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I called them from Louisville Ms and the guy that answered was rude and disrespectful and told me if I sent...


Calling speedy repo was our worst mistake. this is by far the worst repo company we ever had to deal with. they have one simple goal, steal money from people. we had to repossess a car from maine but our dealership its located in south florida and we didn't know any other repo companies in that area so when we called them, they said they would charge us $350 if the vehicle had an active gps. the invoice end up being $2000 where they included some other fees and never explained what that was before doing the service. we called them asking for an explanation for all those fees but no one could explain us anything since this is their plan in first place. we called whoever was handling that case and this jerk answered the phone. extremely rude guy called jay carter, I repeat jay carter, and I want to make sure I mentioned his name cause i've seen some bunch of other bad reviews about him, who was already yelling at me and also yelled at my coworker when we were being super polite even after all. after that he threat us saying that if we didn't stop calling they wouldn't release the car. speedy repo is the real definition of crooks and I wish I had read all the reviews before doing business with them so if you're having the chance please avoid them.

customer service and business ethic

I work at a title loan agency in Knoxville and called Speedy Repo for an inquiry into whether or not they...

unethical behaviour

We don't have any vehicle repossession company within 60 miles of us. The closes repossession company is repossessing for other business in our area so they are extremely busy and could take a while to repo.I googled vehicle repossession near me and popped up. I called them to ask about some repossession. They were extremely rude to start. Then continued to tell me that he was sure we didn't pay our repo man and that's why we were looking for someone new. I then did my research on them. (I learned my lesson to do that first.) There is website after website talking about how horrible they are. I called them back to tell the guy thank you for being so rude bc I found out what kind of people they really are. He told me that he was going to hire a crack head and pay them $50.00 to come key every car on our lot!!! Thank God we have recorded lines.


Wow!!! This company is the worse company in the history of ### companies. Not that this dude over the phone...

Called [protected] for information

This dillhole of a [censored] answered and was the most rudest person I have ever come across. My company recently hired these dumb####s for a simple repo. When I called into get an update on the status of our claim. This [censored] advised that we would need to call the rep that was assigned to us. I had advised this person how I have just taken over the account and would need some help with getting the agent info. He starts saying that he was not able to release any information in regards to the claim. I said that was fine, just needed the agent name and number and he started yelling saying that I would have to get with the rep in my office that assigned the repo out. I again advised him that he was no longer here, and again, I was now taking over the account. He than stated.. "well, I guess you're #### out of luck". Are you ####ing kidding me. This is a service company??? Is this how you help out the people that keep you in business, again you dumb####! After spending no more than 5 minutes on the phone I just hung up. These guys could eat-a-####. Do not use this company for ####!!!


We hired the company to repo a car in texas and was told it will cost 350 dollars with 10 days free storage...

extremely rude, not honest people

Basically contacted this company to repo a vehicle for my company. Quoted me a specific price made me sign a Hold harmless which is not just a hold harmless letter but, also a contract to pay more than quoted. I trusted i was being told all fees and prices upfront and when invoice was faxed to me it was $1200 more and on top of that said if i dint pay that same day i wouldnt get the free 10 days of storage ! If i would have known i was going to be paying this much i wouldnt have provided them with skip tracing information i made it easy for them to rip me off. The worst part wasnt about the money it was the employees extremely rude and were yelling at me speaking over me kept calling me dude and told me i need to learn to listen because i wasnt letting her speak . I couldnt believe what i was hearing i dont understand how these people are even in business. You have no right to treat people like this. I hope people do a little research before contracting these people not worth the headache! Save yourselves!

  • Ja
    Jack_E Nov 30, 2016

    Just got off the phone with this company to ask about a quote, and he told me I was "wasting his f**cking time" because I was doing research. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Ic
    ICU Supporter Jun 27, 2017

    @Jack_E I have used this company many times I always pay 10% of the value. It is better than losing 100% and not getting the car recovered from the debtor. I find them to be fair and professional in my dealings.

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They claimed and promised services they did not fulfill and charged my credit card $700.00 to repo 2 car...

Calling the [protected] for information

I called this company for information about their services and the guy who answered the phone became unreasonable and started yelling at me, then he hung up the phone. I called him back and he proceeded to threaten me saying he would "pay a crack head 30 dollars to come to our lot and key all of our cars" then this guy called me a ### and hung up again. This was ridiculous! My college witnessed this also. Who the hell do you guys have handling your business?! I have NEVER experienced this before!

Dishonest, vague price quotes

I called these guys a few times about a repossession. One man named Jay was very rude and annoyed when asked about any details regarding price. He claimed a flat fee of $350 for the repossession, as does their poorly written webpage. The vague writing on the page states that the price is flat, but then in the very same paragraph states that you may be responsible for towing, storage, repair and impound fees. It seems to give them freedom to tack on any additional fees they want, right? So I asked the guy, very politely, to clarify what this means. He immediately got strangely defensive and said "you know, your car is probably worth no more than $1, 000 anyway, so I don't want your business." Hmm, if the flat fee of $350 is accurate, then why would the value of my car matter? Idiot.

I then called a company called Repo World from and got the same slimeball. I then called yet another repo company in Las Vegas and had to ask if they were part of Speedy Repo, to make sure I don't have to speak with them again. The man assured me they are not, and said "those guys at Speedy Repo Are useless."

Speedy Repo has a horrible reputation; they are rude, unintelligent crooks. You've been warned. Stay far far away.

  • Mi
    MizLiberty Mar 11, 2016

    I couldn't agree more!
    The guy became irrate when I asked if the initial $350 included the private party repo insurance!
    He asked about the lienholder 20 different ways- so I told him it was current and I could send a copy of the title- he would cut me off.
    So when the lowlife asked if I was more concerned over the insurance or would rather hear the pricing- I told him the pricing didn't matter if they didn't have the proper insurance coverage.
    He told me he couldn't work with a lady who talks over him and hung up! LOL

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Rip Off 1000%

This Speedy Repo company is the biggest scam there is in the repo industry. Ive been in the car business for...


I contacted Speedyrepo to pick up a customer who didn't make their payments. because this customer left our are I looked online for a Repo company near our customer's current location. I ended up calling Speedyrepo to my utter dismay. While talking to the guy who answered the phone I asked him what they chatged to repo a vehicle. He told me everything except they charge a contigency fee. Being that I've never heard of this fee and their was no skip tracing involved and I knew the address of the customer I decided to use this shady company. Like clockwork they got the vehicle 7 hours after I told them where it was. However, I ies charge a close out fee of up to was told bu an employee named Amanda that the fee was 1600. After argiung and talking to rick who's proably the owner of this company they lowered the fee a little. They justify the fee by saying that if they don't find the car they don't get paid, however, most companies charge a close out fee instead. Speedy repo charges a percentage of the vehicle found, which is not clearly stated up front nor is it even close to reasonable. These guy's are liar's and are complete scam artists, if you use them you will get screwed.

  • Km
    KMC1 Mar 02, 2010

    This Speedy Repo quoted me $350.00 to pick up my motorcycle and then sent me an invoice for $2050.00 for skip tracing when I told them where it was. Every complaint I have read about these peole are true. This just happened to me on 2-26-10.

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  • Na
    NationwideICURIPOFF2010 Mar 05, 2010

    All the more reason to close our borders including not allow BC to do business in the US. They just pulled the same situation with my client after quoting 500.00, plus key fees and 10-days free storage. They did ask me if it was a skip and since I completed the skip myself the answer was "no." They ran the account once and located the collateral. Now here comes the bill 550.00 repossession, 42.00 keys, 90.00 lock down fee and 1200.00 skip trace/contingency. I was told that their contact was written on a 4th grade level and it just didn't get it. Rick Green refused for me to talk to Adam who made the quote and the same with Doug.

    The is not over!

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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Dec 18, 2010

    Ive used 100's of repo companies in my line of work and Ive never heard of that. Usually if they dont find the car, they dont get paid. That is part of the repo business. I would most definately ask for a contract the next time around. You may way to find out if they are operating legally with insurance. Most shady companies like this dont and that is how you put them out of business..

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  • Ms
    M.Summs Jun 28, 2012

    Wow! I have read all of the horror stories on Speedy-Repo Company and feel for each of the lien holders that were taken advantage of, there are plenty of professional repossession companies available through the following repossession associations, National Finance Adjusters, Inc. (, American Recovery Association, Inc. (, Time Finance Adjusters, Inc. (, Allied Finance Adjusters, Inc. ( Our company is a member of three of these associations, a fourth generation company in our 80th year of business(1932-2012) that handles recovery work, remarketing, skiptracing/ locate/outsourcing and recover work for many clients across the country utilizing the best agents in these associations. Please always use a professional in your recovery work. If you select a agent in one of these associations and in the unlikely event there is a problem from the original agreement you made with the company you have the back up of the association to assist in resolving any dispute. Good luck in the future and always use a professional!
    Mark S. Summs
    Summs Skip and Collection Service, Inc.

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What a joke this place is!! We had to repo a car of ours, conducting a private party repo. We were given a quote of $350.00 by Jamie, and she was sure a great help at first. Come to find out, they lied to us about going out and making an attempt to get the car--- they never did it when she was telling us that it was being done. Also, we gave her the name, address, and telepone number of the person who the car needed to be repo'd from. Once ICU got our car, they sent us an invoice for over 2, 500.00!!! On this was a 90.00 fee for lock out, and a 2, 000 fee for skip tracing! HA~~~ I used to be a skip tracer, and I know darn well that they had no skip tracing involved in this case. This company is a scam, and everyone who works there should be ashamed of themselves. I don't see how they can sleep at night. The worst part is that I could not pay the 2, 500 for the fees, so I had to let the bank take my car. What a fricking joke this company is. Don't use them!!!

Unprofessional-Possibly dangerous

I called this company about getting MY vehicle that I CO OWN with my ex - who is deployed & behind on...

Terrible Company and a rip off

Total rip off, this Scott guy is a jerk !!! Plus he advertised that he has agents in cities that he doesnt, he is local in one place, charges you an arm and a leg after hiring reputable agents for the pick up... you could save alot of money finding a REAL REPO AGENT it the location needed, most repo average $400.00 this Scott guy has quoted low prices then bill out, of some, i heard, were in the $2, 500.00 range for a 400 repo ! WATCH THIS LIAR and SCAM ARTIST, hes no good !!!
Hes a nasty guy VERY RUDE and dont give two bits about you !

  • Bu
    Burk Apr 30, 2010

    Total jerk and a liar, SCAM

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  • Ic
    ICU Supporter Jun 27, 2017

    @Burk So you didn't read the contract you signed. Then you paid your bill and got your car. I dont see the problem except you should read what you sign

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  • To
    Tony Hasting Jan 14, 2010

    The same thing happen to our company but they charges us 1800.00 to release the vehicle. There day will come!

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  • Ga
    gary belcher Sep 28, 2010

    We need to ban together and take them down!

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  • Ga
    gary belcher Sep 28, 2010

    Lets ban together and take them down!

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  • Ps
    pstrong5 Dec 15, 2016

    They are still operating because I just got taken the same way. I am from Iowa so it is hard to find a good repo company in states like New Mexico and then this happened. They charged me a contingency based on what the vehicle is worth. How is that even legal? Also, I gave them the GPS and info to login so they could just track it and lead them to the exact location. I am going to get my resources ready to nail these clowns.

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pricing and honesty

These people are not honest, they know they lie to you up front and once they have your vehicle you can just go spend 1k or 2k on an attorney to get it back. They don't care about having a good reputation they are driven by money and money alone. No honesty and no interigty, they will burn in hell for their evil hearts.

Fraudulent Price Quote

Our company found itself in need of a Repo service when one of our independent contractors refused to turn...

total ripoff

I hire this company to locate a vehicle they had my account for 3 weeks and they found nothing I was looking...