Kohl's Department Storesbeing charged on my kohl’s card for no tangible items

N Sep 05, 2018

I made several online orders with Kohl's using my Kohl's credit card starting July 13, 2018. I was given coupons (Kohl's cash) for a certain dollar amount taken off each subsequent order because of the previous orders. I ended up returning all my order items (with the exception of 7 items) and also returned all Kohl's cash "couponed" items. The 7 items are as follows 7.98. 2 piece Pillows 19.98. 2 piece Pillows 29.99. Sheets 35.99. Sheets 18.99. Jean Shorts 17.99. Leggings 21.99. Jeans Total for these items is 152.91 before sales tax. However, my Kohl's charge account shows a balance of about 304$. Over the phone, Kohl's stated that they take the $ for the Kohl's cash out of the money I received back on my return and that I was informed of this via email. I was not informed of this and used the Kohl's app to make my purchases in which, it only allowed me to click on a Kohl's cash button to apply discounts to my orders. It does not tell me that I am being charged double the amount for the remainder of my items. I would have never agreed to making purchases had I known im getting fraudulent charges forcing me into paying an extra almost 150$ for nothing.

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