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Booths reviews & complaints

Booths complaints 38

Booths - Cafeteria

We went into the Ulverston Booths cafeteria and ordered 2 teas a cookie and a sticky toffee cake. It was brought over to the table on a round tray by a member of staff who then informed us that the...

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Booths - Mince Product which should have been reduced

Yesterday I called at Booths in Longton and purchased various items. Amongst these was a tray of Beef Mince which should have been reduced from £4 to £3 according to the sticker. On the electronic receipt which my wife receives she noticed this morning that I had been charged the full price. I have to say that this is not the first time this has happened. The reduction sticker had not been placed over the original bar code. In it's location the person who served me understandably would not have necessarily noticed it. The item has been frozen so I don't want to take it back to the store and I cannot visit the store today or tomorrow due to other commitments. To verify my purchase my Booths Card Number is 3167295 and the transaction number was [protected]. I have also attached two photo's showing the product. Can you credit the difference to our awards account?

Aug 24, 2021

Booths - Flowers

I received these flowers from a friend as a thank you. She brought them to me direct from purchasing at Booths in Kendal last Thursday, 19th August.
I cut the stems and used the flower food sachet but it was apparent by Sunday, just three days later that four of the iris stems were not even going to bloom and those that were already in bloom were dying. Attached is a photograph of the dead flowers.
This is a very poor product. I can't tell my friend as she is now in chemotherapy for cancer treatment and has enough to think about.

I am contactable at [protected]

Desired outcome: Replacement flowers or gift card equivalent.


Booths - Cafe

I wrote to you complaining about the service received at your fulwood store the complaint was acknowledged
I am writing to you I would of expected some sort of response from you by now .ref to your chef refusing to cook egg on toast that was on the menu with no alternative or apology.I find this disgusting as Booths was a good family run business. If you don't give us a proper response I can assure you I will take matters further.we find this disgusting and so does everyone we tell most can't believe Booths have let things slip so badly especially considering other dinners were being served eggs .
Incident happened on 6 aug 21
We. Complained on the 7th
We received a animated reply only
Please can you respond by return. Mobile no if you need to speak 17 aug 21. [protected] Mr & Mrs Durr.

Booths - Till service

Tried to pay with a Scottish £20 note and was refused. The lady said this was policy brought in, in the last few months. Firstly we are only an hour from the border and there are other Booths stores closer to Scotland. Secondly we regularly shop in Booths and there has never been any signage to make people aware of this policy. Scottish notes have the same legal status as contact less payments so I struggle to understand the reasoning behind this policy.

Desired outcome: A change in policy/ signage to make people aware of this ridiculous policy

Booths - Prescription

This is the second complaint I have made about this boots only allowing two people at a time due to Covid but what happens when you are disabled and cannot stand up for too long your one staff tall...

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Jun 27, 2020

Booths - Food

I would like to bring to your attention and make a complaint to my great disappointment in visiting your Booths store at Hutton on the 5th june 2020.. i have emailed to customer service however had...

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Booths - customer services

Hello. Shopping in booths this morning there were again no checkouts other than one express 10 max item til. This was despite me asking a member of staff if I could go through the other tils as I...

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Booths - service

Paying for food & red wine at the self service checkout a member of staff approached took the red wine from my 14 year old son stated he was not allowed to put the wine through the scanner as he...

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Booths - booths brantley apple crumble

We purchased a Brantley apple crumble today for dessert ( custard too ) as our grandson aged 9 was coming for tea. On eating mine I bit on a foreign body that actually stabbed my gum, I pulled it out...

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Sep 28, 2019

Booths - cafe

At approximately 13.30 today myself and my mother (who is in her 80s) visited the store for shopping this was fine no problems and lady on the till was lovely and very helpful
We decided to use the cafe and so I picked up a wet tray (all were wet) got my order sorted and was asked if i would like my soup when the lasagne came out i said yes please
When i got to the table where my mother was sitting if was full of dirty crockery pots etc so i had to place my tray on the seat nearly spilling my bottle and proceed to clear the table onto another dirty table one of a large number
After waiting for a long time my mothers lasagne finally arrived with her chips (which was very nice ) I waited then had to dash to the toilet and stand it quite a large queue and on my return the soup had still not arrived by this time my mother said you finish mine which I did then got up and walked over to the counter and explained the situation saying I would like a refund
This was refunded onto my mothers card
I then proceeded to the cigarette counter to see if it was customer services he got a gentleman to come and see me
I then explained what had happened and he took my details and said someone would contact me
I am still waiting for the call
Not happy at all with the service or lack of service recieved and the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired
I appreciate the cafe and shop do get very busy in which case staff should be more attentive to the sitting/eating areas
Like I told the gentleman i let the clearing of the tables go bye the bye although not getting my order was sheer poor service


Booths - staff

Went shopping to booths this morning and was just getting out of the car and saw a woman in a booths uniform with blond shoulder length hair go to talk to a woman in a green coat with a bag, mousey...

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Booths - fine

18, Pages Hill,
Muswell Hill,
N10 1QA
e-mail: robin.[protected]
Tel: [protected]
Complaints Department,
EH Booths
The Old Station,
Victoria St,
LA23 1QA
22 August 2019
Dear Sir,
We have recently holidayed in Windermere.
I was outraged to find, on my return to London, a parking fine for £100 related to a stay in the car park at Booths Windermere on 6/8/2019 of 2 hours 51 minutes.
I have settled this fine with BPA today with a payment of £50.
During our time at Windermere we made purchases from Booths totalling £622 itemised below.

I have been shopping at Booths for more than 50 years.

On the date in question (6 August 2019) we were shopping in Booths, Windermere, as can be clearly seen from the payments made above (which were cleared on the following day).

Following our shopping we decided to stay in the cafe chatting with elderly and infirm relatives who could not meet us anywhere else.

I am not a regular and therefore did not understand that I needed to make special arrangements to stay beyond two hours in the car park, even though I was in Booths throughout the time in question.

I find the levying of a parking fine to penalised me for spending more than 2 hours in Booths totally unacceptable. I cannot believe that it is your intention to deter people from spending longer times at Booths under such special circumstances.

I understand that the parking fine has been levied by a separate company and is not directly the responsibility of Booths but, I am sure you will agree, that in this situation a mistake has been made at the cost of considerable goodwill to regular and loyal patrons.

I do hope that you can deal with this matter appropriately.

Yours sincerely

Dr Robin Howard
29-Jul-19 Purchase E H BOOTH AND CO WINDERMERE 223
29-Jul-19 Purchase 'E H BOOTH AND CO WINDERMERE 104.9
01-Aug-19 Purchase 'E H BOOTH AND CO KESWICK 128.97
05-Aug-19 Purchase 'E H BOOTH AND CO WINDERMERE 99.19
07-Aug-19 Purchase 'E H BOOTH AND CO WINDERMERE 58.19
07-Aug-19 Purchase 'E H BOOTH AND CO WINDERMERE 7.75
Total 622

Aug 05, 2019

Booths - staff

Visited booths Monday day 5th of of August 2019, normal on checkout so I went to self service work a tall blonde woman with a foreign accent sounded Polish, wanted to assist me me at self-service she...

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Booths - food goji berries

I purchased Goji berries from the Windermere Booths store on Friday 28th June and the best before date on the product is 21.06.2019 which I noticed today. I struggle to understand why you would put...

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Jun 06, 2019

Booths - three for two drinks offers

I live in Keswick, am a cardholder, and have shopped in the store at least twice a week since it opened. I regularly buy Otima 10 year old port and especially when it is on special offer. There i...

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Booths - carrier bags

Morning I was shopping in one of your stores on sunday afternoon 3rdf eb in preston lancashire and was quite happy until I got to the till and was told by the assistant that she didnt have any...

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Booths - southern fried chicken sandwich and vegetable crisps

I came into the Keswick store today; Friday the 18/1/19, and bought a southern fried chicken sandwich and some vegetable crisps from yourselves and over the last hour or so I have been getting...

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Booths - sourdough bread

Having bought one of your loaves today Sunday 6th January 2019, I was absolutely amazed when cutting in it to find there was no actual bread in it, just a large hole & so naturally my husband wa...

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Booths - excess billing

Transaction #-[protected] (total Bill Amount pound 5.90
Booths Windermere on checkout 7 at 13.34 on Monday 24-09-2018
I bought one masala chai-171485 but have been billed for two.
Excess amount billed is pound 2.50
Paid Cash
I am a tourist from India and will be in London till 09-10-2018
Contact Nos are

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