Executive Optical Complaints & Reviews

Executive Optical / lack of accomodation

Sep 09, 2019

EO is famous and in demand that's the the stall is always full of customers and staff and doctors are busy. But is that enough reason to skin accomodation? Very few employees smile at you at treat you as if you are not annoying. My first time, I got wrong prescription, what my...

Executive Optical / eyewear package

Aug 11, 2019

Good day! I am very very disappoubted. They ahd a sale going on 1200+ feames whichw ere great. They offered to have mw put on transitional glasses which I okayed even though theyw ere expensive up to 4k. I asked the doctor if it comes with free adjustment of lenses as I progress and she...

Executive Optical / mishandling of frames leading to breakage and poor customer service

Apr 23, 2019

Visited the Glorietta 3 Branch last 8 April 2019 to get the nose pad arms for my the frames I bought from the store adjusted when the branch itself had broken it. One of the staff approached me to take the frames to their technician, and a few minutes later informed me that the nose pad arm...

[Resolved] Executive Optical / progressive prescription package

Jun 04, 2018

Date of the incident: 01-june-2018 Description: misleading package ad, overcharging, and attempted marketing strategy to upgrade and pay more. Hi, I visited eo on the 3rd f of moa 01-jun-2018 around 115pm and was offered a prescription glasses package, as one of the choices package...