KFCfood and dirty store

H Dec 08, 2018
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Hi, I purchased a Hawaiian burger meal last night from your store in Galleria Mall, needless to say food disappointing yet again. Burger fillet was cold, burger had no lettuce, it was falling apart basically. The fillet was cold n gummy like it was fried in the morning and kept aside...

Besides the tasteless food, your store needs to be cleaned thoroughly, as we entered there was a dirty mop n cleaning stuff right at the doorway, in the store itself had a terrible vile odour which makes you want to throw up.

Just some info, my family opted to have Macdonalds coz they hate KFC, but I said no let's give them another try, well I was highly disappointed to say the least.

Terrible food and honestly a health consultant should be auditing your store soon!!!

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