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D Nov 21, 2019

I am writing in regards to an issue with a major appliance and the lack of customer service when I did not receive it when it was scheduled to be delivered.
On Saturday 11/16/2019 I was scheduled to have a stainless steel range delivered to my home at 198 Rt. 39, Round-Top, New York 12473 -
Order # H1227-80538 with a time window for delivery of between 1:00-5:00 pm. I called the 1-800 number listed in the text message I received regarding delivery and spoke with a gentleman named Manny and I confirmed earlier in the day that everything was still on schedule.
Enclosed (below) is a copy of the text message I received. Manny confirmed I was on schedule. I left work early that day to be there for delivery and when 5:08 pm rolled around, I called the 1-800 number again and again wanting a status of my delivery. While on the phone with Manny, the driver called me on the other line stating that my delivery would not happen as he got in a small accident and as he put it: tweeked his door. I asked if he was alright and he said yes, so I went back to the other line and made Manny aware of what was going on and asked what do I do now? Manny said in a rude manor…. WELL I am sorry that the driver got in an accident. I was not irate nor was I unreasonable, the man got in an accident which I understood., but I just wanted to reschedule my delivery. He responded by saying: Well I don't even know what to do in the situation and put me on hold. I waited on hold for 20 minutes and 22 seconds which I know because my cell shows the length of time. He never came back so I hung up and called back and another Home Depot associate answered the phone, her name was Grace and called over to him and said to me that they closed at 5pm. She apologized that he did that. She "assured" me that she would call me back on Monday 11/18th between the hours of 12:00-12:30 pm to reschedule my delivery, & said… I promise I won't forget. Well after I spoke with Grace, I was still extremely upset with how Manny threw me on hold and left so I called another Home Depot number that I got online thinking it was the Home Depot Corporate Office and it was not, but I spoke with a very nice woman name Aimee who said she would assist me. She was very disturbed she said that Manny "knowingly" put me on hold when they were closed, because she knew it closed at 5pm. She proceeded to tell me that she would be sending an email to her supervisor to see how to address the issue with what Manny did and that she would send me an email on Monday 11/18 and asked for my email address. WELL… it is Monday night and NOT 1 person had the courtesy to call me back or email me as of yet.
I cannot describe how disgusted I am with the lack of courtesy and professionalism and just the continuous poor customer service that I have received. I have spent over $6000 on a home improvement remodel of my home since August 2019. I can surely supply you my cc numberthat would reflect this. I could very easily go to another retailer or Lowe's… but I chose not to. I like Home Depot and practically live at my local store in Catskill, New York. They all know me and laugh because they say I am there every day.
So basically, I called Manny which got me no-where… then I got Grace who never called me back… then I got Aimee who never called me or emailed me as promised, so I had to call again to get someone to reschedule me… 4 TIMES!! and the woman I spoke with was attempting to make me wait another week which I told her would not happen or I would cancel the order and contact the better business bureau and the corporate office. She was able to squeeze me in "as she put it" for later this week, for Thursday 11/21st. This is insane…. I don't get my delivery and I am expected to just keep waiting until it's convenient for Home Depot… not the customer who has a child and has no range to cook on. I am not sure that I believe anything that I am told at this point. Why would I? No one I have spoken to has followed through. Bottom line, I should not have had to call 4 times to get someone to reschedule my install. I should not have had to call at all! Is it asking that much to get the merchandise I paid for? I would think that since I paid for this appliance from you, that it would be Home Depot's responsibility to call me when it was not my fault it was not delivered to me. I did not deserve the treatment I was given by these Home Depot employees. I ended my day by calling to file a complaint and spoke with a Barbara - who gave me a case # [protected] and I was told by her as well as ALL the other representatives that I spoke with that I would be compensated for the order not being delivered on time; after all I did lose time & money from work & had an appointment scheduled with an appliance repair shop for a service call to my home to do the conversion kit on the range that evening, which he showed up to do... but no range so I will end up paying him twice now because he will have to come back out another day. That's just not fair. I am just so beside myself right now because of this situation. I work in customer service and customer service is everything, and these employees need to be spoken to. From a company standpoint I would think you would want do whatever you could to accommodate a customer, especially when it's not the customers fault. Like your representative "Aimee" said: "It doesn't matter why I did not receive your delivery, what matters is…that I did not receive the delivery as promised" A company is only as good as the employees that work for them. They are a company's greatest asset, and good customer service retains customers; but the customer service I've received regarding this issue has been deplorable, which actually surprises me as any experience I've ever had with Home Depot has always been a positive one.
I would greatly appreciate a response to this matter and would appreciate your consideration in this matter as well. I am requesting some type of compensation for what happened, my inconvenience & the total lack of customer service I received.
*Update... today 11/21 when delivery was expected again... no call ahead & when my neighbor called to say they were at my house... they were literally 1000 feet from driveway, I asked if they could give me my range... one of the drivers who was rude & a disgusting excuse for a human being told me to go f-- self and laughed & left. I was on the phone calling the 1-800 depot # that came with my delivery confirmation and was on hold with them for a half hour to be told that they could not come back and would have to wait again!!! They passed me to local manager of the Kingston, NY home depot where I purchased the appliance who asked me to allow him to call me back. I was upset, shaking, crying... in shock... wanting to call the police... I told him that I no longer have ANY FAITH at all in Home Depot or getting a return call. After consideration... I went to the Kingston NY store and cancelled the order because I do not want to deal with a company who hires companies like this to deliver to their consumers. I stood at Customer service desk for a full hour while they were having a IT issue and having an issue refunding my card.. THE ONLY ONE who helped me was Jett at the customer service counter... The manager Jeremy took 45 minutes when called to come to service desk & went about his business and NEVER ONCE acknowledged me AT ALL. What horrible customer service. Thank Goodness Jett helped me. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and I will also be going to the Attorney General's office.

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