Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]poor management

D Nov 03, 2019

Look at the managers hair net in her back pocket!!! I went in with my wife and an employee for lunch today and there was no food on the buffet. After repeated requests to put some food on the buffet and being ignored I finally asked for a refund. The manager took her time in first told me she was not going to refund anything I persisted she then took another 15 minutes to give me a refund which was short less than the amount they charged me for lunch that I never received. She refused to give me a receipt and walked off which forced me to call the police and make the police report. My guess is she scamming the register. Another gentleman came in just before me ask for his money back she refused to give it to him and he left losing all of his money he paid for lunch. I have seen some bad customer service in my time but nothing this pathetic. She even made racial statements to a coworker. I was going to leave them a bad review but not sure at one and two stars it would have made a difference... Do not eat at kfc loganville. The officer that made the police report said they were there all the time due to bad management and problems.

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]

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