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I, Mildred Carneal, purchased this refrigerator at your Home Depot located in Wadsworth Ohio 44281, on October 4, 2023. I wanted a stainless steel so they could not deliver until October 20th. I was ok with that. It was delivered and plugged in and was working. Before the 48 hours were up I noticed the light inside did not stay on, rather it flickered on and off. I called and the person I spoke with said they would send a new light. I received the light bulb a few days later and it did the very same thing. At that very same time I noticed the refrigerator was not real cold. I turned up the temperature a little bit. Next day my husband turned it up again, to no avail! The temperature was way down so I called the customer service again and told them the new light bulb did not work and also the refrigerator and freezer were both getting warm. This was on October 26th. They said they could not come out until the 14th of November! I called Home Depot where I purchased it and spoke with a Manager named Larry. Larry said he would have a loaner refrigerator that he keeps at store for such situations as this sent out to me the next day. He did not! I called back the next day and spoke with I believe Joel who said he would talk to his manager. She called back and said Larry said no such thing! And there was nothing else they could do! I was very upset and said I had a good friend at our local TV channel and I could have them come down. She said you do whatever you want. I said by and hung up. A while later the store manager, Sarah called me and apologized for the other manager and again offered me a loaner but it would take days to get. I said I would put the stuff in my old refrigerator sitting in my driveway. Also at some point the service changed from the 14th to now it is November 21st right at Thanksgivings! I asked several times for a new refrigerator and they could take this one back and fix it but every person stanchly said NO! Thank you.

Claimed loss: I would say I lost in spoiled food before I realized the temperature inside and the freezer temperature had gotten so low approximately $50 worth of food.

Desired outcome: I would like a new refrigerator.

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Dec 09, 2023 10:04 pm EST

We are just closing out the file on certain complaints.

Whereas there is no further communication, we can only assume that this complaint has been resolved to the complainant's approval.

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Nov 15, 2023 12:48 pm EST

Hi Mildred.

We are sincerely sorry for your experience. We'd like to see every customer happy. Unfortunately, by contract, if any appliance is not rejected within the first 48 hours of ownership, The Home Depot has agreed to keep hands off and allow the manufacture to resolve any issues.

Please contact Frigidaire at 1/ 800 / 374 / 4432.

Simple as done.