Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]unacceptable food

A Nov 26, 2017

Date of incident: 24/11/17
Client number:
Full description of incident:

I ordered food from the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Greenwich recently and the food that was given to me was inedible. I ordered a Bucket for One and the chips served to me were clearly not fresh and were old chips that were refried. It was disgusting.
Also, the KFC store where I placed an order was totally understaffed and no
management was on hand to sort out the mayhem in the store. The staff were clearly not up to the job and I refuse to pay for not only the food that was received but the appalling customer service. This is the second time that I have had to complaint about a KFC store. My first complaint was totally ignored.

Desirable resolution of incident:

I require a refund of what I paid as I am not prepared to pay for the food that I was served. It is unacceptable. I ordered a take-away so I was no longer in the store to complain about the food and return it.

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