KFCa shift manager, said his name was mike, but he was working around 2 pm july 15, 2019

K Jul 16, 2019

I went into the KFC in Wentzville, Mo to get 2 4pks of the Cinnabon biscuits, which that KFC is the closest store to where I live in Jonesburg, Mo, which is about 30 miles away. I have went there to get these dessert biscuits several times before and never had a problem. This guy came up to the register to take my order and I told him I wanted the 2 4pks with the cinnamon stuff in a container and the icing in a container both on the side, which they did for me before bc there have been a few times that while I was driving home the cinnamon and icing that was all over the biscuits leaked down and thru the bottom and all over my car. Also, bc I drive so far to get them, I get some for the next day, too, and the biscuits get nasty if they're covered in the cinnamon and icing for a day or two. So, as I ask this worker to put the cinnamon and icing to the side, this other guy working there came up to the register and started saying that they couldnt do that, and he said he was the shift manager, he was so rude and ignorant to me, I argued with him, telling him I had gotten it that way before, but it was like it was HIS icing and cinnamon, he just stood there and I couldnt even order anything at all bc he just stood there giving me the most evil look. Now, I thought u all are in business to sell your food, but I guess not! So, I drove all that way and couldnt even get 1 biscuit! Thats messed up and I want this guy fired! If not Im going to start a campaign for people to stop buying your food. Its just so wrong bc the customer is supposed to be always right, but most of all, if a customer wants something a certain way and its reasonable, something that can be done to make the customer happy, why wouldnt u do it?

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