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i had recieved a msg from last week claiming that my mobile number had won 800, 000 pounds and i had to claim that. and they send me a claim form and i had filled up that and send them back. yesterday i had recieved a mail that i want to fill up claim affidavit form and to pay for verification of my address. shall i believe this? is this true?i need help from you. pls help me.

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      Jan 04, 2009

    Hi Vimal, gcn promo is a scam. As you have already sent them some details about you, please go immediately to the local police and tell them what you have sent off. If you have given out any bank details on the "claim form" then you are probably about to be ripped off already. Don't reply to emails saying you have won a lottery, you haven't.

    YOU CANNOT WIN A LOTTERY UNLESS YOU BUY A TICKET. You cannot enter a lottery by giving your phone number, or by having an email address or anything else. The law in England governs all gaming and lotteries, and states that you cannot enter a competition which pays a cash prize unless you buy a ticket. You didn't buy a ticket, therefore you are not going to win any money.

    My advice would be to change your email address, and get some advice on incoming spam mail from someone you know and trust. Don't send off any more details about yourself, and good luck.

    Have fun

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      Jul 11, 2009

    8.6.209 I had an SMS fromGlobal Cell Network informed me that I had won 425, 000 pounds for my mobile. I sent them an email.

    On 4.7.09 after submitting affidavit etc. received email informed me that their rep. was coming on 6.7.09 and I had to meet him at NEW DELHI for onward pick him up to Bangalore. The rep. called me over phone and his language was very very peculiar. I asked him where to meet. He said he would call me and after few hours he said the amount to deposit in AXIS Bank[SMS message]. I asked again that I wish to meet him personally and after that I informed that I would meet him New Delhi. No sooner, landed in Delhi the same night I contacted his mobile No. but no response.

    Next day again I contacted and no response. Immediately I contacted their London Office about this and I was told that the rep. left London the same day/night. When asked about the socalled money he said that it would be informed. See how we are being cheated. I told him to send the Draft to Bangalore addres.

    If at all true it will come. I know it will not come.

    I am expressing all these to you that you should be trapped unnecessarily. One moral is there.


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      Aug 27, 2009

    i am beer singh, [protected]
    i got recieved a msg from gsm promo last week claiming that my mobile number has won 450, 000 pounds. it is true or not.
    my email id is: [protected]

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      Oct 23, 2010

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