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I’m writing to express my exasperation with Home Depot Customer Service yesterday at the store in Countryside, IL. Order # H1983-240405.

My husband and I purchased an entire suite of LG ThinQ kitchen appliances that were delivered in part on Saturday, November 4th . The dishwasher was not delivered because it was damaged, it was never even taken out of the box. A new dishwasher was delivered yesterday, November 10th at around 9:15 am. At 9:30 am we realized that the dishwasher did not match the rest of the suite of appliances. It was NOT Wi-Fi enabled and not part of the ThinQ product line.

We Immediately jumped in the car and drove to the Countryside store (#1983) to explain. Initially, we went to the appliance department, who referred us to customer service, who referred us back to the appliance department. At one point Customer Service told us that we would have to personally uninstall the dishwasher and bring it into the store for a refund. Can you picture an octogenarian and a 74-year-old trying to manage that task?

We spent the next 5 hours being tossed from one phone number to another to try to get the issue resolved. We fully plan to purchase a more expensive dishwasher once the current one is returned.

By 2:00 PM we had missed breakfast and lunch while we sat on an 80-minute call [protected] to try to have a customer service rep understand our dilemma. Actually Carl was definitely trying to help us. After a third call transfer we were told that Home Depot would send someone out on Monday, November 13th to pick up the errant dishwasher. We were promised a confirmation call within the next hour. It never came.

We were so exhausted by the afternoon, we had to cancel plans to attend a reception downtown at the Union League.

The latest update is that the store will indeed send someone out on Monday for the pickup. Can you ensure that will happen, and as importantly conduct an in-service for your Customer Service team so they have guidelines to follow.

Elizabeth and John Newman


50 W. Kennedy Lane #104

Hinsdale. IL 60521

Desired outcome: Errant dishwasher returned. Complete a purchase of the LG ThinQ Wi-fi enabled dishwasher

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Dec 09, 2023 10:02 pm EST

We are just closing out the file on certain complaints.

Whereas there is no further communication, we can only assume that this complaint has been resolved to the complainant's approval.

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Nov 15, 2023 1:18 pm EST

Hi Mr and Mrs Newman.

We're sorry for your frustration and would like to assist.

We'd like to clarify; ThinQ is a feature set not a product line. Many LG packages are sold daily that may or may not include these features.

Who did you have install your dishwasher initially?