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overcharge and rude to customer

Mon. Sept. 15 beteen 3:15 and 3:30 p.m. I ordered an 8 pc. bucket and paid for the 8 pc bucket. When we...

store filthy

I was at Claypots Dundee today.

Dundee Claypotts
Tom Johnson Road

The place is filthy.
The toilet doors, walls and floors do not look as if they have been cleaned for somr time.
The seating area chairs, tables, walls, doors, windows and light shades are visibly filthy.
I will not been going there again.

staff bad attitude

Dear Sir,
Hope this mail find you well,
I am sending this email to you knowing that you care a lot about customer satisfaction, and since I was unable to find a place to submit my complain so please forward this email for me to the right place.
I already deal with all Americana restaurants and I enjoy the customer service especially on Tikka (the best Service ever, especially Khalifa Ma'moon branch)
I would like to share with you what happened to me on Friday, September 5, 2008 on KFC, Alexandria, Beside Stanly Bridge
• I want to have Iftar there with my family
• We made the order, and waited our turn
• I mentioned to the cashier person – as usual - that I need three meals "white meat" and one meal "red meat" and he told me to tell that personally to the person who will prepare the meal (this was very difficult of course as the place was crowded and every body was yelling especially that the staff were very slow)
• They were working manually as the screen wasn’t working
• They were very slow and confused, not organized at all, mixing between orders.

What happened was as follows:
• Two orders were after me and received their meal before me.
• I received the meal after 45 minutes from submitting the order (supposed to be fast food)
• The order was incorrect, as the person preparing the meal ignored me completely while I was begging him to listen to me to tell him about the red meat and white meat.
• He wasted time preparing another meal to me and when I blamed him saying that "you are too slow because you don’t listen to the customers" he replied saying " that is correct Madame" which was really provoking
• This person was the supervisor named "Islam Abd El-Shakoor", I am not sure of the name because no one was wearing name tag.
• I received the drink very hot and when I asked to change them with cold one, a lady named "Iman" -replied without looking to me- saying "wait" with a very impolite and provoking way.
• Since I was already very nervous from waiting and from the 1st provoking reply, so when I received the 2nd provoking reply I yelled at her asking for cold drink. She replied saying "that's what we have". (she could have calmed me down and offer another type of existing cold drinks)
• The meal includes "amar eldeen" (apricot) and they replaced it with "French fries" without taking our opinion and when I asked how could they replace desert with fries, Mr. "Islam Abd El-Shakoor" said "That's the way it is"
• Since no one were wearing name tags as I mentioned before, I asked "Iman" to provide me with her name because I will submit an official complain, and you will be surprised sir that she challenged me saying "do whatever you can do"

I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action regarding this incident especially that even the supervisor were a part of it.
Also You can send someone there to inspect and see their attitude and you will see more that what I narrated.

Thanks in advance

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 08, 2008

    Check out

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  • Si
    SIMONS May 07, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to share with you what happened to me on Thursday, May 07 2009
    I am sorry but I did not get her name but she was taking our order and messed it up because she was talking on the phone and she did not ask us if we needed any thing to go with our food or if we wanted sauce with our meal and she forgot to put my meal becasuse she was on the phone and the quality of food was poorly prepared the food was over done also the kichin staff was yellen and hiting the walls

    I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action

    thank you
    from a first time

    at Cuyahoga falls oh

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On saturday 30 september @17:50 wanted to buy the new milkshake kentucky advertise. I was told that the machine making the milkshake did not work-no manager on duty. (New kentucky in alberton 2nd avenue) we then went to the other kentucky in alberton (Voortrekker road) there I was told the same story and also no manager on duty. Then on sunday while we were in brackenhurst - alberton we went to kentucky in brackenhurst-again the same story.
How can kentucky advertise a product and not have it available, and no manager's on duty.

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 11, 2008

    Check out

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  • Ro
    Rob Jones Apr 28, 2009

    I have the same problem, even now (2009) I have yet to have a milkshake, Meyerton always problems, Alberton always cleaning their machines.
    Stumbled on this site to pose another problem, I was short of 3 items when I arrived home on Fryday (24th April) after spending just over R250 at the Michael Road Alberton KFC. A full burger meal was missing, as well as items from a R117 combo pack.

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bad customer service

I went thru drive thru after picking up my daughter prom pre-k waited at least 7 minutes with no answer so I drove up lady by window saw me but still like that does not acknolegh I figure maybe she is still like that does not go nowwhere near the window so I drive up and park to go ask what is gong on and ask is anyone working right now and she said only dining room is open and I said you might want to put a sign up and she said we did well it was after she saw me and another lady behind me the old ladys name was Kathy and she said the managers name was Irony they were so rude and inconsiderate to us waiting and wasting our time if you have any questions please call me [protected] LILI the kfc was off of westgate/william cannon austin tx

  • Ba
    bad Mar 05, 2009

    kfc are don't have good customer service

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  • Ma
    maggie campbell Sep 13, 2009

    My husband and I were in the Wytheville Va. kfc on the Thursday the 10th of Sept.
    We ordered the buffet.When we got to the buffet there was no chicken on it. I ask the girl to bring some chicken out and she told someone else.It never happened. A couple came in behind us and the gentleman ask for so chicken. Never got it. He finally went to the cashier and ask for a couple of legs. She said she couldn't give him but one. That was all she had.The people behind the counter thought the hold thing was funny.I ask for a complaint slip and was told they didn't have any.
    This has happened 3 times to us. The first time was when they first opened. We figured they just wasn't organized yet. Then it happened again.
    same thing. No chicken on the buffet.We waited for 4 months to go again and the same thing again.
    This is a very poorly run store and needs some drastic fixing.I hope this letter brings some attention to the store. Maggie Campbell p.o. box 148 Rural retreat, va 24368 276-686-5409

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  • Le
    Leigh Bailey Dec 07, 2009

    I ordered a hawian burger at 18:41 pm from a cashier (Mabusi), she took my order and told me i should give them 6 minutes to prepare the meal. when the time had lapsed i went back to collect my order only to find it was not ready. Mabusi asked me to give them a few minutes additional to this to have the order ready. At 19:16 the order was still not ready and that they had'nt even started preparing the meal as the fillets were frozen. I asked to see the Manager, she went for ages before she came back with some who was her Supervisor. Mabusi explained to her what had happen and asked her Supervisor to cancel my order without consulting with me on whether i wanted to cancel it. I told the Supervisor that i was not happy with their service in turn she strted shouting at me telling me its not her faulty that the employees who prepare the meals had not defrosted the fillets. i ended buying streetwize 2 who meant she had reserve the whole prior transaction and enter the new transaction. it turn she almost robbed me of my change. lucky i noticed this before i left the outlet.

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  • Su
    sultan salam Jun 16, 2011

    I've had to report such things on many occasions, I always try to praise good service but there have been times when I have been left fuming. Complain, and be as descriptive of the staff as possible as it'll be down to the individual shop staff,
    After what felt like 15-20 minutes, it was finally my turn. The cashier asked for my order and after asking for the celebration meal as (new meal and I love to try it),
    After that again I wait for 10 minuets and the whole raw took there meals I came and asked her nicely is my meal done or not yet and she replied back rudely (wait not yet) I saw my order throw the monitor blinking as it’s delayed and took forever to accomplish it. Sixteen minuets I asked her again and she replied the same. Then one of the staff stopped my meal order from the monitor system as its done, I told her that why it take all that time to prepare ready meal as it is only ( two pieces of chicken, two stripes, one cole slaw, one bread) then out of blue they give me my meal and again I have to remind her that I orders pepsi !!!

    This incidence happened in ADNOC station – KALIFA CITY ABU DHABI - KFC branch out there time and date (8:10 united Arab emirates time zone +4 / Thursday 16-06-2011)

    Cashier lady I don’t have her name but I am sure she is Pilipino nationality and she was the only one at that time, more over there is two cashier machines only one is active and the other one is closed ( I don’t know why – stuff members I saw more than six guys working together behind her.

    As food industry especially fast food category do you think 30 minuets is convincing time to wait for a ready meal although the chicken very cold and the rice as well, I throw the meal in the nearest garbage.

    Hopefully someone in the company who care about the reputation and customer satisfaction must take an action regard this matter in addition corporate business should be followed by code of conducts to carry on the good work.

    Waiting for your valuable action.


    Sultan Salam

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  • Ha
    happycust805 Jul 07, 2011

    visited the drive-thru on 07/05/11 at 17:48. I have visited the drive thru every other monday night since KFC started the 14 piece meal promotion. It is a great meal for my family. When I go I usually subsitute the coleslaw for the macaroni and cheese. I usually get charged an extra $1.00 or so for the subsitution.

    On this day I went thru the drive thru and requested the 14 peice meal promotion and asked to subsitute the coleslaw for macarani and cheese (as I always do). I was told "we cannot do that". I explained to her that I usally always go thru the drive-thru and order this way without a problem. I told her if she needs to charge me extra then she can. She then said "there is no way we can do that". She did not apologize. I then said what type of meal could I get that is comparable price where I could get the mac and cheese. She then said "look at the menu".

    I understand that if it is something that you can no longer do however customer service is important. The best way to tell someone would be "i am sorry we have changed our policy and can no longer do this, if you really would like the mac and cheese you can order ???? it is the same type of meal and you will get want you want".

    Instead she says "look at the menu", "we dont do that". The drive thru was not busy and I do not understand why she was so upset.

    When I got to the window I asked for the telephone number to complain she then said I will give you the number to our KFC and it our number. I became very upset. This was the WORST experience at a resturant. I was afraid to eat my food. I ordered the 14 peice meal without the subsitution but I got home and was terrified they spit in my food. It was not a good expeirence.

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We are often told at our Kentucky Fried Chicken in Winklespruit that the chicken pieces that are available...

found feather in food

ordered a 12 pc meal and paid that amount but got a 10 piece also found a feather attached to the chicken

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Aug 26, 2008

    I thought KFC chickens were featherless and blind. Check out

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fraud and cheating

I would just like to get into contact with the marketing part of the KFC franchise as i am doing a project. I have been trying but to no avail.

  • Ke
    ken Klosterman May 08, 2009

    KFC rip off coumpon for free grild chichen is bull eastgate would not oner the coupond! FKC sucks the lady insulted me at drive throught said somthing about coumpons not be any good. I hope KFC go’s under for this. I am going to tell eveyone I know not to go there!
    time my gas money my wait in line. Being insulted by KFC telling me that my coupon was no good trying to tell me that the coupons were fraudulent . KFC ripped me off.

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me and my partner went to kfc last night in bolton, we orderd a bucket and a meal.when i got home i wasnt happy at all because the chicken that they gave us in the bucket was looked like it had been there for days.

  • Si
    SIMONS May 07, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to share with you what happened to me on Thursday, May 07 2009
    I am sorry but I did not get her name but she was taking our order and messed it up because she was talking on the phone and she did not ask us if we needed any thing to go with our food or if we wanted sauce with our meal and she forgot to put my meal becasuse she was on the phone and the quality of food was poorly prepared the food was over done also the kichin staff was yellen and hiting the walls

    I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action

    thank you
    from a first time

    at Cuyahoga falls oh

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  • Lo
    Louanne Donald Mar 04, 2010

    I don't think your service lives up to your advertising, on two occasions in a short period I have had to leave KFC drive thru On Malibongwe without having bought anything because the ice cream machine was non operational, to top it off I tried a new branch on another occassion that opened near Linden and was told I had to wait 6 min for them to fry chicken, it was 8:45pm I was tired and just wanted to go home, so I left without having bought anything. I don't even look at your adds or think about going through your drive thru's anymore I think Steers, MacDonald or Pizza. How are you going to handle the influx of foreigners with the soccer world cup, when you can't even serve your own locals.

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  • Ep
    Eponymous Mar 04, 2010

    6 whole minutes! What an outrage! You know what... I bet they broke that damn ice cream machine because they saw you in line too.

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  • Bo
    Bolton Wondering Mar 26, 2010

    Things haven't improved at Bolton KFCs, it seems. Ordered food from drive-through at Middlebrook Retail Park recently. Service window area was splattered with stale food & grease/dirt. Staff member handing me my food was ever filthier, believe it or not! His apron & T-shirt were grease-soaked, plastered with food & so grubby that I refuse to believe that his uniform had been washed in months, maybe even not since he was given it.
    Absolutely disgraceful.

    The food was crap too, a mass of bones, slimy & dripping with fat. BLEH!
    I see that they want to shovel that halal ### down our throats now aswell!!


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  • Nt
    ntlgl Mar 21, 2011

    KFC store location: 2255 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver BC Canada. (store number 1811) I went into this store on Friday March 11 2011 at 5:46 pm and ordered two three piece meals. My wife told me that she didn't want any wings as part of the three pieces so I told the person taking my order that we wanted one breast but no wings in the three pieces in each meal. The person taking the order told me that it would cost me $2:00 for each breast or $4:00 extra for the two meals. I was sure this was a mistake and told this person that I just didn't want any wings as part of each three piece meal. She repeated that it was going to cost an extra two dollars for each meal. I told her that I was extremely unhappy and that I would purchase these two meals but would not be back to any KFC outlet again. To me this is just a form of extortion on the part of the owner/s to make an extra buck. I contacted KFC and complained. Their reply was for me to wait for a phone call from that particular KFC store. My reply to them was that a phone call from the Lonsdale KFC was unacceptable and that they, from their headquarters, had better tell me if charging $2:00 extra per meal is legal or not! At the present time I'm waiting for a response. This is a legal matter not just a complaint. I still have my reciept and have had it looked over. Stay tooned.

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  • St
    stevod Mar 10, 2012

    just got back from kfc at middlebrook and what a ### hole. The floor was covered with food, tables were filthy. We asked for a table to be cleaned as there was 6 off us, it took 10 mins for someone to come over and ask us do we want that table cleaning. i said we are already sat down (at two different tables) but we wanted that one over there and she still didnt even clean the table anyway. And what has happened to the gravy, its like diluted crap made from the stuff they eventually sweep of the floor... disgusting

    never again shall i step into another KFC ...Kentucky Fookin Crap

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carbonate soda / rude employee

On August 12, 2008 at 12:10 I order 26.96 dollars worth of food order number 305. When I was passing through Durham, and as I proceed to go home and start eating my meal I found that my pink lemonade was nothing but carbonated water so Though I would stop at the next taco bell. And they refused to change my drink and give me another and I had a receipt. The manger told me at the Roxboro road Store to drive back 10 mile to get another drink. A worker in the restaurant keep loud talking me while I was in the store saying she was just keeping it real. I guess I was not expecting that for a sister store. I was not rude so I do not expect store employee to be rude to me. The employee's name was Joyce Beavers at the Duke Street store. The manager said he would talk to her but I feel the company should know what happens when you restaurant is full of people and and the store employees just say thing to embarrasses customers.
So I am requesting my money for my drink back. I have tried to call the store several times. with no answers. Deborah Torain-Williams.
313 Broad Street
Roxboro, NC
All I wante was my pickle.

overcharging and serving rancid products.

My wife and I went into a KFC on Friday August 8, 2008 and ordered 2 meals. The first order was a 2 piece...

inferior food

The KFC Outlet, situated in Gulf City Mall, Tobago, W.I. produces the most dreadful KFC chicken, the worst I...

pest infestation

As a regular customer of Kentucky Fried Chicken, I made an exit on my way to Preston with my girlfriend to Samlesbury K F C, Mellor Brook, for something to eat.
The queue was tailing out the entrance door but we decided to stick to it as we know the satisfying meals always hit the spot as well as the great taste.
Finally we got to the end of the line and started ordering.
"A Fully Loaded Meal...!"
Just as we continued our order, an ant crawled across the counter which the assistant saw and immediatly asked, " How many did you just see?"
This happened as he squashed the ant with his finger. He didn't clean his hands afterwards either.
My girlfriend was nearly sick and replied that this wasn't the first time she had seen ants in the premises as well as overloaded bins that retched the place out.
The assistant told us he should inform pest control. We took our takeaway and exited the establishment. My girlfriend and I ate the food as we just paid over eight pound for the meals and had waited just over three quarters of an hour. Later on, my girlfriend has had to succumb to the comfort of the sofa as the queasiness of thinking about the cleanliness of the KFC sickened her to the stomach!
An appointment to our local GP will be urgently made to check on the health of ourselves in case court proceedings against yourselves occur.
As a former Quality Controller in a meat production factory and a Basic Food Hygiene certificate holder, as well as a level 2a holder, pest control should already be in order. Environmental Health will be also informed, mainly due to the fact that my partner is pregnant and has not been able to stomach the thought of having any sort of chicken from now on. If any contamination transported via the food as a carrier which will have resulted in ANY HARM towards the health of myself, my partner or my unborn child will be acted upon through my solicitor and further if necessary.
Please deem these written actions serious,


Oliver Duckworth

  • Ch
    Chris Visser Aug 04, 2008

    Dear Mr Duckworth,
    I'm a reporter for the Lancashire Evening Post.
    Please can you send me an email at [email protected] and I can investigate this for you.

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  • Ro
    Rob Aug 05, 2008

    Dear Mr Duckworth
    We are the management of the Restaurant and we would be more than happy to discuss your complaint. In order for us to do so please email the best telephone number to contact you on and your preferred time of day.
    Kind regards

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Aug 07, 2008

    check out

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usafe and unhealty condition

I entered into kfc to get something to eat on the august 1st 2008 around 9:30 pm and there were painting, drilling and other renovating work being done and customers we being served in this unhealthy condition. Customer service was very poor. There were no person in authority to supervise what was going on.
When I entered the smell of the paint was so strong that some customers had to leave. I would recomment that this license be taken from this branch of kfc or else I have taken some photos an I will take action, because food should not be served in this atmosphere.

  • Ke
    kenny Aug 05, 2008

    hi tim, do you have the photos?

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  • It
    itsjusttoomuch Jun 15, 2009

    i visited St. Lucia myself on Easter weekend of 2008 and I was very unsatisfied with the quality of service...long waits, the waitstaff's hair were not covered by any protective caps, mesh etc. Also the places were usually hot, it was clear that there were no kinds of extractor fans to get rid of the heat and smoke.

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raw chicken

On June 27, 2008, my husband bought a 16 piece bucket of chicken from KFC. Although he ordered original, he...

fraud and scam

On July 20, 2008 my mother and i went to KFC in keyser to get a 12 pc meal, they tell me they don't have enough chicken to make a 12 pc meal, note this is around 6:30 pm, well then all of a sudden they do have the chicken and when we got it it was soaked in grease with about 3 in of it covering the bottom of the bucket. The food was so nasty. I was always a fan of KFC's until they added the new addition of LJS, ever since then they have been awful, all that works there are a bunch of teens. My husband and i went there another time and all the employees were outside smoking, we actually had the girl taking our order right behind our car, it was the wraps and they were freezing cold. Needless to say if nothing is done about this restaurant then i will not be eating there anymore and i will make sure a lot of others know about it as well.

staff member assaulted

I was sexually assaulted at Kfc where i work by another member of staff, unfortunately there were no witnesses. My manager said the matter would be properly investigated but the member of staff has not been suspended and i still have to work with him. Is this right? And what do i do about it? I am not even sure this is right place to complain to but what's the procedure for this type of complaint?

  • Betsy Jul 17, 2008

    I would ask what they are going to about it and want specific details. If they are not going to suspend this person until it is worked out, then I would tell them I am not comming back into work until it is investigated properly. You shouldnt have to work with someone who is a criminal. Sexual assault is a serious crime and should be dealt with before it happens to others by this sicko. Im sorry you had to go through that and I hope it gets taken care of. Maybe you should call the police yourself.

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  • Ja
    Jannett Relt Oct 12, 2008


    I am a Manager at KFC at no this is not right if you acuse an employee of sexual assualt the police should be involved the General Manager if he believe the person is a threat then they should be suspended pending a full investagation or the employee's job should be terminated if the Manager decides to keep that person on then they should be having that person on different shifts as you if this is still happening speak to your (GM) General Manager if he or she does not do any thing then take it to KFC head quarter's or speak to the Police and say that you think he may do it again or he is a threat to you only say this is you think this is true hope this helps.

    Jannett Relt
    KFC General

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bad service

i ask for a zingermeal at the drive thru and was told i must wait in the parking area because it is going to take 4 minutes. after ten minutes i went in and ask for my money back the meal was still not finish. then the guy ask me can i wait another 2 minutes then i can get the meal for free. i said it is about principal and service not about getting the meal for free. this is my last time that i will buy any food from them and i will also tell my friends about there bad service. this is not the first time it happened.

  • Li
    Lisa Ah Sing Aug 17, 2008

    Sunday night about 7pm 17/08/08, KFC Kabega. My complaint is of a different kind, Hygiene, while waiting for my order I noticed and in clear view of customers the drive thru staff was eating crisps licking their fingers then working with the food not washing their hands. Imagine the germs that was transfered to the customers meals. While this was happening the manager of the store walks by yawning not saying a word. For a food establishment no eating or drinking should take place around food or prep area. This is not the first time this has happened. I hope this never happens again.

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sexual harassment

My 2 daughters are currently employed by the KFC in Ozark, MO. They have only been employed for a few week...


i work at KFC,
and im sick and tired of being;
- Threatened
by cutomers,
this had got to stop, people can't go on treating us like crap, just because we wrok in Fast food

the other night i was called:
"A ###ing ###, and a ###ing slut" becasue we refused to sereve a customer who was setting things on fire in our resturant.

and then this women made a complaint to you peope about us.
if this women is allowed back into the store, or recives free food, i will be taking it to the poilce,
and you will not hear the end of this,
i don't care if i lose my job..
but cutomers can not go on treating teenages who are just trying to earn some extra cash, and are get this kind of abuse.

i hope to hear back from you.

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Jul 09, 2008

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  • Ca
    Cat Jul 17, 2008

    I work at a Kfc aswell and treated like crap by customers. I get the blame for everything and shouted at. like if we run out of chicken. well last time i checked im not the manager and dont order the chicken so this is not my fault. i was also called a fat ### by a girl coz she had to wait six minutes for her food, well i was under the impression people wanted there food hot and fresh, and i'd only just started the shift. this cant go on, im 20 and dont expect to be treated like a child. i often also work 10hrs a day without a break-so nothing to eat and drink all day-no wonder were not happy and smiley all the time like cunstomers want us to be coz we actually feel stressed and ill. the managers also think its ok to just stand there, not help and tell us to go even faster, and gives us 3 minutes to clear a queue thats goes right out of the door. so please customers consider the stress we are under when you come into the store.

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  • Sa
    samantha Feb 07, 2009

    I also work at KFC and agree on what your saying, the queue is always to the door, and we have to keep serving, then they run out of chicken and people complain and we get yelled at and things thrown at us, our Manager sits in the office all day and does not help us we are always short staffed and the Manager says we cant afford more staff, then we find out they are employing 8 more new staff, but they dont always give us the hours we how will new staff make a difference, the lobby is always dirty and the customers always complain and shout at us. this place would be ok for prisoners because its not happy place to be in.the Manager treats us with no respect.
    It seems as tho' the Area Managers do not care what goes on. I feel we should be treated with more respect. and where we work should be managed better. We get 1/2 break and dont get paid for this, but they think by giving us food this is good. the pay is bad. and they expect us to work like slaves.
    I feel sorry for the Custyomers having to wait all the time for chicken fries and sides, nothing is ever managed to make things good and run smoothly, all KFC Area Managers seem to care about is taking money, but they wont take money if the place is not run right. get more staff give good conditions and good pay treat us like humans and give good custom to customers.
    Some of the staff are not trained properly and just stuck on a till we dont even know how to treat customers when they are shouting at us.,
    I could go on and on.

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  • Ma
    matthew robert payne Mar 17, 2009

    Yeh i work at kfc azwel and it ###EN SUCKZ like licking a donkeyz ###

    0 Votes
  • Ni
    nicecolor May 14, 2011

    OMG!! I hate wOrking at a kfc too..
    the Other day a guy called a ###ing idiot for not having COLESLAW ready..
    I mean.. are you serious..
    he made me cry.. :(

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