LensCraftersbroken nosepiece

Glasses less than 1 yr old brought in to fix nosepiece it fell completely off next day broughrback 1 week later and was 2 days over 1 yr old they said they cant solderanything due to coporate safety rules (a 1 mm blister?) 1) should have told me when i bought them cuz i would have bought dif style 2 ) ladies werenot helpful kept repeating we cant fix them andno suggestions as to what to do so i have to wear duct tape for severalyears? 3) asked for mgr and git nowhere iwill be sending certified letters as to your complete lack ofservice and compassion to mgr regional mgr district mgr north american manager ceo cio etc unless i get a comparably priced pair of glasses without nosepieces

Oct 04, 2019

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