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Leon's Furnitureterrible customer service and replacement of a damaged chest drawer

It is been a month since they delivered the bedroom set to us.During the delivery they delivered the wrong mattress and on that day they replaced it the right one.After we dismantle all the furniture we discovered some flaws and damaged and we called them to check and repair the furniture.The repair guy came to checked and repair what he can except for the chest drawer need to be replaced and all the drawers are damaged.The repair guy told us he sill submit to leon's and wait for their call.After almost 1 1/2 weeks they get back to us and they will schedule for delivery if the replacement for the chest drawer.I requested if possible they can deliver in the morning since it is 2 mins away only leon's from my place and most of the time nobody is at home to received the delivery.The customer service representative always argue and rude on the phone.It is not our fault that they delivered damaged item and they should checked it in the warehouse the quality of the product before thet delivered to customer.You should be the one adjusting to customer for their convenience.I know you have your timeframe but you should know also the case of every customer.It is your mistake to delivered wrong and damaged furniture to us.Terrible customer service!!!

Leon's Furniturecustomer service

A 3 month long issue I've been trying to resolve with Leon's, and I would appreciate it if anyone has any pointers...

aside from reiterating the painful process we've been through, and that at least one CSR said we could get a refund, is there anything else I can do/say to Management on Monday to get the refund processed?

Spoken to Hope, Shoe, Amanda, Sarah and list goes on...

They all claim to be Manager/Supervisor . Cannot share their last name when asked, cannot resolve the issue & very arrogant .

I'm thinking I would ask for the Customer Service phone number for Leon's Head office. If that route doesn't work, then what else can I do? Should I file a complaint with the BBB?

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    Dereje Meskelie Jul 22, 2016

    I bought a couple of sofa from Leon’s Furniture LTD. Weston 10 Suntract road. Surprisingly one of the Sofas that had been delivered to my house rally busted on one corner. You can see the picture that I attached. And on top of the sofa price I paid $200.00 for fabric protection the day I process the payment.

    Leon’s Customer care center is not to help you the problem you have, obviously to insult you. They batter call themselves Customer insulting center. I really do not have a word to put about the lady that talked to me about the sofa that I received. (Please see the attached picture). I am so disappointed with the service that I got from Leon’s and I will never ever go back again to buy anything from them. The worst of the worst, she told me on our conversation the manager will call you to discuss the issue, but never happened.
    Whoever sees this message, you better think twice before you go out and buy something from Leon’s

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    Dereje Meskelie Nov 08, 2019

    @Dereje Meskelie Instead of correcting my spelling error try to work on your company weakness.

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