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Food Lion reviews & complaints

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Dec 05, 2021

Food Lion - Prices being wrong all the time

I shop at the Foodlion on Bridge Road(1173). The prices are always wrong and when asked why I was told the price coordinator changes the prices on Tuesday every week. I don't understand why this is happening?! I thought the sales were on Wednesday?! The Foodlion ad tells you what is on sale but it is really different then the prices in the store. I have an issue at checkout with this every time I shop! Please help!

Desired outcome: Prices to be correct!

Food Lion - Terrible since renovation

This store is on Brittingham Lane in Princess Anne, Md. Since it was renovated several months ago shopping here is a complete waste of time. Fully 75% of sale items are not in stock. This is not an exaggeration I actually counted the empty shelves where sale items were supposed to be stocked. I overheard other shoppers complaing about the same thing.
On my last trip there I found so many common items (not even sale items) I needed were not available or no longer carried that I pushed my cart with the few items I could find, up to the cashier area, left it there and walked out the door.
I drove 10 more miles up the road to Walmart (Acme Markets is just a bit further up the road too). I was able to get everything I needed at WalMart's grocery section.
I won't even bother stopping at Food Lion anymore, I'll just drive the extra miles to Walmart or Acme and avoid the frustration and waste of my time. Food Lion needs to close this store.

Desired outcome: Stock what you advertise or close this waste of time store !!

Food Lion - Bad management

I worked at Food Lion in 37388. I really thought I would be there for a long time. I had a rocky start in my training. It was during a reset and some floor and painting work. I made allowances for that. Then a few weeks later I realized I would never get proper training if I was only given one day a week.
The I wanted to apply for a position that was a step up. I waited for it to be posted. I was told we would be told when we could apply. I ask about and was told it was already closed. I was crushed. A few days later I was told to work at the bagging end and help out. Then a short time later I was told I could do that; I need to stand at the other end of the registers. I mean what am I supposed to do?
The next day I was treated even worse. I was pushed from one place to another. I mean what is that all about. I was hurt. I wanted to accomplish something with my job. But when another employee let it slip that I was not liked and wanted to leave. I told myself that day I would never be back in the store again.
I have to go back one time. I will take back the shirt and get my pay. But I will never go back to Food Lion again.

Desired outcome: All new front end management

Sep 13, 2021

Food Lion - Management of food lion

A horrible manager at foodlion. Her name is Apple, she's disrespectful to her employees... Harassing them and called them names and treated them horrible especially in foodlion to go. My daughter and...

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Food Lion - Baby back ribs

9-9-21 Danville SuperStore #1465 Call in order delivered by Johnathan at 4 pm. Didn't get half my groceries. Ordered 4 baby back ribs, had to be packed at factory this way. One was broke and...

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Food Lion - Deliberately took out my husband's card amount twice

We went to the money order counter and a lady named tasia immediately copped an attitude. My husband and I split the bills on two separate cards. I have woodforest and he has chase. She took out the...

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Food Lion - Customer service always closed

Everyday the customer service office is always closed. Whats the sense in having the slogan, always here to serve you if it's always closed. It's very aggravating and a big disappointment when you walk in the store expecting to be able to purchase money orders to put your bills in the mail and its closed. That's not serving the customers. Poor mgmt

Desired outcome: Customer service being open to serve the customers

Food Lion - Very poor customer service.

Hello, I was at the Food Lion at 104 Highway 54 today in Carrboro and felt I was the victim of racism by the cashier. I am a white man and when I walked to the checkout the young girl, who is black...

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Food Lion - Manger following me

I have been shopping at foodlion on reidsville rd in spartenburg sc since they switched from bilo was shopping at bilo almost 2 years and not once have ive been watched and followed on every allie like today 7/14/2021 where i almost stopped shopping and went to another store just because i have a mohawk and a muscle dystrophy which makes me skinny make me a thief ive never stolen from any where always pay my way he judgeing a book by its cover which is very offensive as i fell like people stare cause my disability and they way it makes me walk something needs to be done about this issue or ill shop else where if he taught i was stealing then he should of stopped me on the way out not just stop following me after i go to register i didnt get his name but i was in store at 930 am he is white male manger i shop here almost every 2 days so they should know who i am not that many people come in with a mohawk.

Desired outcome: Something needs to be done to make me feel comfortable to shop again

Food Lion - MVP Program and Shop and Earn

I frequently shop at Food Lion because it is close by and I've spent over $500 in the month of June, 2021. With each purchase I am supposed to be receiving credits for ‘Shop and Earn' in certain categories such as breads, frozen foods, meats and seafood, beverages, snacks and bakery, etc. after submitting multiple copies of receipts and requesting repeatedly I am still missing the bonus offers for two more categories and I'm tired of having to constantly send emails because some thing and Food Lion system is not giving credit to items that I purchase. Management in the store is unable to do anything and simply tells me to just "keep trying". Specifically, $30 spent in frozen food is supposed to garner a four dollar reward. In a single purchase I spent $22 in frozen foods and on the next trip another $18. I have exceeded the $30 needed to earn the reward and will have to send another email to plead with Food Lion to apply the $3.

Desired outcome: Please credit my purchases

Food Lion - Sprite zero eight pack

I have written one complaint and have not heard back from your company. I would like to get this resolved. I purchased an eight pack of Sprite Zero on June 11th from the local Food Lion in Welcome...

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Food Lion - Service

Manager reprimanding employee in front of customers. It is offensive and made me feel uncomfortable. It seemed humiliating and degrading for employee. No reason manager cant correct employee in an...

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Food Lion - Pork roast

Attached label found on a pork roast product at Garner Food Lion - We did not purchase and left the store along with several other customers. The person in the meat department was questioned but was unable to provide any explanation except that it came from corporate!
why would Food Lion discourage a USA product? Please explain-
This is second request

Desired outcome: Explaination

Food Lion - Open hot food bar

Good afternoon, I'm a residence of Mocksville, North Carolina where I shop at least twice a week at your Yadkinville Highway store. I noticed on Saturday January 23, 2021 that your hot food bar that...

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Oct 11, 2020

Food Lion - Store closing to early

I went to foodlion in hudson nc prior to 11:00pm to purchase cigars. This store and 1 other store are the only place withi 30 miles to purchase them. I will attach a photo if there is a place to do...

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Food Lion - Cashier

Well the cashier name is Martha. The cashier put her hand in her mouth and then touch my grocery. Well she was touching her teeth. Well she was also touching her mask over and over again. Well, I am...

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Food Lion - Mask wearing

Last I heard a mandate is not a law. The Governor of Virginia has placed many exemptions or exceptions as provisions for people that cannot wear a mask. Food Lion is now requiring people to wear a...

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Mar 06, 2020

Food Lion - Mortons Lite Salt

Why have all the newly renovated stores in central VA changed so many products? One most needed is to re-stock Morton's Lite Salt. I have been using this product for years and now I have to order needed items from
Wal -Mart. I would much rather purchase this product locally. PLEASE consider
returning this item in your stores, please.
Thank you,
Lisa Wright

Mar 03, 2020

Food Lion - Meat

My wife and I eat filet steaks three times a week .'Foodlions in Wilmington Carolina Beach Store
S are not selling filet, they are advertised as filet but you can't even fit them with a sharp steak knife .
You will lose a lot of customers including us that have to go to Harris Tetter,
They are ruining your reputation!
We spend a lot of money weekly on groceries and I wonder how much business you are losing with such terrible lying on your steaks !


Food Lion - customer service

I purchased an AT&T calling card on Feb.4, 2020. I tried to activate the card only to find out it does not work. So, i went back into the store to speak with a store associate. She stated that the...

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