks for your time in this matter. Hope to hear from you soon.

Order I have never received - ORDER NUMBER 02020LGQRHW

I have contacted via email and calls and no response from Leons. Ordered a furniture February 2nd, the message received was a representative would contact me for delivery and no one did. Harper Twin Sofa Bed with Memory Foam Mattress - Grey.

Frustrated, and no one to speak to, I need this for my mom who is visiting from Calgary so need asap.

I cancelled my order via email and no confirmation received.

Original Message Re: facture internet 02020LGQRHW.eml
Re: facture internet 02020LGQRHW
Wed, 26 Feb 2020 18:18:44 -0500
Would like to be reimbursed for an article bought February 2, 2020 and never received.

Thank you for confirming, I will never shop at Leons again.

Tina Fafard

On 03/02/20 10:48, ServiceLG wrote:
Can someone reply or do I need to report Leons as fraud? I have purchased before at Leons and never had problems, but did not purchase on line (in-store).

Thank you.
Tina Fafard

Durango Leather Sofa [protected]

I purchased a sofa from Leon's back in March 2016 and the salesperson convinced me to purchase a "Platinum Protection Plan" claiming that it extended the warranty on...

non delivery of my order!

On Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 at approximately 6pm, I ordered a reclining chair (order # 02040SBAVAT) from Leon's furniture store. Delivery date was to be Thursday February 6th as per the confirmation email I received at 6:12pm not long after ordering and checking out and paying with my credit card on their website.
At 7:08pm that same night, I received a call from the Leon's store in Sherbrooke, QC from a customer service agent named Arianne, who informed me that my delivery would no longer be on Thursday, Feb 6th, but on February 27th instead!!! I was very confused as to why this would be, as I clearly had received a confirmation email for my delivery on the 6th. She said that their store only delivers to my area on the 3rd Thursday of the month, thus I would have to wait. I explained to her that this would not be possible as I recently broke my ankle and am using a wheelchair and crutches to get around, and desperately needed this chair to elevate my leg …and thus I why I specifically chose this particular recliner as it was indicated on their website that the shipping would be in two days after my purchase. Arianne said it must be a website glitch and delivery would not be possible until the end of the month.
I asked to speak with her manager, whom was busy at the time, but Arianne said she would let the manager know to call me back. I received a call back from a Mme Aude at 7:19pm, who basically repeated what Arianne had told me. I suggested that perhaps another Leon's store could deliver to me on the 6th instead of their store in Sherbrooke. That apparently was not possible either. I then suggested they contact a private delivery service such as Purolator, FedEx or UPS for the delivery. She told me this is not Leon's policy and also would not be possible.
I repeated again, that their ‘website' glitch was not my problem, and I expected them to resolve this delivery issue and stand behind their word. Having an external delivery service would not be a huge expense to satisfy a customer who has been loyal to Leon's for over 35 years!! Mme Aude said she would speak to her ‘directrice' and get back to me on Wednesday February 5th with an answer. I said I would be waiting for her return call the next day.
So, surprisingly enough, on Wednesday, February 5th at 11:47am, I received yet another email to confirm my recliner would be delivered on Thursday, February 6th from their Leon's store in Anjou. I was ecstatic…I figured they finally found a way to get my recliner delivered!!!
But that enthusiasm came to an abrupt halt when I received again another call from Arianne at 6:48pm, the customer service agent at the Leon's store in Sherbrooke, that indeed that was another ‘website' glitch and I would NOT be receiving my recliner chair on the 6th as twice indicated on their emails sent to me!! I could not believe what I was hearing, and I felt confident that I would indeed be receiving my chair on the 6th. She reiterated that that was not going to happen and I must wait until the 27th. I told her I was expecting my recliner on the 6th and would be waiting at home as the delivery was confirmed for between 8:00am - 11:30am.
So here we are on Thursday, February 6, 2020 and when I went to track the delivery of my recliner as per the confirmation email I was sent, a new message appeared that now indicated that my order was ‘Incomplete-Votre commande n'a pas pu être complétée.
Pour plus d'informations, contactez le magasin.'
I am now very upset as I have been given the run around by Leon's through their website and their customer service. I am appalled that I have been treated this way! I have been shopping at Leon's for decades and am completely disappointed and furious that no solution was found to have my order delivered today as promised, plus I have been totally jerked around by them. I cannot believe that Leon's cannot stand behind their word!! What an absolutely miserable situation.

customer service

To: Mr. Edward F. Leon

President and Chief Executive Officer
LFL Group.

Dear Sir.

I would like to inform me regarding the developments based on my complaint from the Sat 2020-01-04 9:31 AM.
The first communication sent to the customer service.:


Sat 2020-01-04 9:31 AM
[protected] 

Dear Sir / Madame

I turn to you with the request for help.

On 26 of December., 2019. I have visited the " LEON'S " Store. For at least 35 minutes I have tried to get the information regarding the item that I was waiting to purchase for a long time.

My name is Peter and I am disable Veteran of Canadian Armed Forces. After my injury I was for 4 years on the wheelchair. Only one year ago my medical treatment started to give positive results.

For a long period of time I have started to save the money in order to purchase a present to my daughter. My pension is only 645.00/month . So to save for this present took a lot of time.

Back to the "Boxing Day "…… I have tried to get somebody's attention, but everybody was busy. Finally, my cousin who brought me their had found the " sells person " who promised to help me with the information and prices. When he heard that I want to PURCHASE only the coffee table, he showed his disappointment and left us without any service. Just said: "wait hear…………. ".

May be I am not the richest client, but I deserve the same service like anybody else.

We have left the store without any purchase. I have felt like a Second Class Citizen. It's a very painful feeling.!

I have never asked for the investigation, but in this case I do ask your office to conduct the in-depth investigation.

Please response to this communication via my e-mail. : [protected]

Thank you.

P.S. Please confirm this message. Thank you.


After few days I have received an answer:

Wed [protected]:05 AM
You 

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Thank you for your email.

A response will be sent within 24-48 business hours. For immediate assistance, please contact your local Leon's store. To find your local store, please visit:

Thank you

Leon's Customer Care


Une réponse sera envoyée dans les 24 à 48 heures ouvrables. Pour obtenir une assistance immédiate, veuillez contacter votre magasin Leon's local. Pour trouver votre magasin local, veuillez visiter:


Leon's Customer Care
Follow us on.
<> <>


The response from the store management was quick:


Jamila Boothe
Thu 2020-01-09 3:24 PM
You 
Dear Mr. Kontorsky,

Thank you for your email.

We are in receipt of your email that you sent to our customer care department, and would like to apologize for the troubles and frustration that you experienced during your recent shopping experience at our location. I would like to assure you, we are taking your complaint and feedback seriously and an internal investigation is being done.

We would like to rectify the situation by ensuring you are still able to purchase the Lennox Lift-top coffee table for $299.00 + applicable taxes and will deliver free of charge as one time gesture. If you are unable to assemble the table on your own, we would be pleased to assist you in having the coffee table assembled for you. As part of our policy we do not accept cash payments upon delivery. However; given the circumstance, we will make an exception to take a cash payment upon delivery.

If you are still interested in making this purchase or have any further questions or concerns, you may contact me at your earliest convenience. We will require your address and phone number in order to process the sale. Currently, the table is on back order and is expected to arrive, in approximately 4-6 weeks. Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences we have caused you, and we hope to offer you better services in future.

Best regards,

Jamila Boothe

Store Manager | Leon's Furniture Scarborough

20 Mclevin Avenue

Scarborough, Ontario

M1B 2V5

T: [protected] |F: [protected]

E: jamila.[protected] |

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So, from the time of the attached above message ( from Madame Jamila Boothe Store Manager | Leon's Furniture Scarborough ) I have communicated with the Madame Jamila Boothe directly. Please see attached below the messages that were received from Madame Jamila Boothe and my responses.:


Wed [protected]:38 AM
Jamila Boothe 
Dear Madame. Hi!

On January 10, 2020 11:01 AM, I have sent you a message. ( please see attached below ) .

Unfortunately, I did not receive neither response nor confirmation.

I sincerely hope that I have not offended you. If yeas, so please accept my deep apologies.

Thank you.

Waiting for your communication.

Sent from Outlook
Sent: January 10, 2020 11:01 AM
To: Jamila Boothe
Subject: Re: Leon's Furniture Scarborough

Dear Madame. HI!


But unfortunately, I have to ask you to change the good will offer of yours, if this possible. The reason being : My daughter lives in Montreal., Quebec. And I would like to deliver the present in the box. My cousin works in the Governmental Federal Office, and once in two weeks he goes to Montreal.

My condition is not so good, and being realistic I know that I would NOT be able to travel to Montreal, but at least my cousin can deliver the present in the box . I have in my possession $120.00 ( I do not have more, sorry ).

So, based on said above I would like to ask you, Madame to sell the " Lennox Lift-top coffee table " for $120.00 and to give the item to my cousin who will come to your store on his way to Montreal.

As a Veteran, I am proud of your will to help and people like you, Madame MAKING OUR NATION more human and friendly. I do not know for how much longer I will be in this world, but my present will remind my daughter of me and my love.


Sent from Outlook

From: Jamila Boothe
Sent: January 9, 2020 3:24 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Leon's Furniture Scarborough

Dear Mr. Kontorsky,

Thank you for your email.

We are in receipt of your email that you sent to our customer care department, and would like to apologize for the troubles and frustration that you experienced during your recent shopping experience at our location. I would like to assure you, we are taking your complaint and feedback seriously and an internal investigation is being done.

We would like to rectify the situation by ensuring you are still able to purchase the Lennox Lift-top coffee table for $299.00 + applicable taxes and will deliver free of charge as one time gesture. If you are unable to assemble the table on your own, we would be pleased to assist you in having the coffee table assembled for you. As part of our policy we do not accept cash payments upon delivery. However; given the circumstance, we will make an exception to take a cash payment upon delivery.

If you are still interested in making this purchase or have any further questions or concerns, you may contact me at your earliest convenience. We will require your address and phone number in order to process the sale. Currently, the table is on back order and is expected to arrive, in approximately 4-6 weeks. Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences we have caused you, and we hope to offer you better services in future.

Best regards,

Jamila Boothe

Store Manager | Leon's Furniture Scarborough

20 Mclevin Avenue

Scarborough, Ontario

M1B 2V5

T: [protected] |F: [protected]

E: jamila.[protected] |

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From: Jamila Boothe
Sent: January 20, 2020 11:10 AM
To: [protected]
Subject: Leon's Furniture Coffee Table

Dear Mr. Kontorsky,

Thank you again for your correspondence.

We want to thank you for your service and all you have done for our country, and we are also sorry to hear about your condition.

Part of our proudly Canadian company's values from the over 110 years we have been in business, comes from treating each of our customers equally and fairly. While we appreciate your interest in wanting to purchase the Lennox Lift-top coffee table at a heavily discounted price, our current promotional offer of $229.00 (plus all applicable taxes) and delivery at no extra charge (a $50.00 value) is the best we can do. Please keep in mind, we have a 60 day price protection guarantee, where if at any point within 60 days from the date of delivery the price of the coffee table was reduced further from our current promotional offer, our company will be more than happy to refund you the difference by your original method of payment.

We will require your address and phone number in order to process the sale. Currently, the table is on back order and is expected to arrive in approximately 6-8 weeks. For your shopping convenience, our company has Leon's locations in Montreal, and as mentioned before, delivery will be free of charge as one time goodwill gesture.

Thank you again for reaching out, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Best Regards,

Jamila Boothe

Store Manager| Leon's Furniture Scarborough

20 McLevin Ave

Scaroborough, Ontario

M1B 2V5

T: [protected]

E: jamila.[protected] |

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Sent: January 21, 2020 10:46 AM
To: Jamila Boothe
Subject: Fw: Leon's Furniture Coffee Table

Dear Madame.

Thank you for your communication. It is very important for EVERY BODY who loves our Country to remember our Veterans not only on 11 of November of every year but every day! I am not saying that I have to get a good will offer because I am disable Veteran, but because I was NOT TREATED WITH RESPECT. As a matter of fact I was not treated at all - simply seating and forgotten.
I have spent the sum of $150.00 at the boxing day ( please see attached the first communication ). The same amount of money I am asking you to take off from the item's price. Once again I do not need the delivery, because my cousin can deliver the item to Montreal, where my daughter lives.
I do believe that my suggestion is reasonable and perfectly make sense . After all the incident had happen in your store.

Thank you for your understanding and will to help.


From this attached above information you can clearly see that I was polite and understanding.

By analyzing this situation I have came to the conclusion that the pattern of behavior in the store is basically the same. If the sale person saw that we are not going to buy expensive items, he just left us without any explanation. The same "story " is with Madame Jamila Boothe. She did not like my response, so she just stopped to communicate.

When I was serving this country I hoped that there will not be any second class citizens. But on 26th of December., 2019 in the Leon's Furniture Scarborough I have felt exactly as a Second Class Citizen. What, basically, I have asked for is an opportunity to purchase the present for my daughter. This will be a real good will gesture.

Probably Madame Jamila Boothe do not understands the meaning of the expression: " good will gesture " .

May be I was too naïve to believe that the store manager in which I was humiliated will understand the meaning of " good will gesture " .

May god bless you all.

  • Updated by Samjohns. · Feb 01, 2020

    Waiting for your response.

delivery service damaged hardwood floor

4133 On July 13, 2019 we received a new couch from Leon's. The delivery men dropped the new couch on our hardwood floor and gouged the floor. The delivery man took photos and...


I ordered some furniture for my new home. The furniture was to be delivered on Tuesday January 7th. The furniture arrived on that day minus my kids queen size beds, boxes and...

mattress warranty

Purchased a mattress in May 2018 from Leon's and got talked into the warranty and mattress pad to protect this new purchase. The bed BROKE and sags and when I called and reported it, a tech came out to look at it. Got a call that because it has a small water stain they say the warranty is voided. The bloody bed is BROKE. They won't honour the warranty.

mattress warranty

victor pop up sofa bed

We have purchased Victor Pop-Up Sofa Bed - Dark Grey on 30/12/2019 online where the shipping date was showing as 5/01/2019. However, we have received a call now saying that it will take 4 to 5 weeks to process the order. This is horrible and poor customer service is making it worse. They are very difficult to reach out.
The sofa was an urgent requirement for us and delivering it after a month is of no use to us. We truly regret ignoring other boxing day week offers and buying from Leon's.
What's the best thing we can do now?

website sofa delivery

I bought a couch from Leon's website on December 23rd. I received my purchase receipt by email with December 30 scheduled as the day of delivery. I wasted my whole day waiting for delivery. I texted the store's Facebook account at noon and told me "they'll call you soon and in an hour they will deliver". ok i was waiting till 7 pm and no one called me. so I decided to call the call number that came in my purchase email, then hear from the clerk that the "delivery day in the email is not real and it's just symbolic" and that I should have called to schedule the delivery. and how should i know that? There is absolutely nothing in the email saying I should call to schedule delivery! And why the hell give me a delivery day if this information doesn't match the reality? I was waiting 7 days for nothing, I wasted all my day waiting for a delivery that does not exist and now I have to wait another 10 days, because the TRUE delivery was only scheduled for January 9! This is ridiculous!

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sofa set

I have registered a complaint about my sofa set in 2017 and sine then its not been look after They have sent a technician once n she did not fix it and she said let it increase n...

5 pcs bedroom


I purchased 5 PCs bedroom from your branch 535 STEELES AVE E Brampton, ON. The sales order number is 10099OGORZT (MOHAA15877), Sales Person was Manpreet D on 9th of October 2019. The sales person has informed that the dresser and mirror of the room are not available and that it will take up to 6 weeks to deliver them and I accepted this. He further informed that I have to get bedroom rails as the room does not come with rails (I know it was specified in the invoice. but this what he informed me).

After a partial delivery of the room, I discovered that the room does come with bed rails. Unfortunately, this has already costed me an additional 200 CAD to get rails from the market.
Now it has been over 10 weeks and I did not receive the remaining dresser and mirror so I called the branch and they informed that they are crowded with delivery schedules and they need additional two weeks to deliver the remaining items (I will be on travel on this period. so this introduced a delay of additional one month). It took 10 weeks to get the items and I was not on delivery schedule??!!!. They also informed that because the sales guy has resigned, there was no one to take care of my order. Am I dealing with an individual or a company??!!!

I decided to purchase my items from Leons as they are reputable company AND I did not expect this to happen at all. By the way, I already placed a concern through contact us on the form on Leons website but with no response at all and I sent too many emails to the customer care with no luck

I appreciate if you give this an immediate attention.


I bought a new fridge from Leon's in Aug, 2019, floor model. It broke 3 months later. I Called manufacturer who said it was older than 5 years old already. Leon's sold me a 5 year...

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My wife and I went in and purchased a TV on December 1st at Leons in Welland and were told by the salesman (Jeff) that they had 5 in stock and that we would be getting one of...

unethical behaviour

My daughter and I went to purchase bunkbeds and mattress set for me on Nov 22. Found out at counter for final price our saleslady didnt tell us the whole truth. We asked for the...

a recliner

I purchased a chair in September that I absolutey loved because it had great lower back support, but after a couple of months I noticed that it started listing to the right hand side when sat on, I am not a heavy enough person to break a big recliner...I contacted the store and they told me to send a pic of the chair and so I did. They replied back that it was probably the back of the chair wasn't put on properly when we recieved it, so we double checked and everything with the back is fine...So we got in touch again letting them know that the back wasn't the problem...This is the email we got back

From: StoreSu
Date: 2019-11-29 3:17:51 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: Chair Problem

Good Afternoon,

Sorry but just realized that Harvey Green lives in Espanola and our service tech does not go out to that area until we have several customers needing service repairs. We have shown the picture to a manager and he has said that it looks like the back on the right hand side was not clipped in properly when it was first assembled. Someone needs to unclip the left side and then clip both sides back in again. Also just letting you know that this chair is no longer available to purchase as it has now been discontinued so we could not even re-order it for an exchange. Thanks you

So, what does this mean? We can't get it fixed for who knows how long? Plus, forget about exchanging it cuz the model is discontinued...I told them that this is a terrible way to support seniors! You don't mind taking our money that we are scratching together but don't want to support us...this is disgraceful because this chair can not be used because of the way a person is sitting in it, it causes back pain...I hope you will be able to rectify this problem for me, Oh and one more thing, we offered to bring it in ourselves to the store and I was told the repair man wouldn't do that at the store...I find this almost too crazy to believe...Please help us...

a recliner

customer service

4133 After paying and waiting 35 minutes I asked what was going on in a not so friendly way because I lost my patience. Cashier told me to go [censored] my self. Manager Venkat told me to...

leather couch

I have complained now a few times and have never gotten any result. We bought couch set in 2016 and we're lead to believe it was 100 percent leather. Well between the cushions and on the back between cushions it is all peeling so it is obviously faux leather in those areas. It is noticeable and getting worse as time goes on.[protected]@hotmailMcom

leather couch
leather couch
leather couch

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Leon's need to rethink their tv commercials the commercial I described above is a total turn off to shop at your stores. I'm sure your products are good but that commercial focuses on the ugly cat and the bed comfort with no mention of what brand or model the product actually is, and of course the snotty woman's store pronunciation is a total turn off and does nothing to make me want to come and shop at Leon's.

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Leon's Richmond Hill Location — customer service re: washer and dryer

The customer service at this location is terrible. We bought a washer and dryer (along with a stove and hood) and it is just unfortunate that the washer and dryer does not fit the...

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Hello, As i am very disappointed in the service i got from your store. I had never got a poor service like a got this year and its not acceptable. I bought a bed set at the...

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In May 2019I purchased a new sectional and upon opening the packaging I discovered a broken hinge for the storage compartment we were told a part would be ordered and resolved...

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I recently purchased a bed set from this location and have had to deal with a damaged dresser and side table being delivered to my home. And with that, failure to exchange it...


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Purchase furniture June 2018. Reported a problem September. Told it would take 3 months or more.
Finally Talked to the store in September 2019 and was told the furniture could not be fixed. Come in and choose a replacement.

We replaced the Furniture and had a 611.67 Credit..

Ws told the credit would be applied 3 to 4 weeks after the new furniture was delivered.
No refund to date is on my credit card.

Called the store and they said come in with the credit card to apply the credit too.

Went to the store and was told it would be a store credit not cash back credit.

I want my money back.. I do not want a store Credit...

If I return an item you KEEP my money..

Customer Pavir12489
Sales person Teresa A.

invoice 08239ankwb

falsified information in order to upsell

Bought a washer for $800, but was upsold in order to fit a pedestal already owned, as assured by salesman. Pedestal did not fit. Complained to store, who then called back. Manger...

horrible customer service at danforth store

From the minute I and my husband entered the store, we were given a cold shoulder. No one greeted us inspite of seeing us enter the store. The Manager past by us and there wasn't even a tiny line of smile on her face for us. We had to walk up
to the sales associates, out of which one of them just turned his back on us. We wasted over an hour looking for products as we were falsely promised that a deal will be worked out if we buy furniture as well as appliances.
We were also fooled into believing that a price match will be done on the appliances since we showed the flyer with lower rates. The sales associate asked us to shortlist our products so that he can check out the best price that we can
get as we were willing to pay for everything at once without using financing or credit. After we invested our time and energy, put in all the efforts in shortlisting the products and were waiting to understand the final price,
the Manager asked the associate to inform us that she will neither honor any price match on appliances, nor will she offer any discount even if we purchase the entire store !!
First of all the Manager did not even have the courtesy to meet with us, interact with us, and on top of that she was so rude to ask the associate to simply pass on the message of NO DEAL, after we were exhausted looking around the entire store !! Why were we given false assurances when the team within does not know what they can offer? We have never had such a bad experience anywhere till date and Leon's this behaviour and treatment is discriminating and has put a scar on our enthusiasm to shop and upgrade our house decor. We had gone there hoping to find our best and it turned out the worst experience of our lives! We do not recommend Leon's to anyone and hope to share it with one and all.

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4133 Researching washing machines for a couple of month LG stood out the best. On September 30, 2019 I was in desperate need of a good clothes washer, I was seeking a specific LG...

sofa & loveseat

We bought a sofa love seat combination this summer in July. Order # 07019LLznqo. We are noticing that the two spots that we sit in have sunken a bit the other seats are quite firm. Our complaint is that we are not large people and we only are on the units 2-3 hours a day, some days even less and we are concerned that the cushion material is compacting and we will have a set that will look aged and worn out in a very short time. We had a set that we bought from Leon's over ten years ago that saw a lot more use and didn't show its wear for many years and it looks and feels like these won't get past this year with out looking old. Both units our previous set and this set are leather. This set we thought was sturdier material and I believe it is but the cushion material is not. We would like it repaired or replaced please.
Perry & Diane

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I bought a sofa at the end of June 2019, Delievered July 12, 2019 The delivery guys showed no respect for our home. They had difficulty getting the plastic off the sofa and the...

filthy and incorrect furniture delivered.

Yesterday I had a couch, table, and two "matching" accent chairs delivered to my home. The delivery people informed my husband that they would call during the week to set up a time for a technician to come out to fix one of the legs of my sofa, as it was not able to be sufficiently secured at delivery. Next, I had ordered two identical accent chairs. Aside from the fact that both chairs showed up absolutely filthy, the chairs do not match. Not only does one of them appear to be a darker colour than the other, but one of them also seems to be made from a fabric that is more suited to the outdoors. Upon running your hands on both chairs, it is clear that they are made of different materials. I called the store where I had purchased the furniture, and they were very kind and apologetic and it for me that the chairs that I ordered we're not currently in stock, what would I like to order them anyway. I absolutely do not want to spend a minimum of three weeks waiting around for 2 new chairs that may or may not show up in poor condition. I am beyond disappointed at the level of care that was given somewhere along the way to have such a poor product arrived at my home. I will be spending yet another day Furniture shopping as a result of Leons poor customer service, and very likely will not have my living room as I had intended it to look for Thanksgiving in 2 weeks. I am incredibly disappointed.

filthy and incorrect furniture delivered.
filthy and incorrect furniture delivered.