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Davis Vision - Rip off

Davis vision is now having the patient interact via a monitor with an eye doctor from out of state. The exam and manipulation/ settings of the machine are made by a very young office / site worker...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Davis Vision - Incorrect payment to a provider from Davis Vision

Davis vision service record form clearly states to charge the patient $125 for their progressive addition lenses. However our statement and chargeback for these lenses indicates $175. This results in a $50 underpayment to the provider. In discussing with customer service I was told that it was a mistake on the Davis Vision service record form and the provider could eat the cost or to charge the patient. Neither of which is a acceptable solution to this problem.

Note: first image shows circled chargeback to the patient of $125 and provider net payment of $60 - meaning the chargeback should be $65
The second image shows our reimbursement of -$57.50 x 2 = -$115 with
a patient responsibility of $175, not $125 stated on the Service record form.

Davis Vision customer service would not honor pricing on their service record form and indicated that the patient should be charged despite her making purchasing decision based on pricing on the service record form.

Due to privacy specific patient information can not be shared on this complaint

My contact information:
Dr. Mark Sorrentino
403 Main St.
510 Brisbane Bldg.
Buffalo, NY 14203

Desired outcome: Payment of $50 consistent with Davis Vision service record form

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We have reached out to you directly to resolve the concern.

Davis Vision - Vision care insurance

I've been conversing with an "autonomous assistant" for weeks, you cannot navigate the web site or by phone. I've been paying the premium for eyecare for a year. % months trying to find a provider. Fidelis confirms the provider, but when you contact the optometrist, they claim they're not a provider.
Then I call empire, you can't get thru by phone... So I drove 20 minutes there again, only to be told, they're the only store that does not provide that service for that insurance.
This is getting a bit silly. Can someone please give me some direction.

Desired outcome: DUH!

Davis Vision - Reimbursement

Davis vision denies out of network reimbursement without cause. They try to wear you down by denying for insane reasons requiring u to resubmit over and over. Their exam coverage severely limits what a doctor can do resulting in pathetic exams. My exam was in a Costco closet and took 15 minutes. Very disappointed. Race to the bottom leader dv gets first prize

Davis Vision - No resolutions!!

Davis Vision•Follow Up•Why•We Need our Vision Health Records• Dear Davis Vision, Hello! I hope you & your family are well. We are not very well. I sent you an email & physical letter sent...

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Davis Vision - systematic wrongful denial of benefits combined with non-existent customer service

They use a creative blend of wrongful/fraudulent benefit denials and non-existent customer service to avoid paying for any contact lens or glasses benefits for enrollees. I don't know a single...

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Davis Vision - cheap cheap glasses/frames for top dollar

I've never paid so much money for a subpar pair of plastic frames and lenses. I received these from Delaware Eye Center in Smyrna, DE through my Davis Vision Insurance. I usually go to eyebuydirect.com amd pay anywhere from $35-100 for frames amd lenses. They have never broken and these are metal frames.
The ones i got through Davis Vision, I paid $265.00!!! Yes! Crazy right! I've had problems since the first week I picked these up. I picked them up in February. A week after I had to have the arms tightened up. Constantly having to clean the lenses. Worse than any pair of glasses I have ever purchased, which is many. The frames literally cracked and broke in April. I am a very very busy Insurance professional also raising 2 yr and 5 yr grand daughters. I wound up just wearing a 6 yr old pair from eyebuydirect. They were lost this summer in the ocean🤦‍♀️ I went back to the Delaware Eye Ctr. And they told me davis vision would replace both the frames and lenses. I was called a couple days later being told oh no, they will only replace the frames. A 2-4 week wait I was told before they come in. I was a seminar I was giving (detrimental to my income) I am standing there talking, already feeling like a fool with my taped glasses and i hear pop!! The frames snapped in yet another place and the lens fell right out on the floor, with over 100 people staring directly at me😬 I could not be more displeased than I am with Davis Vision. These scam artists are selling dollar store glasses at a 265% Mark up!!!😡🤬 Absolutely horrible insurance!!!

Davis Vision - customer service

My company uses Davis Vision (so I have to use them for now) but I have been paying for insurance with them for 4 months, and this company is so cheap, they never sent me an Insurance card. When I called, the female was nice, but not very knowledgeable. I was trying to print off a temporary card until mine came in (7-10 business days, but I needed this card for a doctors appointment the following Monday) but she was unable to assist me, she stated that the website was experiencing problems at the time. I asked for her to have a manger call me back, gave her my cell #, but no manager called me. I called Saturday and got Nathan (not a very polite young man, he kept yelling and raising his voice at me, when I asked to speak with a manager) him and I got no where at all, yet again he kept telling me that he could assist me, but once again, there were error problems with their website. Still needed the card for the appointment, still haven't received it in the mail. I asked to speak with a manager, but once again they were too busy to speak with me, and I would have to wait. I gave him my number, and asked if the manager would call me back, he said they will call me Monday. (REALLY? This was in the morning mind you...) Before I hang up with him, I asked why I didn't get a call from the manager the prior week, he stated that the women I spoke with, noted that we were disconnected. NOT TRUE!!! LIES!!! This has been the MOST difficult company to work with and to get an insurance card from. Nathan kept telling me I do not need one, I can just walk into the doctors office and hand them a piece of paper with the membership number on it. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL, GHETTO DOES THAT SOUND? I have been paying for insurance since April 2019, it is now almost September 2019, and no card? This company cannot AFFORD a piece of plastic? I will be recommending to my employer, another company to use.

Davis Vision - service

I Want to file a complaint to davis vision. I went to my provider last May 4 to have my annual check. I paid in FULL payment assuming I will get my eyeglasses with 2 weeks. But unfortunately, 1 month...

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Davis Vision - Glasses incorrect size, won't fit frames

New lenses were ordered for my husband's frames, they arrived but were incorrect size, reordered. Again they arrived, again incorrect size. What is wrong with where this working being done, no one checks, measures, rechecks, its been weeks. I will complain to my retirement plan provider about Davis, along with the multiple complaints I have read.

Davis Vision - Glasses and service

This place have a very bad services, we send my son glasses Rabin, in perfect condition, and they send the glass back with damage and crash, also with a crack. So we send the glasses back to have...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Davis Vision - quality issues

This insurance company is a joke. My eye doctor is great. You pay her $40 for her to spend an hour and a half to see that I am healthy. Then this insurance company makes members choose from crappy frames. That are then ordered through a davis vision lab where they produce low quality lenses and then give bad customer service to the office when there is a problem with the frame or lens. This again is a joke. People complain about lenses being so expensive, first of all its your eyes! secondly, you get what you pay for! dont blame the eye doctor office, blame, your insurance company, crappy davis vision.

I have had terrible experience dealing with this company. They have failed to process claims, missed sending checks, said checks were lost in the mail, then said they were cashed, ...

The list goes on and on. Customer service reps are unable to help. The supervisor never picks up.

I need computer glasses in order to be able to do my work. Davis Vision has made the prescription wrong twice. I have been waiting 4 weeks now for the 3rd try to be delivered to my eye doctor. They have called me twice to say they should arrive in 2-3 business days. Still no glasses. Somebody in my organization must be getting a huge kickback on this progam.

I ordered my glasses over two months ago and Davis Vision has yet to produce them. These cost me early $300 and I still don't have them. I'm writing this to warn others about this company. Don't deal with them. When you try to call them they place you on hold for at least 40 minutes.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Davis Vision - bad glasses, awful customer service

On Nov. 4, I visited my optometrist, Dr. Julie Marvin-Manders at Manchester Eye Care. I have been seeing her for at least eight years, including all of the time that I have had Davis Vision coverage...

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