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Home Depot review: Kerosene heater rental

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I rented a kerosene heater from the Home Depot at 3461 Joseph Rd. Cincinnati OH 45251. I picked it up around 9:30 am on 10/28/23. Justin in tool rental told me that the tank should be full (of kerosene). But when he checked it seemed to be very little left. He also said the fuel gushed didn’t seem to be working. I asked him if I could go get a gas can so that I could go somewhere and purchase Keri. He then rang up my gas can purchase and helped load it into my car. I got home and sent my daughter out to purchase kerosene. She couldn’t find any gas stations (they usually sell kerosene) anywhere around us that sold kerosene. She went Walmart and purchased what she had money to buy, about $20 worth, of pre-filled containers of kerosene. She brings it home and we try to fill the tank for the heater. The tank is leaking. It leaked everywhere! I had her and my grandson take the heater back to Home Depot to get my money back on the rental and the gas can. She asked to be reimbursed for her purchase of kerosene, since we only needed it for the heater and the heater didn’t work. The manager at this store, Katie E thought that wasn’t a viable solution. She only offered $20 off any purchase from the store. I didn’t need anything else from that store! I really think that this $20 should be reimbursed! If my daughter hadn’t looked down and noticed that the kerosene was leaking out when she did, we would have started that heater and it probably would have exploded with all that kerosene on the ground and all over the machine. I feel like I should be asking for way more than just my money back, thinking of what could have happened. I eagerly wait for your response.

Karen McCoy

2494 Dunaway Ct.

Cincinnati, OH 45238


Claimed loss: I rented the heater for $50, plus a $50 depot. Then I purchased a gas can for $32. I also purchased kerosene for $20 at another busy.

Desired outcome: I would like to be compensated for my entire outlay of money because of loss of money and use of product. My time and piece of mind should also be compensated. I would like $500.

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