Shoprite Checkers Complaints & Reviews

Shoprite Checkers / Speed Zone racing cars

Sep 20, 2019

2019-09-20 We were shopping for toys at shoprite in Valhalla and an item that we found was priced at R19. 99. When we got to the till the item reflected more than double the price and the manager told us."we do not recognize the price tag." We believe that it not fair to show a price of an...

Shoprite Checkers / stolen money

Sep 16, 2019

I swiped at Shoprite Liquor in Diepkloof twice for one item. Their speed point said "decline, offline" according to the lady named Gugu. I requested for the slip of decline and they refused. Second swipe went through and the SMS notification showed that it went through twice. I supplied...

Shoprite Checkers / light meat shredded tuna in water cape point

Sep 11, 2019

out of curiosity I weight the drained contents of a tin, to my big surprise it only weighed 92 grams. Then I weighed the drained contents of another 4 tins not one had the contents it said on the tin. Namely 119 grams. the heaviest one was 109 grams and I didn't really squeeze very hard a...

Shoprite Checkers / rob cubitt - taking complaint in regards to poor service, personal and now refuses to help

Sep 06, 2019

Rob, why are taking the complaint personal. I am a client venting in regards to the poor service that I received and you taking the matter personal. You stated to my husband that you are pulling out of this complaint because of the insults. I deal with thousands of complaints on a daily...

Shoprite Checkers / spekko 2kg rice containing maggots...

Sep 05, 2019

I've bought Spekko 2kg rice, twice in the past two weeks and on both occasions did it contain maggots. I told the lady manager and ask her to pull it from the shelves, but it's still being sold. Please inform them to remove it from the shelves or I will lunge a complaint with the health...

Shoprite Checkers / negligence and ignorance

Sep 03, 2019

I had 2 occasions with Shoprite in Boksburg Town CBD, I once bought few items and not everything was packed including meat, Once again last month I bought few items but unfortunately my Sour Cream and chocolate was not packed and all the time realised when I get home and it's too far for...

Shoprite Checkers / magret (manager)

Sep 02, 2019

We que on the Kiosk at the till point for cigarette, to buy a 2 litre coldrink so she said we are not allowed to buy on the till only in till 1 n 2 but the was a long que, I just asked her that we usually buy on other shoprite but they gave us problem and she said this shoprite i...

Shoprite Checkers / rude manager refusing service

Aug 15, 2019

I mistakenly thought i had enough money from deposits to buy a 750ml beer. After trying to rectify my mistake i was told by an extremely rude store manager to go and shop somewhere else. Me and my acquaintances have spent tens of thousands of rands at your shop over the last year. We will...

Shoprite Checkers / bad service

Aug 14, 2019

Theres a guy whos working with trolleys and he took my trolly when i was exiting shoprite on my way to taxi renk, the trolley was having a lot of heavy shoprite plastic packages, he came to me and ask for shoptrite slip n i asked him cant you see the packages is for shoprite and why are...

Shoprite Checkers / enterprise polony pricing

Aug 04, 2019

Shoprite CheckersI visited the Lyttelton shoprite on 3 Aug 2019, there was a board advertising the enterprise polony 1kg for r29.99. I took 2, got to the cashier n it scans for r59.99 instead of r29.99 She called a supervisor n she says that the special excludes this specific polony, which was the...

Shoprite / poor service

Jul 28, 2019

Once again I had to call your local Shoprite at the the Castle Centre about 2 complaints which would not even havwe been one if the second one did not happen because i am so used to your packers' poor client service. I quickly ran in to buy just a couple things then while I was there I...

Shoprite / ken (an employee)

Jul 20, 2019

He was working on something else. There was a cart with grapes on it. I started to look at them, trying to chose a bag go purchase. While my daughter and I are looking at it he yanks the cart away. I said I was trying to grab grapes, it will take me less than a minute. He said, I got work...

Shoprite Checkers / nutri kids

Jul 20, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam We simply love the Nutri Kids milk product for 3 years and up for our 3 year old twins but cannot readily obtain it at the store, Checkers, Fairbridge Mall, Brackenfell where I do my shopping. I am in luck when I find it on a shelve. Today I was at a dentist with the twin...

Shoprite Checkers / disgraced and offended

Jul 16, 2019

Bazeleacke Williams Dear Reader Hope that you are well. As a client of your popular shop today I was deeply disgraced by your personal. On the 07/07/19 05:20 I bought groceries of almost R2054 food and 2electronic goods a straightener and haidreyer was among the things I bought. On Sunday I...

Shoprite Checkers / fake prices

Jul 15, 2019

Shoprite CheckersOn the 13/07/2019 I went to ShopRite store at modjadji plaza _kgapane(bolobedu) to buy 1litre first choice vanilla custard, on the shelves priced 21.99 but on the tillpoints is 23.99 then I asked one of the staff supervisors then she replied that it's a mistake the real price is 23.99 not...

Shoprite Checkers / dole garden salad.

Jul 13, 2019

Shoprite CheckersI purchased a bag of Dole garden salad on 7/11/2019 with an enjoy by date of 7/19/2019 today is 7/13/2019 and the entire bag is brown and smells spoiled. I stored it properly in the refrigerator! This is an absolute waste of a 3lb bag of salad! You're produce is rumored to be the worst amongst all other grocery stores and I concur!! I'm very upset!!

Shoprite Checkers / vivilite highlighter

Jul 11, 2019

Shoprite CheckersGood day I brought the ViviLite highligthers (4-pack) amongst other grocery items and to my surprise 3/4 have dried- out first attempt usig them. I would like a replacement of the highlighters as I am not willing to spend more than what I have already and I need them as I am also a...

Shoprite Checkers / harassment at work

Jul 08, 2019

Good day I Would like to lodge a complain aGainst Ms Julies the sales manager of Checkers Capegate I am an outsource, merchandiser at the store and cant work with this woman I have alot op principles to attend to but she feel the need to insult me every chance she gets infront of other...

Shoprite Checkers / safety for us shoppers

Jun 24, 2019

A Family friend was on his to to visit us when 6 guys at Shoprite Cravenby tried to Rob him. They waited outside for him so that they can take his belongings he obviously called my husband and was safely collected by him. This is not the first time people are being robbed at Cravenby...

Shoprite Checkers / beef steerling burgers

Jun 05, 2019

Shoprite CheckersGood Morning To whom it may concern, I am so disappointed, I bought monthly grocery's on the 25th. On the 3rd of June, I made the Burgers for supper. immediately my husband said something taste sour. My 8 and 12 year also mentioned it on their fist bite. Eventually I took a bite, and it...

Shoprite Checkers / poor customer service

Apr 24, 2019

I purchase a spicy chicken sandwich and a fish sandwich 2 for 3. I asked for extra pickle on both sandwiches and also tomatoes with on the spicy chicken I leave I pay for the mail I pay the extra cost and I'm and also heavy tartar for the fish I leave at the pan for my merchandise get...

Shoprite / health of food in store

Apr 13, 2019

This morning I was in our local Shoprite to get a few things and when I went to get some meat, there were birds all over the meat, which is terrible because their nails were digging into the wrapping, which means that they were touching the meat and there were no staff around doing any...

Shoprite Holdings / spinach

Jan 01, 2019

Shoprite HoldingsAt USAVE SHOPRITE at Jeppstown I went to buy spinach there only to find out it's rotten it's normal, then I asked the cashier Khumbulani Nsele who apologised about the situation and he called his superior when the guy came he said there is nothing they can do. I suggested that why don't...

Shoprite at Tsakane Mall / withdrawing money

Dec 31, 2018

Am Nthabiseng I was at shoprite Tsakane Mall around 13h34 I went to till 23 the person who was working there is Millicent, she told me already when I arrived at her till that she only taking card and she was shouting she give me an attitude then they was a person in front me that brother...

Shoprite Holdings / essential iron

Dec 21, 2018

Shoprite HoldingsI bought my iron around may this year.i thought I had a warranty on the iron if it stopped working according to the shoprite cashiers/unauthorised technician they can't assist me because the iron has a dent meaning my top was burnt by the iron that the burn dent that on the iron. I...

Shoprite Holdings / customer service

Dec 04, 2018

hi! i am a frequent shopper at your ramsey store. However on 12-2-18 I saw employee Darnell yell at employeees. He was very rude and out of line to them. you treat your customers like gold and to see employees treated disrespectful and not recieving the same treatment as customers i...

Shoprite Checkers / poor service

Nov 19, 2018

On Saturday the 17th of November 2018 i went to shoprite Alexandra pan Africa and i was assisted by this unprofessional and rude lady the name of Anelisa. While I standing on the queue she was busy to her friend at the same time taking her time while saving customers and when I got to the...

Shoprite Holdings / manager and poor customer service

Nov 10, 2018

Kenako shoprite store in Sphondo rd Port elizabeth. Am turned back by the suppervisor because my iterms are more than 10 nd there was no body to tell me this, when i called the manager she also sends me back to pay by other tillpoints, where the line is very long nd sh says it is the shoprite rules that is important not my happiness as the customer

Shoprite Holdings / food (stir fry)

Nov 08, 2018

Shoprite HoldingsI bought stir fry at USave in Mthatha today at 15:55 when I was about to cook it, I opened the plastic and unbearable smell filled my kitchen as the stir fry was rotten. I drove to USave to lodge a complaint and them to refund me my money as I was no longer interested in their stir fry...

Shoprite Holdings / car competition

Nov 07, 2018

Shoprite HoldingsI want to play a win a car competition but it shows the number is used already. Why is it that you guys lie to customers, why should I still bring you my business if you are not trustworthy? Will the consumer rights commission and ombudsman agree on the way you found...

Shoprite Checkers - Illoff Street / rotten food

Nov 05, 2018

Tues 30 Oct I purchased a packet of Pot o' Gold frozen Peas, Sunday 04 Nov I opened the pack to cook, to my surprise the colour was white/cream instead of green as you would expect peas to look like. I boiled them and the smell that filled may kitchen was terrible. it is so disgusting when...

Shoprite Holdings / checkers kroonstad

Oct 22, 2018

Firstly let me compliment you on your revamped store A real beauty Then with a sad heart I must bring under your attention that the store is getting a bad name in the community through the lack of interest for their jobs by your staff members On numerous occasions we are faced with empty...

Shoprite Holdings / poor service

Oct 16, 2018

It's so sad how we get treated when we shop at our township shoprite. Firstly the cashier was on the go slow mode, I get to the till she after ringing all my groceries she advise that I cannot use my husband's card which is understandable for safety precautions. I then asked to withdraw...

Shoprite Holdings / driver

Oct 03, 2018

Shoprite HoldingsGood day I would like to inform you that one of your trucks did not stop at a stop street on the kliphuewel road. We almost had a collision if my husband did not hit the breaks. We had children in the car. My husband flashed lights and the driver did not even bother to say sorry. This i...

Shoprite / poor service

Sep 20, 2018

I was at the express till. There were customers with big trolleys and lots of groceries in it. I asked the cashier to show me an express till because I was rushing. She just asked me if I think I'm the only one in a hurry in this queue. I was so humiliated. I went and complained to a...

Shoprite Holdings / scratch card

Sep 13, 2018

Morning I feel like you are scamming people, I bought stuff at Randfontein Station mall and got a scratch card with a winning and I went yesterday 12/09/2018 to use it with one product mentioned on the scratch card of course and it was invalid. they called the manager an she tried punching the...

Shoprite Holdings / custard and jelly

Sep 06, 2018

Shoprite HoldingsShoprite(Randburg Square) faked expiry dates on their desert which I bought an ate yesterday the 5th of September. The first expiry date was 31/08/2018. On top of it they a new expiry date 02/09/18 and again on top of that one they put a new one 05/09/18' Clearly if I ddnt buy it yesterday...

Shoprite Holdings / I was abused and harassed

Sep 06, 2018

I was abused I was at Shoprite in PE the Motherwell branch. I was so humiliated and thrown at the back office like i am a thief or what so ever. Two cashiers from money market didn't want to assist me they shout at me then after two securities came to me and grab me like infront of the...

Shoprite Of Bordentown / cashier

Sep 05, 2018

September 5, 2018 I have been a faithful ShopRite shopper for over 18 years. I've always loved shopping at the one closest to me in Bordentown New Jersey for its great convenience and familiarity. I shop for all my groceries and also use the pharmacy. I want to tell you about a very upsetting...

Shoprite / kellogs allbran security bad attitude/ u save naas / kamaqhekeza

Sep 04, 2018

Good day, yesterday [protected]) late in the evening when I visit my home village - I bought a box of kellogs all bran in Masibekela U Save/shoprite. Today morning my son had those kellogs for breskfast and I took him to school. When I arrive home I wanted to enjoy the same breakfast a...