KIA Motors Corporationpaint peeling from my 2014 sorento

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I have bought 4 new KIA's from the dealerships. Two from Hagerstown KIA in Maryland and two from Thompsons KIA in Winchester Virginia. I was planning on buying on another KIA purchase. Emphasis on was. The paint on my current KIA the 2014 Sorento is pealing from both post on either side of the windshield as well as the roof. I have showed Thompsons KIA in Virginia where I bought it. They sent me to Jim Stutzman Chevrolet Collision Center in Winchester Virginia. Thompsons KIA in Winchester Virginia has no paint people to evaluate paint problems. The guy at Jim Stutzman Chevrolet Collision Center in Winchester Virginia said the paint peeling is a result of something between the primer and the colored paint. I am riding around in a KIA SUV that looks terribly embarrassing. Embarrassing for me and KIA. I would like to have this issue addressed. I have called Thompsons KIA with no results. Please advise.

paint peeling from my 2014 sorento
paint peeling from my 2014 sorento
paint peeling from my 2014 sorento


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    Tray C. Apr 17, 2019

    I also have a 2014 KIA Sorento Pearl White, that is also peeling paint in the exact same places; the two post on either side of the windshield, as well as along the top of the windshield. In speaking to Kia, they acknowledge that there's a problem with the paint but refuse to do anything about it because my warranty ran out.
    Shame on them for not standing by there product. In researching this online, I was shocked to find how many other people are having the same problem and getting the same answer!
    CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS NEEDED to help the consumers from getting ripped off! KIA knows this is a problem and isn't doing anything about fixing it or rectifying it with it's customers!
    I will never buy KIA again!

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    Monica R P Jul 04, 2019

    I too have a 2014 white serento. The third picture looks just like my car! So disappointing to know Kia doesn’t actually stand behind their product. This is my 2nd Kia and I’ve sent my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law to buy a Kia. Won’t ever happen again.

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  • Je
    Jessluvssteelers Oct 25, 2019

    I have a pearl white 2014 Kia Sorento and the paint peeled off out of nowhere yesterday. I have not contacted Kia yet after reading the many many complaints online that they will not cover the paint defect that clearly happened during production. There were no scratches or bubbles to warn me of it coming off. The paint came off in square sheets all the way to the base. This is unacceptable and bad business to not address the issue after thousands of people have complained about the same issue in the same spots. It's not fair for us as consumers to shell out at least a thousand dollars to fix this problem. I am still paying the car off and it is only 5 years old. My buick lasted 20 years with NO paint peeling issues. How does this not last more then a mere 5 years? This is unacceptable and frustrating to deal with a practically new car. When will KIA be held accountable for this paint defect???

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    CheriJC Nov 07, 2019

    I also have a pearl white 2014 Sorento with a large area of peeling paint on the roof. It looks just like the above pictures and seems to have appeared out of nowhere!

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    Griselda D Dec 16, 2019

    The paint of my 2014 pear white Sorento started peeling at the exact same location as everyone else. This is ridiculous.

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