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Whole Foods Market Services reviews & complaints

Whole Foods Market Services complaints 53

Whole Foods Market Services - wormy fish and Manager Joe and employees

This store is disgusting. The fish has worms. The employees are down right rude and so is Joe the manager.

I brought it back to the store and showed it to Joe and he just laughed. The employees are down right rude and so is Joe, the manager. It trickles down. Don't go to this store, it is disgusting. My friend also said that she had to return some meat, because it was also disgusting. The other bad reviews on this place are right. Make sure also to look at the ghostly section below for more bad reviews.

Whole Foods Market Services - customer service

My item would not scan, my Amazon code would not scan. The clerk at self service said, "too bad"took my items and left. No offer to help. I'm amazed he didn't ask me if I had money to pay and he acted as if I was an affront to Whole Foods. West Seattle store, 1/8/2022 at ~1800. There will be no resolution because this is the usual behaviour of the staff at the West Seattle Whole Foods. I only go there if I can't get to a better, nicer and overall more decent location.

Whole Foods Market Services - Upsetting incident at Whole Foods customer service counter in West Orange,NJ

This incident took place today (October 30)at approximately 2:45 pm. The store was extremely crowded with long lines and waits. I had only two items to checkout so I went to the customer service counter. There was a woman ahead of me checking out a few items.When it was my turn, I was told that there was a man in front of me. No problem. As it turned out, the man had started checking out in a different lane. He had about 20 items. The customer service rep went over to him and suggested that he switch to her. He declined. At that point I put my two items on the counter. I was promptly told to go to a different register because this register was only for
returns and Amazon prime dropofffs. When I reminded her (Alicia, a "team leader), about the other woman that had been ahead of me and the man whom they ( two young women) were going to checkout, she repeated what she had told me before. Then both turned and left, leaving me standing there. After waiting on a different line I returned to ask to speak with a manager.
Another woman, Catherine, supposedly a manager, was standing there and agreed with Alicia that this was a "store policy." I then asked her why I had been left standing there when both employees left the counter together. Catherine said, "Well, one of them had to leave." I asked to speak to a different manager and was told Catherine was the only one.

I'm a senior citizen and have been shopping at Whole Foods way before I became a senior citizen!
I've never experienced a moment of disrespect or "attitude."
This incident has obviously been unsettling for me.
I feel the employees in question should be admonished and then retrained.
I would like a reply.


Adrienne Seelig

Desired outcome: SEE ABOVE


Whole Foods Market Services - Violent assault by masked bandits, threatening behaviour toward customers

I was a victim of assault at the Whole Foods in Boise, Idaho. The criminals threatened my liberty to breathe freely, and used violence against me to dehumanize me. They made prank calls to the...

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Dec 22, 2020

Whole Foods Market Services - Butcher & store manager

My mother (small, Asian woman) was shopping by herself at a Whole Foods (Las Vegas Blvd, NV). She approached the meat section and wanted to buy the Tomahawk steaks. She asked the butcher on duty at...

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Whole Foods Market Services - Anti Canadian

Not allowed to wear poppies to respect the dead young men who defended this country?
Please leave Canada, no one needs a bunch of Nazis here.
Country of freedom and equality, your business needs to resituate itself in Hell where you clearly belong.
Will never again shop in your stores and will forever voice dislike over your heartless and soulless policies.
Leave Canada and set up in countries that do not allow freedom, your business structure will fit in well.


Whole Foods Market Services - Rude, worst customer service ever

Last year, I moved to the Schaumburg, Illinois area, and I started shopping at Whole Foods Market in Schaumburg. The employees here have the worst attitudes, especially when I shop in the produce...

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Whole Foods Market Services - Insulted and degraded by wf manager

This is covid-19 mask related. I request this be sent to wf, ds management, as I may also advise amazon of this unfortunate incident. I am 79 years of age and am an ethnic cleansing survivor. I am a...

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Feb 23, 2020

Whole Foods Market Services - Buffalo Chicken Dip Whole Foods Prepared

On Sunday February 22, 2020 I purchased a Blazing Buffalo Chicken Dip that is Whole Foods Prepared Fresh. I ate a scoop of this dip and bit into a hard sharp piece of white rubber. I could have...

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Nov 13, 2019

Whole Foods Market Services - working for wholefoods

So I have been working for Wholefoods for the past two years in the past two years I have been put on the final for attendance and even after explaining my situation my managers disregarded what I...

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Oct 17, 2019

Whole Foods Market Services - really bad attitude of the employees

I've been taken my breakfast at least 3 times a week in this place for the last 3 years. But lately the employees are getting a bad attitude and rude. the day 10/ 17 / 2019 . I took the small...

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Aug 05, 2019

Whole Foods Market Services - customer service and lack of support from tms and management and regional support when reporting harassment.

I am a former employee. I was terminated a month ago for an attendance policy I was protected with a doctors note by. I filed a grievance with tms and management and information was leaked throughout...

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Whole Foods Market Services - customer service

I was at the Whole Foods store and I accidentally had diarrhea in my pants. It wasn't my fault that I wasn't wearing underwear that day! So instead of helping to clean up the poopy that was all over my crack, pants and shoes, they told me to leave! How horrible! It smelled mighty bad of course, but what a way to treat a customer! I came in looking for a discount on habenero peppers and fresh spicy salsa and left with doody all over me... Never again!

Whole Foods Market Services - cashier

My family and I went to the Whole Foods Market at 10601 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida 6/24/2019 4:00pm. And upon checking out we put on the counter a container of hot food we got at the hot food bar. Its all the same price by the pound. It was in a closed container and she asked what we were having. I told her Vietnamese Chicken. And the female cashier said loudly with a big smile " Oh, the Vietnamese cat. I said what? And she said Loudly again "Vietnamese Cat". Its actually cat not chicken! My daughters who each have cats couldn't believe she actually said something as ignorant as that. Neither could my wife and I. The people in line behind us were shaking their heads too. Whole foods prices for one should prevent shoppers from having to deal with ignorant and low class people/employees when they shop and spend good money at their store. Seems their employees aren't vetted very well before hire. Certainly don't leave your purse or personal items in your cart when you shop there. That manager needs to go to Walmart or less! And she didn't give us a receipt either we realized after checking the bags. Doesn't want people to know her name?

Apr 24, 2019
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Whole Foods Market Services - perished food sold to customers

Yesterday, 04/23 I was at Whole Foods on Mayo Blvd & Scottsdale Rd to buy soy milk and seitan protein. I noticed that one of the 2 last soy milk bottle was perished since June 2018. I notified the...

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Whole Foods Market Services - the hot bar

1/18/2019 Hi, today was not a good day for me at you guys store. I shop at this location just about everyday and today was a waist of time for my company and myself. I arrived at the store today for...

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Oct 31, 2018

Whole Foods Market Services - bad customer service

I also had a similar experience when I went to customer service at Whole Foods in Harlem NYC to exchange/refund an item. For some reason, the lady before me got an immediate refund for her items but...

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Whole Foods Market Services - boulder specialty department - clerk (jamie)

I use to buy Stilton Cheese from Whole Foods Boulder Pearl St Store, but I don't anymore. I don't know that I will again, because my experience was that bad. I now purchase Stilton Cheese from...

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Sep 08, 2018

Whole Foods Market Services - security — I don't safe shopping at whole foods.

Yesterday, I was buying groceries at the Whole Foods' Columbus Circle location. It was a busy time and the line was very long. I went to get one more item while my friend was in a line, only to find out that my friend was getting verbally harassed by another customer when I came back. The other customer was calling my friend as "uncivilized" because he didn't move further in a line, when there was, in fact, no space in that crowded space. The aggressive verbal attacks and threats kept going on. We initially tried to ignore him, but he became more and more aggressive; when my friend eventually confronted him, he hit my friend's face. I immediately asked for the security guards.

It took a while for the security person to arrive. But here is a more serious problem. When the security guard finally came, I asked for mediation between us and the aggressive customer who was still standing next to us. But the security person just said, "Since it's not the Whole Foods' problem, you should report to the police." Yes, the aggressive customer is not a Whole Foods employee, but the incident happened on its premise, and we were asking for a safe way of resolving the situation--and the security guards are meant to act as such mediators in this kind of incident (according to the store manager as well). Even though I kept saying the customer standing right next to me hit my friend's face, the security person didn't even TRY to talk to or confirm the facts from that customer, and just asked, "Do you want to call the police or not?", and just let that customer run away.

I am deeply disappointed by how the situation was handled and feel unsafe shopping at Whole Foods. What if he punched me really hard and I got seriously injured? Would they still say that they can't even get hold of or talk to the attacker because it's not Whole Foods' problem? What's the benefit of paying the premium by shopping at Whole Foods then?

Apr 18, 2018

Whole Foods Market Services - doughnuts

My Family and I go to the Whole Foods in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the past year and always look forward to Dough Doughnuts. They are local and you have had them forever in this store. I can't find...

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