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racist and sexist

KFC South Africa the branch in Rifle Range Bassonia . Was refusing to assist us as when we entered the store My husband and I with his sister and her girlfriend we are all gay. And white my husband his sister's girlfriend kissed when entering the store refusing to assist us claiming sytem down but they are helping coloured lady before us also all that is using the drive thru. As the regional manager told me they have to take your order manual as well as the money we we told sytem of we can't help you. As we left an Indian lady was assist as well as the Muslim couple that came in the drive thru was also being assist. We also noticed that the majority of the staff was sitting in the restaurant and eating there meal were only customer are being seated. This store is racist and Sexist.


The KFC Branch in Hartbeespoort at Sadiba Plaza is the worst ever. This is the second time in two weeks that we were turned away due to the fact that their chicken was not cooked yet. We were told to wait 15 min for it to cook. The lady serving us did not know what we were talking about when we tried to order a streetwise 5 meal either. This is realy pathetic.

there is a female assistant manager

A female assistant manager and Kayla at KFC in Redmond she was having an altercation and cussing at a crew member named Austin she is yelled and had an attitude and screamed at him to get off her forwarding this that and the other news.I am Friends with the Board of Directors I was at your store and witnessed this happen at 5:30. I recommend she be replaced by someone who has the ethics to be a assistant manager.


The manager at this kfc is absolutely rude and undermines every customer we waited 45 mins for wings and when we asked to speak to her she told us to shut the [censored] up and wait in line this is not our father's shop she then gave us the customer care number which was closed at the time and she gave us another number for the shop which she herself picked up and told us where to get off I've never had such service anywhere



product and franchise... pauls valley ok

First... if you go through the drive through.. it's rediculous the time you have to wait to get your order!! ... had I gone in originally ... I would not have ordered... I've been in the store numerous times... it's filthy.. nasty.. dirty.. it stinks!! The food on buffet looks like it was cooked last month.. rehydratesd snd put on the buffet!! It used to be nice and clean and the food was good.. I love kfc... but you couldn't pay me to eat at the pauls valley ok franchise!! Someone definitely needs to make a surprise visit!! It's disgusting!!!

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service in again kfc

The workers are not doing a really good job and also they are greeting their customers. The service is really bad because we order our food and it took almost 25 minutes to get our food and also I ordered two mash bowls and it took 35 minutes to get it and my child was hungry and they took so long to get our mash bowls so she didn't have the chance to eat. So just letting u know that u need to work or to talk to the employees at the area.

no fillet or ice cream

Why is it everytime we come to KFC Meyerton they have no fillet for twisters or ice cream or the cold drink machine is always out of order.

Like tonight we wanted to try the 'new' products with ice cream BUT ONCE AGAIN the ice cream is out of order! We hsd to wait 10min in the drive through for a streetwise 2? I mean REALLY???

And the staff is never friendly

twister box meal

I visited Kfc Nongoma yesterday after work bought myself Twister box meal...two wings Fries Crusher n the...

KFC Nongoma

sanitary conditions -

This was the filthiest place I have ever been in. I am not the only customer who saw this. While I know they...



My husband called into ellenbrook kfc, he went through drive through.. He had ordered a dinner for two and when he came home we did not receive any of that.. What we did get was 2 large chips that were really cold and very old (not fresh at all) we got chicken nuggets and few pieces of disgusting chicken.. We didn't even eat the chicken, looked old and not fresh.. Was really pissed 😡 off as this was our tea instead we threw this out incase of food poisoning..

product missing from my order

After driving 9 miles one way to your nearest store to me..Then 9 miles back home .Had ordered a 12 pc meal...


Highly disappointed in today's experience, the branch in Springfield where I purchased my new bucket, which came with 8 pieces of chicken, False Advertising... I waited 35 minutes for my order needless to say the cashier that checked on my order never give me my till slip, after a hard day at work an the heat I just wanted to get home to my kids... Now I cannot even enter any competition... I will not return, why do decent people always get ripped off. I won't be returning period.

service / theft

On Thursday the 13th December at 15h00 I wanted to buy a Variety lunchbox and 2 of Streetwise two meals at Sediba Mall Hartebeespoort KFC. Please chech your cctv footage for confirmation.
At first the counter told me I owe R110 rand, I asked if the cash register is not working, I wanted a slip. Only then did the lady use the register, I paid, but the change was wrong(as displayed), I called her back, and she then called the manager, they claim to forgot to add the Streetwise 2s. This employee or more of them, do not add items on the register, so it does not show as sales, I am sure they are thieves and are stealing from the owner of this store. You need to let him know and to investigate this.
Thank you

employee fraud

Someone filled out a job application in Louisville ky. It was a paper job application. This was in May or June of 2017. I have never worked at a Kentucky fried chicken. I was not residing in Kentucky when this happened. I would appreciate this websites help in this matter. Their website is I appreciate your help on this issue. I have c9mplained to the ftc as well.

lack of service and attitudes of employees.

The Incident occurred on a Thursday in November of 2018. The Franchise is located on Washtenaw ave near the boarder of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan. I walked into the building and went to the counter. I observed that none of the employees appeared to be busy. All were essentially walking around ignoring customers. I stood there for approximately five minutes with no employing saying a word to me. The only time anyone came to the counter was when a pizza delivery man brought there meals. A heavy set woman with red hair extensions, who appeared to be a manager, quickly came to counter to pay for the meals and walk back away from the counter. Again nothing was said to anyone. By this time other customers began to come to the counter. Another manager walked out to fill his cup with a soft drink and walk back behind the counter, and say nothing to any of the customers. Another employee walked by and scowled at the customers. Enough was enough and I decided to leave. The entire time that had elapsed was at least ten minutes. This gives new meaning to the term fast foods. Normally I don't complain and I realize the public can be a pain to serve, I've been there. Nothing could this justify treating customers this was way.

delivery service

I placed an order at 14:15 for just 10 zinger wings - and it's now 15:45 almost two hours later and I still...

1 comment Pretoria Employees

food and dirty store

Hi, I purchased a Hawaiian burger meal last night from your store in Galleria Mall, needless to say food...

Durban Food

waiting time

Just orderd a break is wrap and only 1min after ordering and paying I get told there's a 6min waiting time...

Port Elizabeth Other


The manager Monica Hicks is very disrespectful to the employees yelling and degrading them in front of customers. One of the employees started crying due to the abuse of this manager. This is very unprofessional behavior and needs to be handled properly. I go into this restaurant every day and this woman is always yelling at her employees I have even seen her be rude to the customers. It has gotten to the point where I think I no longer want to go to this restaurant because of this manager is so disrespectful to people.

kfc dunked burger meal special

I came to KFC in isandovale and when purchasing the dunked meal which comes with the soda fountain the lady said it was not loaded on the system and the system only has with the buddy which costs extra on the customer yet I bought another meal which came with soda fountain, then the store did not even have salt packets or anything to give me either.
This is actually appalling how service has gone out the window towards the customer as no apology was given it was either accept that or leave hungry in their minds.