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sexual harrassment

I used to work at this same restaurant back when it first opened in 1991, I worked there for three years and I put up with some of the worst harrassment I've ever seen. I got fired for reporting one assistant manager's persistent behavior. Same store, just different people doing the same thing years later, apparently. I don't know if this helps, but at the time I worked there it
was owned by Restaurant Systems, Inc., a company in Springfield that owned and operated several KFC's including the one in Nixa and several in Springfield. There were several different
partners in this company, unfortunately it's been so many years I can't remember any particular
individual's name. It was so weird reading the other complaint about this location, I can't believe this same old crap is STILL going on 15 years later! Wow.

management complaint

On January 4, 2009 I brought my daughters out for KFC for dinner as a treat because Daddy was working late. When we sat down to eat during our meal 2 bugs had run across our table. Not sure what kind of bug it was but both of my kids screamed loud enough for everyone to hear. Not to cause a larger scene we dumped our food in the garbage and left. When I got into my car I thought it was rude that I just spent $30.44 on dinner that I threw half of it in the garbage. So I called the Manager from my car phone and explained what happened. She asked me "What kind of bug?" I have no clue I said but it was fast. I wanted to let you know without making a scene I said, she said thanks . She didn't even offer her apologies, nothing, she just said thanks, I'll need to look into that and hung up.
As I understand food establishments do encounter bugs at times, this Manager did nothing to make us "want" to come back to this establishment!

  • Bu
    BUDAK87 Jul 23, 2009

    saya nak complaint pasal gaji yang lambat keluar. KFC janji nak masukkan dalam awal bulan tapi sudah hampir sebulan tidak bayar gaji saya. walaupun saya bekerja hanya untuk satu bulan, tapi cukup bermakna bagi saya duit itu.

    miskin sangat ke kfc ni. bayar gaji pekerja untuk sebulan je mengambil masa yang amat lama untuk bayar.

    kfc cawangan AMAN PURI.

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  • Ma
    maya ataya ferozi Aug 26, 2013

    slamt malam, ,

    kepda yth bpk/ibu

    saya bingung harus complaint kmn, , jujur sya KECEWA dngn acara ultah ank saya yg ke 3, , saya rayakan di KFC kramat raya.
    sumpah saya bnr2 kecewa, apa yg sya harapkan gk sesuai dgn knyataan, bnr2 gak profesional
    berantakan, MC na pun gk bsa ngatur!!!
    tlg dg diprhatikan lg, kinerja karyawan anda, , saya jadi malu dgn undangan saya, , tx

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very gresy food, filthy floors, over full garbage can

My husband would not let me say anything to the girls that were working there.
I was very disappointed, the food was very greasy, that I still feel sick, the fries looked like they were put down in grease to warm up,
We ate there and I asked them to please wipe off a table so I could sit there, there was chicken and chips on the floor, no one was sweeping up, I took the tray to dump half of it in the garbage, it was right full that I could hardly get it in.
I will never go back to the frachise on delhousie street. Its very very dirty, I dont think the maneger would have hired them if they know how lazy they are.

Eileen mitchell

service / quantity

On Saturday 03 January 2009, I've stopped at the KFC in Ladybrand to purchase lunch. My order was a three-piece, coleslaw and mash and gravy.

I have requested that I do NOT want a breast portion, but rather two thighs and a drumstick. I was told I can NOT order like this and I must take what they serve, which in this case would have been a wing, a thigh and a drumstick. Apparently, a thigh is considered a large portion. Should I wish to have two thighs and a drumstick, they will have to sell this to me individually at a higher price. I took the two thighs and drumstick, at the higher charged price, only to discover that the thighs are as small as the drumstick.

Trying to reason with the cashier was obviously a waist of time as she was NOT interested in listening to my complaint. So, I ended up having three small portions of chicken at the higher price.
The medium size mash potatoes I have ordered ended up being 80% sauce and 20% mash, which unfortunately, I only discovered when I got to my Hotel room in Lesotho (Maseru).

What happened a) to customer service and b) value for money? I found this totally unacceptable and hope to receive an explanation for this. Why is it that I MUST be charged extra for the chicken thighs which ends up being the same size as a drumstick? The same apply to the mash and gravy, which was literally only gravy.

I have to add in saying that I was still hungry after having had my lunch.

I trust you see this in the same light and with the same urgency as I do and I hope to hear from you soonest.

Kind regards,

  • An
    Anne-lene Penny Apr 19, 2008

    On 2008/04/18 I was at the drivethrough at the KFC in Welkom. As there were no attendant at the order kiosk I drove on to the cashiers window to place my order. I was told to drive around to the order kiosk as there was someone who would take my order there. Naturally I refused because there were already six vehicles behind me and on my first round the attendant there were absent. I relayed this to the person at the cashiers window and after a heated discussion and back chat, my order were eventually taken. On previous occasion I ordered a Streetwise 5 and when I arrived home only found one chicken piece and chips in the bag. It was futile to go back as the store would not believe me. I am of the opinion that the staff at that KFC are under the impression that they are doing one a favour to help you. There are more conversations going on behind the counter than people being served. If the manager feels this behaviour is acceptable, I certainly would not consider shopping there again.

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  • Hl
    hlatsoane Apr 26, 2011

    Why is that all KFC's in Lesotho (Pioneer Mall, NRH Mall and Bus Stop. and yes i have been to them all) dont give Vinegar when buying meals, especially meals which include chips/fries. try to imagine this, you buy a family feast meal and they give you only 1 sachet of vinegar. whenever i try to reason with them to give me extra vinegar, they tell me that vinegar is given only on request and is limited 1 sachet per customer. im a vinegar lover especially on my chips/fries. now how am i gonna be able to enjoy myself if they wont give me vinegar with large meals. let alone wise two's.
    All i ask is vinegar with meals and no prejudice.
    Thank you!

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  • Mo
    Mojapane Apr 26, 2011

    Oa nyela Hlatsoane. Ithekele vinegar ea hau monna ha u e batla. Next o tlo ba batla mustard, nxa!

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stale food

It is the third time now that I have wasted my money buying KFC at Rustenburg mall. The food was dry and stale, any person can see that it was old food reheated. It is a disgrace that KFC sell such rubbish to the public.

  • Ke
    kevin Jun 17, 2009

    i agree there are many things wrong with kfc!!! first of all when i threw away my plate in the garbage there was the bag hanging left where all the food mostly would go in the trashcan its self not the bag!!and also iv noticed lately about the nets flying around the buffet alot..this is not a good enviroment to eat in!!!

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  • Mr
    mrsquigles Jun 17, 2009

    Then stop going there.

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  • Mr
    mrsquigles Jun 17, 2009

    And congrats on your soccer win today!

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 18, 2009

    I don't remember ever eating at the venerable Sander's House O' Chicken. It is not likely I ever will. Anyone remember the fried rat scare back in the 80's?

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possible food-poisoning

I would like to make a official complaint of suspect of food-poisoning; On Tuesday 1st I was going out and i didnt have time to go to get dinner at home so i went into KFC. One complaint i heard from a customer that there food was cold so they went back and the KFC people said it only goes cold after 10 minutes, which she had less than 10 minutes.

The Wednesday 2nd i was ill; i was very sleepy and dizziness but also had a very dodgy tummy constantly going to toilet every second. by the next day i was sick and having a low temperature; by realising by looking up on the internet my symptoms which is near christmas that it might be food poisoning. I thought i was getting better and realised my symptoms are getting worse. think this needs to be looked into especially when its chicken.

  • Si
    Simon Mar 20, 2009

    got food poisoning from KFC welcome break service station near carlisle on the M6, ate it at 1800 18/03/09, suffered the effects 0600 19/03/09 for 24 hours, me and my partner were bed bound and contantly going to the toilet and throwing up, low and high temperature, loss of energy, headeaches and drowsiness, unable to control bowl movements.

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no food ready???

My wife and I went to this place and ordered 2 chicken dinners and they didn't have any chicken ready...

bad service

Today I went to KFC to buy lunch, I took my 2 pieces meal back to work & when I opened I found a drumstick & a dry breast bone with a dry skin. I took it back to KFC & fortunately the lady that served me was still there & I showed her the piece, she shouted @ me saying that I should be specific when I order chicken, I told her that I'm not fussy it doesn't really matter which piece I get but my problem was that they sold me bones, she cheekily said sorry & changed the pieces then she shoved it to me full of attitude.
My colleagues & I go to KFC on a regular basis but as from today on I will never buy anything from KFC Waterfront, the lady who served me was Babalwa & I must say her attitude leaves a lot to be desired, she needs to be taught more about customer service.

  • Ar
    Armanda Sep 01, 2013

    Last night we bought KFC after work with my coligues very late in waterfront and I did not sleep my stomach was running and I was feeling weak, apparently my coligues kids were also vomiting after eating that KFC so definetly they sold us off meat especially late @ night, I'm really not happy about this...its poison, please get back to me

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poor service, poor quality

Its disappointing to know that good customer service is rare... I have tolerated shoddy service from our kfc malvern branch i. kzn. the previous occasion I had called there customer service and a week later I was posted a voucher for r15. the nerve of kfc, I felt so very insulted as the reason for my complaint was to fix the problem. so then again after much contemplating I visited there on 12/11/2008. absolutely awful... firstly with their rude cashier londiwe. I was utterly applauded with her attitude. she yelled at me to place my order as I was driving through then charged me an incorrect amount (less I might add) I had corrected her but still got the stinky attitude. only to get home and realize my meal didn't even taste like kfc. it was extremely oily, my chips tasted like cardboard.
I must admit I have eaten at kfc outlets else where and I enjoyed it. well done to kfc in newlands east kzn. great service define chicken...

Malvern definitely should learn to be a little appreciative of their customers.

  • gesserfan Aug 10, 2010

    "was utterly applauded with her attitude". get a [censor]ing vocabulary. i think you meant "Appalled", Now "Applauded" which means she clapped for you...

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  • Kr
    krishen May 06, 2011

    hello.i once again had poor service from my local KFC, raisethorpe[pmb].about 6. 20pm thursday evening, we go down to order a family meal 4 R59.90 and hot wings.And there were 3 other customers before me who also wanted the same.
    the cashier says no mash and no hot wings, got to wait at least 20 minutes, not good.the manager on duty just stands there not even trying to offer sumething else, like coleslaw for example.
    there were a good few unhappy customers.
    this is KFC. this should not be the case.

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staff kitchen

tempat: kfc bentong
waktu: 1215 am - 0110 am.

disini saya ingin membuat 1 aduan mengenai staff kitchen dan kaunter, shift mlm di kfc bentong. sepanjang saya dan rakan2 makan di kfc tersebut pada waktu mlm, suasana di dalam kfc tersebut amatlah mendukacitakan kerana terlalu bising dan hingar-bingar oleh gurauan yang amat melampau dari staff shift tersebut. Ini menimbulkan rasa tidak selesa kepada kami untuk menjamu selera di dlm kfc. peristiwa bukan sekali kami alami, malah berulang-ulang kali berlaku setiap kali kami ke sana. penggunaan bahasa yang agak kesat di gunakan di antara staff2 amat memalukan. ini kerana terdapat ramai customer sedang menunggu untuk memesan makanan. dan amat mendukacitakan pihak pengurus kfc hanya berdiam diri sahaja melihat tingkah laku mereka. tiada tindakan yang diambil. kami kecewa kerana mereka tidak menghormati kami sebagai pelanggan. Ianya biasa berlaku pada waktu mlm shj. Cthnya, pada mlm ini.
saya melihat gurauan dan layanan amat buruk sekali. Bahasa sungguh kesat digunakan untuk dijadikan gurauan sesama staff. Adakah perlu ini terjadi??? tidak hormatkah pada customer????
di harapkan pihak tuan dapat mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya kepada staff kfc bentong..

  • Ma
    mat noor Aug 26, 2009


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  • Ma
    mat noor Aug 26, 2009

    saya setujuu...juga terkena kepada saya
    selain daripada itu saya juga menerima aduan staff perempuan selalu membawa lelaki yang bukan muhrim ke bilik hostel meraka untuk tujuan...ini adalah bertentangan dengan agama. saya berharap pihak atas kfc dan berkenaan memantau masalah ini demi menjaga nama baik KFC..INI ADALAH FAKTA BUKAN OUTA>>

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will hire anyone to work for them

Recently I visited the KFC in question and found a very unsavory person working there..I had seen her in other eateries and know for a fact she has been fired for stealing numerous times..I also know she is on parole from the TN Womens if that isn't bad enough she is a known pedophile who is currently pregnant by a 16 year old boy..she is in fact 24 years old..his Mother is unaware of the pregnancy..and Amanda has two other kids she gave away lucky them, one to her Grandmother and another to her Dad..had she not she would have ended up in prison again for child abuse..sadly the only reason she keeps having kids is so she can get Government she gets $1000 for each child from the irs..she puts her oldest on her forms even though he does NOT live with her and she does NOT support him in any way..all three babies have different daddies..(one baby is bi-racial and is a little doll)..something I have heard her admit several times..she has committed credit card fraud, cashed stolen checks, robbed mail boxes and private homes and Daughter was in the bathroom washing her hands when she watched Amanda Smith leave the stall adjust her clothing then walk out of the bathroom without washing her hands..she has also been seen in another eatery picking her nose then handling food..sadly KFC does not care about these complaints against her therefore we wont be returning to that particular KFC..I refuse to eat food prepared by a filthy, snot picking, money stealing, child raping, baby abusing whore..

  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 18, 2009

    Wow! I always t assumed KFC was more discerning than that in their hiring practices. Scary chicken indeed.

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dirty - bad service

To whom it may concern,

I would like to complain about the KFC store on Canterbury Rd Punchbowl NSW .

I went to the KFC on Sunday 2nd NOV 08 and I was so disappointed that this store had no clean tables chicken bones all over the floor.

When I decided to order they put the food on a tray and gave it to me. The tray was so dirty that I had to ask for a another one which was also dirty.

What kind of store is this? very dirty, service was really bad.

When I spoke to the manager on charged for that day her excuse was its Sunday and where very busy. So they don't have time to clean.

My children even wanted sauce but they didn't even have any.

You must go an inspect this KFC on a Saturday & Sunday.

Would please get back to me ASAP with your result on this matter

nasty food

Me and my husband went to kfc to eat, it was a waste of my money for what it cost.The cole slaw was so dry no dressing on it, so I took it back up to get another one and it was the same.The chicken strips was not done, the snacker sandwich was so dry, food is very expensive today you should get what you pay for.I would not recommend this place to no one, a bunch of young kids working there that does not know how to prepare food and they didn't know what they were doin.I would like for you to check into the place.Me and my husband got stomach cramps after we ate.We threw the rest of the food out, I will never eat there agin that was 14.64 down the drain. Shirley callis

  • Sh
    shirley Nov 01, 2008

    Very poor service and place was filthy and bad service and nasty food.

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dirt & filth

After several visits I have to say that is a filthy hole, and when I registered a complaint about the dirt...


My 83 year old mother and I were having buffet on senior night. She could not finish her chicken and wanted to take the scrap home for the neighbor's cat. Jane Jurgens was washing tables near us and kept hovering and hovering, so I told my mom to wait till she left, as there is a "no take -out" policy and Jane is a known stickler. When Jane left the area Mom got a baggie from her purse, that had meds in it, but she wanted to use it to protect the scrap, and Jane swooped out of nowhere and said loudly there is a no take out policy. Mom said I know, and Jane said she saw her baggie and heard me say to wait till she left the area. Mom's elder friends were sitting all around us, and staring, and so I told Jane she was harassing my mom, and I would be reporting in. I did not realize a left over scrap was considered "take out" by KFC. I'm sure manager Danita does watch purses of the elderly for scraps that go home to pets. Having been a long time faithful customer, I will no longer patronize the facility, nor several people who were upset that Jane was harassing an 83 year old patron over a scrap. I guess it's better off in the garbage than the kitty's tummy. Shame on them. Jane needs to be demoted.

  • ANDREA321 Feb 02, 2009


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horrible food and bad manegment

Took food back to kfc cheshire oaks because it was over cooked, the chicken was all dry and very hard to eat, when went back to the store the manager was messing around with the staff at the back, where all the customers could see, not very professional at all. when approached by the manager who looked like a 17 year old boy ? he was not very helpful and did not seem intrested in what was are problem, i found this very rude and unprofessional. i think this store is run very badly and will never be going there again. DISGRACE !

messed up order

On Sept 21, 2008, I was on my way to Madison and stopped at the KFC Taco Bell drive thru. I ordered a large...

2 comments Platteville Food

overcharge and rude to customer

Mon. Sept. 15 beteen 3:15 and 3:30 p.m. I ordered an 8 pc. bucket and paid for the 8 pc bucket. When we...

store filthy

I was at Claypots Dundee today.

Dundee Claypotts
Tom Johnson Road

The place is filthy.
The toilet doors, walls and floors do not look as if they have been cleaned for somr time.
The seating area chairs, tables, walls, doors, windows and light shades are visibly filthy.
I will not been going there again.

staff bad attitude

Dear Sir,
Hope this mail find you well,
I am sending this email to you knowing that you care a lot about customer satisfaction, and since I was unable to find a place to submit my complain so please forward this email for me to the right place.
I already deal with all Americana restaurants and I enjoy the customer service especially on Tikka (the best Service ever, especially Khalifa Ma'moon branch)
I would like to share with you what happened to me on Friday, September 5, 2008 on KFC, Alexandria, Beside Stanly Bridge
• I want to have Iftar there with my family
• We made the order, and waited our turn
• I mentioned to the cashier person – as usual - that I need three meals "white meat" and one meal "red meat" and he told me to tell that personally to the person who will prepare the meal (this was very difficult of course as the place was crowded and every body was yelling especially that the staff were very slow)
• They were working manually as the screen wasn’t working
• They were very slow and confused, not organized at all, mixing between orders.

What happened was as follows:
• Two orders were after me and received their meal before me.
• I received the meal after 45 minutes from submitting the order (supposed to be fast food)
• The order was incorrect, as the person preparing the meal ignored me completely while I was begging him to listen to me to tell him about the red meat and white meat.
• He wasted time preparing another meal to me and when I blamed him saying that "you are too slow because you don’t listen to the customers" he replied saying " that is correct Madame" which was really provoking
• This person was the supervisor named "Islam Abd El-Shakoor", I am not sure of the name because no one was wearing name tag.
• I received the drink very hot and when I asked to change them with cold one, a lady named "Iman" -replied without looking to me- saying "wait" with a very impolite and provoking way.
• Since I was already very nervous from waiting and from the 1st provoking reply, so when I received the 2nd provoking reply I yelled at her asking for cold drink. She replied saying "that's what we have". (she could have calmed me down and offer another type of existing cold drinks)
• The meal includes "amar eldeen" (apricot) and they replaced it with "French fries" without taking our opinion and when I asked how could they replace desert with fries, Mr. "Islam Abd El-Shakoor" said "That's the way it is"
• Since no one were wearing name tags as I mentioned before, I asked "Iman" to provide me with her name because I will submit an official complain, and you will be surprised sir that she challenged me saying "do whatever you can do"

I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action regarding this incident especially that even the supervisor were a part of it.
Also You can send someone there to inspect and see their attitude and you will see more that what I narrated.

Thanks in advance

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 08, 2008

    Check out

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  • Si
    SIMONS May 07, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to share with you what happened to me on Thursday, May 07 2009
    I am sorry but I did not get her name but she was taking our order and messed it up because she was talking on the phone and she did not ask us if we needed any thing to go with our food or if we wanted sauce with our meal and she forgot to put my meal becasuse she was on the phone and the quality of food was poorly prepared the food was over done also the kichin staff was yellen and hiting the walls

    I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action

    thank you
    from a first time

    at Cuyahoga falls oh

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