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Complaints & Reviews

the girls in the white shirts (assuming some kind of supervisors?)

It is Wednesday, February 19, 2020. The weather forecast is calling for snow and of course everyone goes to...


the product that I am complaining about today is I bought some steaks at the price of 2093 and you put alarm...

horrible hate speech from employee

I was in the produce area and there was (What I assume to be) a gay couple shopping. An older white haired...

about managers

I work for Ingles and for the last couple of months Glen rice, assistant manager, and Ryan, floor manager...

customer service at ingles gas station

On several occasions I've frequented the Ingles gas station and typically the cashiers are friendly...

gas express

Oct 1st 2019 I went to get gas after I got off of work like I usually do and was treated very badly. The...


I have shopped at this Ingles Store since the doors first opened in the 90's. I had become close...

jim lanning ceo

From my Yelp Review
For those of you that have had bad experiences I can tell you I know why. The problem starts at the top with James Lanning CEO and President! I recently was trying to lease some unoccupied space in the Cherrydale Point shopping center in which Ingles Markets owns. I have a very successful retail and online business that I have operated for the last 15 years and have been trying to locate a suitable larger space to help expand my business. I first tried for weeks to contact the listed realtor John Spake with no real success. Finally after two weeks I received an email and was able to obtain floor plans. I had been trying to arrange a viewing of the spaces and was not getting any response via email or phone. I gave up and contacted the corporate office and spoke with the real estate person their named Mary. I explained the situation and she advised after a couple of calls that she would have the centers maintenance person call me and he would allow me access. I never heard from him and still had not heard back from the realtor. After two weeks I called back to Mary and she could not explain why I was not contacted. When I asked when I could get access she then advised me that I should look for another location and did not give me a reason. At this point I ended the call and tried to contact who she reported to. There is no information on who that would be so I tried to contact the CEO and received no response either via the phone or email. No let me preface that I have tried to contact other CEO and Presidents of much larger businesses to advise them of a customer service issue when I felt the lower level employees where not, in my opinion, living up to a good customer service standard. For example I once contacted the office of Bob Iger CEO at Disney and received a call back within an hour! The same with Intuit's President Brad Smith about a software issue. Both issues where easily resolved. Here's the kicker. I never talked to either one of those two CEO's. They just let someone else with the authority to address the issue here my reasonable question and gave me a reasonable response and resolved the issue. At Ingles, the CEO was never in the office during the two weeks I tried to contact him. He does not seem to have an admin or secretary just a phone receptionist that just takes messages. And of course you can not explain the issue to her. Today I received a call back from Mary in Ingles real estate advising me that Ingles would not lease to my business! They have never met me, seen my finances and even allowed me access to the space. Seeing some of the customer service comments I can see where the problems arise. It is the CEO and his way of communicating or in this case not communicating with a potential business partner. In this case a lessee of one of the companies properties! Frankly, I did not understand how this business can stay in business. If I treated people this way I would be out of business!

ingles health insurance

I've worked for ingles since 2018. I started with ingles insurance for the first time in January and my...

sale item, manager attitude

I purchased ingles frozen yogurt, sign saying 2/7, when it scanned, it was regular price of 4.28, manager...

Ingles Markets

general business ethos

On April 25, 2017 I went into the Hogansville, GA Ingles to purchase strawberries. The sign in front of the...

fall due to water on the floor

I fell at the Hendersonville (Howard Gap Rd) store in August 2015 around 11:45a.m. and reported it to the...

fired over advatage card

I had worked for Ingles for nine years before getting fired over an advantage card. On monday I had gotten told I had six weeks to get my items per minute up. Thursday after I came back from lunch a customer had two items I had gotten distracted and forgot to ask for the card so i returned her items to straighten it out., I got wrote up. I didn't let them know I was upset and was sent back to my register Trying to choke back tears I went back to my register. Thirty minutes later I had asked a lady for her card she was looking for it and i forgot to re ask for the card and had finished the order, so I had to redo her order and was sent home told I had to talk to the store manager before returning.
After reading the otheir complaints I agree their is not enough training. They on inconsistent on their policies like the Ipms they will fuss for awhile then it quietens down and the thing is they tell you how to "cheat" but they have yet to show you a prper way of scanning groceries. Have you ever wondered about why you have to sign the Advantage card policy over and over again. no traininbg on that either just sign a piece of paper until the next time.

manager complaint

My lawyer bought my husband and I $963.00 worth of food out of the blue because he felt bad for us ( My...


I shop at the Black Mountain Ingles store occasionally. It is generally a clean store, friendly manager and most employees are nice. There is one cashier at the store that works there. I avoid going in her lane when possible. I saw her when I went in recently Aug.30, 2010, and chose another lane next to hers. I was getting my groceries checked out, but noticed how she treated the customers in her line. She does not greet them upon entering her lane, smile, or nothing. In fact, she doesn't say a word to the customers, except for how they are paying. She saw me entering the check-out area, did not smile, and looked at me with a blank look on her face. I don't know how she stays there. She acts like she does not want to be there in the first place. I thought about telling management upon leaving the store, but figured she will run into someone one day who will complain of her rudeness by not speaking to customers. I work as a grocery store cashier at a different grocery store. I give my best, smiling and saying hi to customers, thanking them and even engaging in conversation. When I go grocery shopping elsewhere, I expect the same service as I give. If you don't like working at a grocery store, quit, and do yourself a favor and take your bad attitude somewhere else.

discrimination to school kids

My son worked for Ingles in Commerce, Georgia for almost 2 years. To make a VERY long short, he was fired...

deli manager intimidating

I do not appreciate Mister William Boheim (deli manager) at Woodlin Hills Ingles, store #22 breaking into my facebook, cut and pasting my profile and a conversation I was having with my friends, adding stuff to it and then proceeding to hand it to my son and intimidate him with it. My son has been written up twice and gave a verbal warning all in about a week. My son has worked there many years and has never been abused like this. Since Mr. William Boheim was on the clock when he did this, I hold INGLES responsible also. This will not get swept under the carpet!!!

dayshift slacking

I use to work at the Ingles at Woodland Hills. My son still works there. He works at night in the deli department. There are a few day shift workers that leave alot of stuff for night shift to do that they could or should of done. They should do there DISHES but they leave them along with alot of other things for nightshift to do. The night shift is suppose to get everything cleaned up by 9 pm, but with them doing their job and dayshifts stuff, they don't get out on time. My son has been making sandwiches for a long time there and now he got a verbal warning about sandwiches!!! It is probably because they just interviewed some people and are going to can some of the workers. I am so glad that I got out of there before the new deli manager came in. It sure was working alot better with the old manager. I think that some of those deli workers need to quit milking and get their jobs done instead of putting it off on someone else.

  • Mo
    moondancen May 09, 2010

    I use to work there in the deli and they r doing the same thing that they did when I was there. They need to do their job and quit putting if off on night shift. Get it straight. I am the one complaining. My son SHOULD NOthave been written up!!! Some people just don't not what they r talking about on here.

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  • Mo
    moondancen May 09, 2010

    I wrote to HR, but as long as they r making money, they do not care about what goes on.

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  • Mo
    moondancen May 09, 2010

    I am not even going to answer this Irish. She puts garbage on alot of complaints on here.

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  • Mo
    moondancen May 10, 2010

    Pretty soon all Ingles will be just places that I pass by on my way to grocery shop somewhere else. Writing up someone about one sandwich done wrong, lol. What a bunch of stupid people.

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  • Mo
    moondancen May 11, 2010

    If you r who I think you r "Irish", then I will be seeing u very soon. I know more about computers than you ever will. LOL!!!

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  • Mo
    moondancen May 11, 2010

    LOL!! Yup, who would of thought that it would be you. LOL!!!

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bad food, nasty management

I sincerely do not know what you can or can not do regarding Ingles Grocery Store but felt it was necessary to tell you some of the things that have happened to me while shopping there.

Last week I shopped at Ingles. With other groceries, I purchased frozen cooked shrimp ($15.48 dated 2012) and 4 chicken ***. The shrimp were bad. The smell and taste were terrible so uneatable. Two of the 4 *** were obviously chicken ***. The other two *** were definitely chicken skin but wrapped around parts (pieces) of darker meat of some kind. I threw those out also.

In the past I have written the store and complained.

I have brought home a jar of rancid mayonnaise.

I have brought home sour milk.

I have brought home cans upon cans of outdated vegetables, not even realizing till one smelled terrible and I saw the date was 2007. I am 64 and have shopped in NJ and Florida for over 30 years and never thought to check dates on canned vegetables. I actually never checked dates at all.

Now I do but I won't go into Ingles anymore. I have never once in over 30 years shopped and brought something that was bad home. I find that I can not protect myself from Ingles and every time I shop there, I come home with something bad, rancid, moldy - something to throw out.

I went to the salad bar and wanted some mustard potatoes sale. I asked the man if it was fresh. He picked up the bin and said "Yes, it is fresh we made it Monday" This was Thursday and I don't consider 4 day old salad with mayonnaise fresh.

I have brought home cheese that was moldy within the expiration date.

I have brought home cheese that was moldy but only on the inside within the expiration date.

The list is longer and I will not purchase things from Ingles any longer. It is difficult here because they make themselves "THE ONLY STORE IN TOWN"

This particular store is the Super Ingles in Black Mountain.

They do everything they can to "force you to walk the store impulse buying" as one manger told me. She shops at Bi-Lo. They try to induce you to buy their Laura Lynn products but my question is if the store, which people see, is that bad, what can their factory be like - or their products?

Taking something back. I have complained to the manger and his comment is "beats me" I have written and complained. My neighbor (who works there) just told his wife they have a lot of waste and to be extra careful of what she buys there. He said he would talk to his manager.

They did clean up some of the cans but the meat - don't get the family package cuz the two on top look fine but the two on the bottom are always brown, in my experience.

I will shop somewhere else. I have found the management to be the rudest people I have ever met in my life. Their customer service is great only when you are wiling to listen as to how much the employees hate working there.

How can a store this big, with this kind of clout be allowed to exist with such poor management is beyond me but it sure doesn't speak well for NC.

  • Ni
    N ick May 10, 2010

    Cashier abby screamed at me because my 9 month old baby puked in her isle and i had 2 kids with me and nothing to clean it up with. How rude instead of offering me something to clean with she screams at me an calls me names i mean what kind of buisness u running letting your employes talk to your costumers like that i will no longer shop at this location..I reported her to manager and all she said was that she will get someone to clean it up. Not happy at al and i would like something done please.

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  • Ve
    venus28139 Jul 12, 2010

    I totally feel your frustrations. I used to work for Ingles and could no longer stand the way they did business so I went back to work for the store I feel most at home in and thats Bi-Lo

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manager/asst managers

There is several reasons I will not shop at this Ingles. First the manager Kevin Byers. He is very rude to...