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Reviews and Complaints

KFC # H730050staff service/ missing item

Cashier Abigail was very rude and did not tell me while I was ordering that their was an additional charge for the breast in the big box. Abigail slammed my cup down after I asked her why she didn't tell me about the additional charge; when I took my bag to my office, I then ascertained that she did not put the cole slaw in the box! Not only was I charged additional money, I also didn't receive my entire meal... This is unacceptable and Abigail needs to be reprimanded!

  • Ev
    Everywhere Nov 01, 2019

    Common sense dictates that the breast is the most expensive cut of the chicken. At every chicken place I've been to, you have always had to pay more for chicken breast meat Are you an extremely young person, new to ordering by yourself?

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  • Sa
    sandwic Nov 01, 2019

    @Everywhere The OP appears young, but apparently they are old enough to work and drive. I can understand why you would think that the OP is young though. She behaves like she is five years old by ASSuming that someone is rude to her because they want her to pay extra for a better cut of meat. As for forgetting the coleslaw everyone makes mistakes. I am sure if she were reprimanded for a mistake she made while at work she would not like it. Probably thinks she is above above and better of a person since she works in an office. But it is apparent she cannot read.

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  • Sa
    sandwic Nov 01, 2019

    How was the lady rude to you? The only issue here is that you cannot read? This is why they did not tell you that chicken breast cost extra. When they see someone is old enough to drive they think that they know how to read. IF you cannot afford chicken breast next time do not order it. Just because you cannot read and afford chicken breast does not mean that the cashier was rude to you. Maybe someone needs to go to your office and accuse you of being rude an demand that you are reprimanded. The cashier should not be reprimanded just because you cannot read or afford the chicken breast.

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