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I was waiting in line to order the two female workers were talking spanish to them. The cashier Deya asked if she could help within that time the last customer was talking to another female worker in spanish then Deya ignores me and speaks to the ladyin spanish without excusing self and when comes back to take my order i commented to her i thought that it was rude of her and she got snottyer yet when i asked to talk to manager i recieved phone #. by then husband fed up with it all and wanted to leave and we did and will not go there ever again. Funny how managers won't take the time for customers anymore when they have become friends with employees.


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    foxygrandma Jul 10, 2013

    What language do you speak? From your complaint it sure can't be English. You tell the employee she was rude, and you got angry because as you put it she got "snottyer" Did you by any chance mean "snottier"? However, that isn't your only error.

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