Home Depotnot accepting nys drivers license veterans id

T Jul 27, 2019

I recently shopped at the Monticello, NY location and at the check out counter, I produced my NY State Drivers license that was clearly marked Veteran. The chashier stated that the ID was not excepted proof of veteran status and proceded to produce a binder with "approved" Veteran ID's. I was very disapointed and upset that Home Depot does not except the NYS Veteran's License. Before obtaining Veteran status on the License you have to provide proof of service by producing a DDform 214.
The goverment stopped issuing Veteran ID's to Veterans who do not need medical services. Therefore I am unable to obtain their ID.
Maybe Home Depot should concider adopting the Lowes policy on identifing their Veteran customers. In the past they always excepted my NYS Veterans license as proof of service and now I was able to register my Veterans status with them on line. I did have to provided the store with a copy of my DDform 214 to complete the process, but now at checkout I give them my phone # and my Veterans status is confirmed.
End of rant. Thanks for listening. Have a good day.

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