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Complaints & Reviews

scratched appliance!

I ordered a GE CAFE dual fuel range and it came with a broken leveling leg and bottom oven drawer would not shut all the way on one side. Some one from GE came to fix it and said it could not be fixed because the frame was bent. Someone must have dropped it. I just had another stove delivered on Feb. 12, 2008 and it came with scratches on the control panel. I called GE when the delivery people were here and they told me I can't refuse delivery because it is a replaceable part. That seems crazy to me. So if there was a dent in the door I have to accept delivery and have someone come fix it. Confused here. Needless to say I already had to miss 3 days of work and now have to miss another to have the repair guy come back out. Would not even take $ off because it is a replaceable part. Good old GE!!

profile harmony dryer stopped working!

I had a GE Proflie Harmony Gas Dryer which stopped drying after three years. When I called Sears which is where I bought it from to come out and look at the dryer they told me it would cost 700.00 to repair. The Dryer itself cost about 1,000.00. The parts for this dryer are very expensive. I almost had a heart attack. Well at that cost it made more sense to just purchase another dryer since they were on sale for about the same cost. I decided to email GE since I also have the washing machine that matches the dryer, and 7 other GE appliances that I purchased all on the same day, but they refused to answer my email.
When I finally got a chance to call them on the phone they bounced me around between four different people. One was more rude than the other. I told them I would like an explanation as to how these parts could die out in three years, and if they would give me some assistance with having to purchase the new dryer.

Well they could not answer any of my questions and offered to do nothing to help me with my situation. I am very disgusted with GE, and disgusted that a dryer which should last at least 15 years, only lasted 3.

  • Ja
    Janet Bryan Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had my GE harmony for three years and one month the dryer stopped heating it would be approximately 400-500 to repair the blower motor. I have never heard after three years of a major part like that going out. Needless to say we purchased this dryer because we thought it would last. All of the appliances in my home are GE. I will never purchase from them again.

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Failure to honor warranty!

This is a complaint against the General Electric Company for refusing to honor their stated warranty on a dishwasher installed in September 2007. Briefly, the new General Electric dishwasher we purchased has a stainless steel tub. Shortly (i.e. 2 weeks) after installation a number of small, pinhead-sized pits in the surface of the stainless tub were noticed due to rust rings forming around them. The area covered by these pits continues to spread. We now regularly scrub the rust off to avert possible health hazards associated with rust particulates clinging to “clean” dishes and silverware.

A GE service technician confirmed this was not normal and that there was a defect. He put us in touch with Consumer Relations who told us the warranty does not apply for defects like this. We subsequently sent a letter to GE. The only response to this letter was to have someone in their Consumer Relations department call and reiterate that they would not honor the warranty.

Interestingly, this person in Customer Relations, after hearing a description of the defect, agreed something was wrong and that this was not normal; but asserted that GE will not honor their stated warranty in this instance. In speaking with this GE representative, I pointed out the following:

· If this is truly a stainless steel tub how can it rust? Assuming GE is not defrauding the public with their claim that this dishwasher is equipped with a stainless steel (i.e. will not rust) tub, then the alternate explanation for the pitting and resulting rust on this brand new dishwasher is that there was a fault in the manufacturing process causing this defect.

· I also observed that the GE Warranty clearly states that “Any part of the dishwasher which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship... GE will provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home service to replace the defective part.” There are no stated exclusions for defects caused by pitted surfaces in the stainless steel tub or for the resulting unhealthy rust build-up.

GE’s service technician, mentioned above, along with their Customer Relations representative, agreed that the new GE dishwasher we purchased is defective. This defect clearly and substantially reduces the expected useful life of this appliance. I am asking your assistance in contacting the General Electric Company on our behalf and persuading it to honor their stated warranty.

  • Ne
    Necrosis Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What you may not understand is that not all stainless steel is truly "stainless". The corrosion inhibiting characteristics is dependent on the grade of stainless steel being manufactured. Typically, residential appliances utilize a lesser grade of stainless steel, than say, a commercial grade stainless steel appliance.

    The presence of rust means that there is iron present in the composition of the stainless steel; true stainless steel is non-ferrous, or in other words, contains no significant trace amounts of iron.

    The best test: use a magnet. If a magnet will attach to stainless steel then it is a low grade stainless steel.

    So, in short, GE most likely feels that the corrosion and rust is not a defect at all, since they specified a lesser grade of "stainless steel" in an appliance which you (and many others) subsequently bought.

    Asko (Swedish) and Bosch (German) make excellent stainless cabinet models with high grade stainless steel that are comparable in price to domestic brands with stainless steel cabinets.

    So much for American quality!!

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  • St
    steve Jan 29, 2009

    I agree---they should honor the warranty. Consumers are not steel experts. My dishwasher from GE is 1.4 years old----they installed the tube wrong---loose clamp--and tub was not holding water. MFR defective assembly. Since it is past the 1 year, they charge me 125 for the guy to install the clamp correctly. I am going to contact the BBB. If a factory goofs, consumers should never have to pay anything!!! They sucked me into a 5 years service warranty today...but at $203 I feel it is worth it since they charge around $325 per visit. I hope I made the right choice. I think they deserve a class action suit. [email protected] and we need to contact BBB and file suit and despute charges through the creditcard.

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  • Ga
    GayleC Nov 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had 4 appts to have a GE tech come out and check my dishwasher which has been leaking. The first appt the tech, Robert, called me at 3:45 pm to cancel as he was busy on another job. This on a Friday afternoon with no one to call since the service center had already closed. 2nd appt tech Tim shows up says it's the gasket, has ge send us new gasket. 3rd visit tech Dave shows up to install gasket. Dishwasher still leaking. Call GE they send tech Dave out again to see what's up on the same day. Tech Dave takes apart the door and low and behold there is tons of condensation which was causing the leak in the first place. Engineers tell him to lower my hot water heater temp from 130 to 120 and that should stop the problem. Really, that's a crock of crap. Of course that doesn't help, 5th call today Tech Tim comes back out again at 4:25 pm and says there is screw lose and that's the cause which is BS and then has the nerve to tell me that's all he can do and that I should call GE in the morning to deal with it. SERIOUSLY GE IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS!! I AM SO OVER GE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I have never experienced such crappy customer service. Mind you this dishwasher is not even a year old AND it's the replacement for my old one that was recalled due to fire hazard. Now I have to call GE Customer Relations tomorrow morning and start all over again. GE should be calling me to apologize and pay me for all the hours of work I missed to sit here waiting and waiting for this ingnorant repair/tech guys. I basically threw Tim out of my house for his complete ignorance and snotty attitude. Does anyone have a suggestions on what to do? I swear I'm going to sue GE and blast them on all and any blogs I can find.

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scam and cheating!

I see in this page and many websites the complaints of many customers about service representatives or appliances... so i want to post my point of view of the other side as a service representative... We understand how difficult could be purchase an appliance and that after one day is not working, but that doesn't mean that you can use abusive language or yell or insult us... cause were are not the ones that made the product, besides we are working in a call center to answer the phone and help you... but if you customer does not let us help you who will, we just follow orders of the company so is not our fault if the tech doesn't show up or if there is no available within 2 weeks or one, we just make our job the way they ask us to do it we follow rules and policies too... if the customer is nice we will go the extra mile to help cause we understand the situation but with you yelling, screaming, insulting we will not be able to to do anything, some of us are latinamericans working to live and to be paid even the payment is not that good... and all you can do is yell and make the other people feel less than you just because they don't talk or write like a north american person... we are here just to help you and even is not the best english you have listen, no matter were we are if you are sure of the number you call you can be sure that we will help you... without us you will not be able to schedule or resolve the situation so try to be in someone else shoes!!

  • Jo
    John Porter Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How do you get ahold of G E? Do they have a customer number where you can call and talk to a real live person ? If they do please send it to me. Thanks John Porter

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ge profile spacemaker oven!

A few years ago I purchased a GE Profile Space Saver microwave convection oven. It has been used less than a...

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ge customer service

10-29-07 AM called [protected] for my SCA1000DWW Microwave door handle was broken issue, instead of buying a handle I have ordered a whole door for an easier replacement by myself.
the door costs me $210.50 by shipped out overnight, with a lady confirmed over the phone I could pay extra $10.00 to get this shipment next day which is 10-30-07, in stead of to wait for a ground shipment 5~7 days.
10-30-07 afternoon around 2:45PM I still not received my over night shipment nor any email tracking info. I have called back the same number [protected], this time the lady name Terri said the package is out but no one could give me a tracking info. since its an over night package, after two more calls and waited for a long time on the phone, Terri said call [protected] for my shipping charge refund., I called [protected] the lady Christine x-7518 told me the shipment did send out by FEDEX over night, and I need to wait until 8PM to make sure the over night shipment to be my address. at this point no one knows the tracking number nor any email notice about my shipment.
10-31-07 Morning 9:00am still not see my over night shipment from GE, I have called [protected] this time is Linda answering the call and told me the part did go out 10-30-07 that means I will receive it 10-31-07 as an over night shipment to them, I told Linda since I have made an order get all confirmation that I will have my shipment ship to me by over night and receive by next day which is 10-30-07 not 10-31-07, she said its my problem for ordering late, not her problem sending out one day late, I request my over night shipping charge credit back, she said that is only $3.00 back, over all I am still waiting for my shipment and did not have any tracking info. for this package, I am not happy with their service and spading $210.00 just for replace a microwave door, I feel bad for using GE products, at this point I will like to see any one has the same feeling as me with these people doing customer service job but did not even care about a customer's feeling and concern!
I have emailed GE service on line but only got one answer back only give you whole bunch numbers to call ....
if there is any one could say any thing try to make a different....
I will be happy to see it happen.........

  • Ba
    badgirl May 09, 2016

    Its terrible customer service. setting up a service apt is a nightmare. you have to go through several prompts, listen to a bunch of recorded bs!
    i canceled my apt, but was called this am to say the guy is on the way! more prompts and recorded bs,
    finally got t a rep said apt was cancaled.

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fraud and cheating!

Cooking in my crock pot last night smelled burning my crock pot was smoking from the bottom i unplugged it and under the crook pot it had started melting and the plug was also damaged. Very unsafe, these pots are supposed to be used when ur not home, they are supposed to be safe if i would of not been home i don't know what would of happened. So i call GE they ask if i have the receipt i reply no i don't remember when i bought it well he says it has a 2 yr warranty take it back to walmart... I said this is not safe and there should be a recall on this product he said he couldn't help me any further and they asked me the model # 5 times, what kind of customer service was that!!??


  • Jb
    J.Burton Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience with my GE crock pot (purchased from Walmart approx. a year ago) This past weeked my crock pot had an electrical short where the electrical cord attaches to the pot. If I had not had the pot on a cutting board it would have ruined the kitchen counter top! Very Unsafe...
    Defeats one of the major reasons for using a crock pot... i.e. cooking while I'm away...I checked Walmart but they do not have a similar replacement model...mine had an 8 quart capacity. And why would I want another GE anyway? I mean this was a "G.E" product...don't they know how to secure an electrical connection... Come on GENERAL "ELECTRIC"!

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Be aware of GE service!

June 19, 2007 Mr. Ray Graft GE Appliance Headquarters AP6 Rm 129 Louiseville, KY 40225 Dear Mr. Graft, I thought you should be aware of the service my family has received from General Electric (GE).

We purchased a washing machine back on January 22, 2007, GE King Size Capacity for $449.99 Serial Number SL159521G, Model Number WBB4500G0WW. We chose not to purchase Best Buy's extended warranty due to GE's reputation. At the beginning of March, we needed to place a service call, as the machine wasn't spinning properly, therefore our laundry was dripping wet. I don't recall the exact date, but I believe it was approximately March 10th. We called Best Buy. They sent a GE technician. At that time, he said we would need multiple parts to fix the machine and that it would take approximately 1 week for the parts to arrive. Since we're a family of 5, I couldn't wait for the Best Buy/GE technician. We then called GE directly, who at the time was very helpful and advised me to call them immediately if something should happen in the future. Our machine was repaired by a GE technician, on March 21st. On May 27th, I noticed that the machine wasn't spinning properly again ' this time however, the machine was bouncing all over the place ' but fortunately the clothes were still being rung out.

I placed a call on Monday, May 28th; still GE was extremely professional while setting up another GE service call. The GE technician was scheduled to come out on Thursday, May 31st between 1:00 ' 5:00 pm. The technician called around 4:00, asking if we could reschedule. We told him unfortunately we couldn't reschedule because we took time out of work to make this appointment. The technician showed up at approximately 4:30, took the machine apart and assessed the machine. He determined that he needed to order several parts: WH45X152WH45X10022WH02X1193WH45X10060WH2X1193 He told us that it could take up to one week for the parts to arrive, at which time he would reschedule a service call and repair the equipment. He left the equipment inoperatible, therefore once again; we were unable to use a new piece of equipment that we had just installed less than 3 months prior. We called many people, asking what could be done. We didn't document all the calls but we did document a few:6/1/2007: Spoke to Liz6/1/2007: Spoke to Cynthia6/1/2007: Spoke to Bondra6/1/2007: Spoke to Aaron ' nothing he can do. We'll have to wait until the equipment is shipped before they can give me an estimated repair date. He offered to extend our one-year warranty to August 2007, since his records showed that we purchased the equipment on May 12, 2006. When I told him that my receipt was dated 1/22/2007, he told me that I would have to fax him this info so that he could correct the information. He told me that the equipment would be sent overnight to me once it arrived in the warehouse. When I asked him where the warehouse was, he told me that he couldn't tell me. He told me that someone would be in touch regarding the repair of my machine.6/4/2007: Spoke to Cynthia ' Still no word from GE, she looked at the file and said she 'thought' the equipment would be overnighted, but couldn't be certain.

She then referred me to the Shipping department. 6/4/2007: Cynthia transferred me to Tanya ' she couldn't help me and said I'd need to talk to Service. I told her Service just told me I needed to talk to Shipping. I then asked to talk to a Manager.6/4/2007: Tanya transferred me to Ashley ' she was helpful and told me that she was certain the equipment was shipping overnight and that if we didn't receive it by 6/6, 6/7 or 6/8, then our equipment would be replaced. She was able to provide the order # 2992784 and the case # 7387145.6/8/2007: Still hadn't received the parts or a phone call from GE.6/8/2007: Spoke to Rhodora ' who told me that Ashley was incorrect and that there wasn't any Ashley who worked in Virginia. She told me that the review group had 24-48 hours to get back to me. They had to determine whether or not the machine would be replaced. I told her that was unacceptable and that I had been without a washing machine for much too long and that I was tired of getting the run around. She told me that we could go around and around, but that the rule states that I need to wait. I then got extremely angry and asked to talk to her Manager.6/8/2007: Spoke to Mr. Wilson ' who told me the same exact thing. There is nothing he could do and he needed to give this case to the review group. I asked him if there was a way to expedite the request since I had only had my machine for 4 months and out of those 4 months it was inoperatible for approximately 1 month. He said no, there was nothing he could do and that I would hear from GE no later than Tuesday, June 12, 2007.6/8/2007: I then contacted Best Buy as a last resort and explained the run around I was receiving from GE. The Best Buy employee conversed with her Manager, who decided this service was unacceptable, and he or she approved the return. We returned our GE washing machine and purchased a Whirlpool washing machine.6/16/2007: The GE parts arrived 16 days after the GE technician placed the order addressed to the incorrect person who doesn't live at our address. I still hadn't received a call from GE in regards to the Review groups' decision.

6/19/2007: Spoke to Ms. Johnson at GE, who informed me that her records show that GE called me on 6/11/2007 to inform me that a replacement was denied. I never received this call. I explained that I no longer had the GE washing machine. She told me that she would place the shipment return call and that I would receive a Return # that I would need to place on the boxes. I told her that I was leaving for vacation and that I would just leave it outside or maybe I should just throw them away since I don't have the machine any longer. She then told me that I would be charged for the parts. I told her that I would have to review my options and call her back and that after all GE has put me and my family through ' I WOULD NOT pay GE not even one more penny. I am extremely frustrated with GE's customer service and how unprofessional most of the individuals I spoke to acted. I will never again purchase a GE product. I feel that as a paying consumer, I deserve better than that. I deserve a machine that operates for more than just 3 months, and if it does happen to break, I deserve a little more compassion than what I received. I am telling everyone my story, and it's sad because once I start mentioning what happened to me, others have received the same type of treatment from GE. It's a shame that this continues, but hopefully by sharing my story of my ill treatment from GE, I will reach others and GE will be forced to treat their paying customers as they should be treated. Thank you for your time with this matter.

Wendy Bonneau CC: Best Buy, Salem NH Better Business Bureau Consumer Relations.

  • Kk
    kkourie Aug 10, 2007

    I am also having major problems with a Jenn-Air double wall oven I purchased years ago from Circuit City. We have an extended warranty with only 1 service person in the area that will work on our products. He's a total jerk who doesn't return phone calls, schedule the appts., show up for appts. etc. Even after complaining of this infuriating service contractor, GE/Circuit City doesn't have any alternatives. GE got involved, I was promised a new wall oven would be delivered, installed and the old one removed. They delivered the GE wall oven today. It's sitting in my dining room. The old one is still in place. The delivery company doesn't do wall ovens. Now another 1/2 hour on hold conversation with the warranty company...We have to turn the circuit breaker on and off to use it. The fan keeps running and the bottom oven doesn't work at all. This has been going on for about a month now... I can not believe this is the best American companies can do. 15 phone calls, time wasted listening to musac and no oven. It's very frustrating. I was told to write a letter to Mr. Graft but I can see that's not going to do a lot of good.

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  • Ma
    Marie Merian Nov 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately, while doing extensive research on various appliances for my kitchen redo, I have to conclude that ALL manufacturers have the same type of problems/complaints. Most of these companies use overseas customer service who do not really care about American wining about various issues. We must accept the fact that customer service no longer exist in the US. Pride of customer (from stores) or consumer (from manufacturers) service and the quality of products are no longer important to anyone; and as a result, consumers such as you and I suffer. The bottom line is that we can now expect to pay way more than $500 on basic appliances and in return, we can be assured that these appliances won't last the year or perhaps 2-3 at most. Sad world we now live in!

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very poor customer service

Here is a letter that I am in the process of writing, if either of the two people who also had problems with GE still read this board, I would be delighted to get some addresses to where I could send this letter!

My husband and I own a GE refrigerator that was brand new when we purchased our home 8 months ago. Beginning about two and a half weeks ago, we began to have some serious problems with the compressor not turning on immediately. It would make a clicking sound for five to ten minutes and then turn on. The ice maker would also only work some of the time. On Wednesday March 21, 2007 I decided I would call GE Customer Service to get someone out to take a look at it because it seemed to be taking longer and longer to turn on and clicking more and more frequently. My first call to the customer service telephone number was more than disappointing. After being on hold for more than ten minutes and navigating through confusing numerous menus which only took me to automated systems I finally got a real person on the other end of the line. Once I explained my problem to the woman on the other end of the line, she told me the clicking sound I was hearing was completely normal, that it was the coolant moving through the warm coils. She said that if I didn't hear the sound, then I should be worried. She did offer to send me a replacement ice maker through the mail.

After hanging up with her, I called back immediately and after being on hold for another ten minutes I spoke to a gentlemen. He saw in his computer that I had recently called, had an ice maker ordered for me and he verified my mailing address. It turns out that the previous woman did not verify my mailing address before hanging up with me and it would have been sent to our old residence had I not corrected it with the gentleman. After explaining my problem again, the gentleman wasted no time in recommending that a technician be sent out to look at the refrigerator. He could not get in touch with any of the repair companies in my area so he told me that a "quick response" team member would call me back within 24 business hours. I fully expected a call back before the end of business on Friday March 23rd but I never received a phone call back.

During the night of Friday March 23rd, our refrigerator starting clicking constantly and the compressor never turned back on again. On the morning of March 26th, I called GE again and after being on hold for almost fifteen minutes I discovered that we had been assigned to a company to have our refrigerator looked at. I called them immediately and after explaining my problem, I was told by them that they couldn’t fix the problem. By 11am that same day I was back on the phone again with GE and I was told once again that we would be assigned to another company and a “quick response” team member would be in touch with me within 48 hours. Meanwhile, our refrigerator still had not turned back on and all of our food spoiled and had to be thrown away.

Both on March 27th and March 28th I called the automated system to check on the status of our repair. It still had no been assigned to a company to see what the problem was with our refrigerator. During the afternoon of March 28th, after being transferred three times to other departments who were supposed to be able to help me and being on hold for long periods of time, I finally spoke to a supervisor who managed to find a company to come out and evaluate the refrigerator. It only took him ten minutes, and I never did get a call back from the “quick response” team.

Shortly after twelve noon on March 30th, a man from another company came out to take a look at my refrigerator. He was here for about 15 minutes and told me it was a burnt out evaporator fan motor. He said it would need to be ordered and to call their office back on Monday to find out when the part would come in. At 10am on April 2nd, I called the company to find out when the part would be in. I was told by the woman on the phone that she hadn’t even ordered the part yet, she had until noon to do it. She said she would call me back after she ordered the part. At about 1:30pm that same day she called me back and told me that the part had been ordered, it was in stock and that it would be there in a couple of days. She also told me that she would call me back after the part was in to make an appointment to have the refrigerator fixed.

Again, I was expecting a phone call at least by the end of day on April 6th, but the call never came. Our refrigerator is still not fixed and it’s been two and a half weeks since I originally called the GE customer service line. I believe that I have been very patient, even though I have been put at an incredible inconvenience with one of the most important major appliances in my home not working at all. I have two small children (4 years and 9 months) and I can’t even keep fresh milk, vegetables, or fruit in the house for them. I believe that I have seen very poor customer service and I have not been treated as a valued customer.

  • Ja
    James Kim Aug 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Totally agree with your complaint on GE. My GE refrigerator came as an option, when I purchased our new house back in March, 2006. Less than one year and half. Since than there were a lot of loose parts, which I ignored (I didn't know where it was fallen from). These week, my refrigerator temperature increased to 67 degree. I called and asked if I could talked to a technician to seek a trouble shoot pointer. I was told that technician was not available and GE can send the technician out ($89.00; for coming over to see what the problem is). Bad after service... my other refrigerator is Japanese made and had it more than fifteen years; still kicking ###. I have no intention of advertising other brands. But the service sucks!!!

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  • Do
    Dog Owner May 24, 2008

    I bought my GE Refrigerator at Lowes in November 2006. I also bought a extended warranty through Lowes. In March of 2008 I started to complain that my Refrigerator is not cooling. It is now May 24, 2008 and Lowes has failed to fix my Refrigerator. I have had 4 different companies out and it's still not working. I have been with out a frig for over 12 weeks now with a family of 4. Lowes customer service is a joke. They said my refrigerator does not qualify as a Lemon. I have contacted Consumer Affairs, FTC and GE so we'll see what happens. I will say I will never buy anything through Lowes again as their extended warranty is a joke. The employees at Lowes Customer Care do not know what the heck their doing. They should all be fired in my opinion. Oh another thing, if you ask to speak to a manager at Lowes Customer Care they tell you you can't, as managers do not speak to customers. What a bunch of ###s.

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  • Ed
    ed Oct 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was extremely disassified with their services. The initial repair person came out and took 2 hours to tell me he didn't have the right part. 3 weeks later, an appointment was finally made. The 8-12 window is an unacceptably disruptive time frame. The company did not call us to confirm the appointment. The service person was late, and did not call to tell us he was going to be late. He was rude when he arrived, and did not clean up the mess he made. I plan on contacting Western Appliance and the CEO of GE and GE Services with this complaint and recommend they cancel their services with your company.

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  • Lv
    LVanon May 04, 2009

    We spent over an hour on the phone with GE regarding their dispute with a warranty on a microwave combo oven, model Jes1289sk. Every report you read on this model, which is currently out of production, states that it has failed in the same dangerous way: Arcing and sparking WITHOUT SHUTTING OFF.

    This should trigger a recall. Instead the authorized repair center for GE products said it triggered a retroactive recall on the 5-year magnetron warranty! In other words, instead of fixing the product they lopped off their warranty. Not only does this seem illegal — especially given that some states offer additional warranty protection laws — but it seems dangerous. We were popping corn and were in another room. Had we not heard an odd noise it would have caught the popcorn bag on fire.

    We literally read our warranty statement to the repair center and to GE over the phone and got nowhere. The service center refuses to argue the matter or arrange the details even though we are paying them for the diagnostic fee and labor. We only expected the part to be covered because that was the terms in effect at the time of purchase. GE appears to be gambling that we'll be too impatient for another microwave to hold out, and too ignorant of the law to squeel on them. Well, they better watch out because I'm asking anyone who has ever reviewed this product to come out of the woodwork and call GE and post their experience as a complaint to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and this site.

    I can completely relate to the frustration of dealing with GE's call center employees. They are either powerless or trained to appear as such. They took our call and bounced it around for ONE HOUR without ever admitting that they had any documentation on file to the effect that this model ever had a warranty of the kind printed in our book. We didn't buy this off some foreign site but at Walmart. It was brand new. And they claimed we were lying and that nothing they had on file indicated we were entitled to have this part serviced under warranty. As if that were not bad enough, we were, by then, running late for other appointments (5/1/2009) so we had to get off the phone with NO RESOLUTION. Now we have to pick up and call again and start the whole ordeal over. This time we will be writing down names, employee ID numbers and extension numbers for any and every transfer they wish to make. And we plan on telling them that we don't want them to play pass-the-buck with our phone call. With thousands of product sold there are undoubtedly thousands of reports like yours and like mine. Unless the employees were all hired yesterday, there's really no believable excuse for why none of them would know the answer or do what they have promised to do.

    If enough people have enough bad experiences with a particular model, be it a microwave or a refrigerator, they should report it as a safety issue. Because it is a safety issue. They are liable for the fires that are started when their product "kill switches" don't activate when the thing is blowing sparks like a firecracker. They are liable when your family ends up at the doctor's office with food poisoning that very first time someone realized something was wrong.

    Threaten to file a class action suit and/or to post your experience on every consumer complaint site you can, including the Better Business Bureau. That ought to get their attention.

    Also, one last note of caution: Understand that there are just three or four makes producing every name you see in appliances, from washer & dryers to microwave ovens and refrigerators. You may feel that you don't want to resume giving a company like GE your business, but if you aren't careful to look up who OWNS the name to the brand you replace your inferior appliance with, you are probably sending the company laughing all the way to the bank with your money yet again. This is one reason these companies have increasingly become so lax on quality. They are bouncing us consumers between themselves like ping-pong balls. Blame it on the fact that our US regulators don't regulate anything anymore. Banks aren't the only thing that have become too big to fail. Consumer electronics companies and appliance makers have also become too big to care. They have other divisions making profits in other areas and for some of them, this consumer electronics is just a sideline just as the banking institutions rolled the risky investment divisions into the traditional savings & loan operations. What you see is conflict of interest in all these consumer categories, and with that an emphasis on everything but you.

    Don't fall for it. This is bigger than a refrigerator. It is symptomatic of a huge problem. Write a congressperson and get involved. It may sound corny, but it's the only power we have left as "little people". Namely, the power to be the wiser to what is motivating the crappy business decisions we see all around us, from poor quality products and customer service even from the so-called luxury brands right down to risky Wall Street practices. It's all part of the same enchilada. There is such a thing as too big to compete and too big to care. Why would they, when everyone in every industry has their particular market cornered and we, the consumer, are nothing but ping pong balls bouncing from one company's pocket to the other only to find they've all become oddly homogonized in their practices and tactics?

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  • Jb
    JBR111 Mar 17, 2011

    I put a GE waterheater in for a friend a week ago. And when I started it i found a small crack in the gas line between the thermostat and burner. I call GE customer service and told them and they went through there bla bla bla if it was damaged by installation we won’t pay. I said fine i garantee it wasn’t but ok. So i told them what the problem was and i was 100% positive this is the part you need so have the repair guy you call to bring this. So the repair man shows up 12 hours later and looks at is and says yep it wasn’t damaged by installation so ill call them and they will send you the part, call me when it comes. I said you didn’t bring the part i told them 100% posativly what the problem was. And ive been out of a water heater for a day now. So he puts some electrical tape around the tube to seal the crack and says that should hold till the part comes. I say that isn't gonna happen and turned it off. Its been 3 days so far and the part came today and wont be installed till tomorrow. GE will have to pay about $230 dollars Te the repairman plus the part for there sucky service. I could put it in myself in less then 10 minutes but ill wait for the repairman. If there was a problem i would have to go through another week without a hot water heater.

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  • Ca
    Candy Hartman Jan 27, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I am too upset right now to even go over what I just went through but bottom line is stay away from GE if you want friendly and quick response to a warranty issue. The contractor they sent out was great, the problem was getting to that point. Look for another brand!

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how a freezer door handle ends up being handled at the chairman's office level!

This posting is almost as long as the issue itself. An interesting and frustrating tale of how bad customer...

$135 to replace two light bulbs!

I recently had to replace two surface lights on my General Electric Microwave Oven which was purchased new 2 years ago. Upon reading the manual, I discovered that these bulbs had been seated in some type of glue or plastic coating.

I was instructed to run a knife or other sharp object completely around the base of the light therefore freeing it from the coating. IT DID NOT WORK! Moreover, when I approached the salesman at Lowes, where I purchased the Microwave, he promptly broke off two bulbs as well in the floor model. Upon calling for a GE repairman, I was charged $100 for a service call and $17.00 for each replacement bulb. The total cost of $134.00 plus tax was applied. The repairman also broke the seating for one of the bulbs in trying to remove it. I was furious and emailed GE without so much as a reply. I feel that customers should be warned about the defective part on the product and customers should NOT be charged for the replacement of simple light bulbs. Who wants to pay $135 to replace two light bulbs???

their service is equally abysmal

We re-did our kitchen and bought six GE Profile appliances: Stove, Advantium microwave, refrigerator, washer...

refrigerator - hedging until the warranty ran out

I purchased a side-by-side refrigerator new in april, 2000. Not long after I got it, it stopped cooling/freezing. I had a repairman come out and replace the condenser/evaporator. It worked for a short period of time then stopped cooling/freezing again. This time I was told that the first repairman didn't connect a line properly and the freon had leaked out. This repairman assured me that the problem was fixed but again in about 4 months, same old problem of not cooling/freezing. No explanation was given this time, just filled up the freon. I moved to another service area and started getting a different repairman. This one came out the first time in august 2005 and again in march 2006. Both times he said he was going to put in for a replacement since this unit had a bad history. I hadn't heard anything from ge so I decided to stop being patient and contact them. The lady who I spoke to acted like since I only have the problem about every 4-6 months, the unit must be working fine! I told her I had been told by the repairman that he was putting in for a replacement. She said the guy had to come out and physically call from my home phone before a replacement could be made but until that happened, she could only offer me a pro-rated unit for $857.86 from me. She said if he would call from my home phone, I could get another unit. He came out today and made the call. A different person on the phone told him this time that he could only offer a pro-rated smaller unit for a cost of $731.55! Their reason was 'the unit is out of warranty'. I know it is currently out of warranty but until 2005, the warranty was in effect! My problems with the unit started long before the warranty ran out but they won't honor the warranty. The repairman told me also that the 'breaker strip' had been damaged and there was no fixing this. He said it happened when someone replaced the condenser/evaporator long ago. I don't feel that I should be penalized for something that a repairman did. I called ge customer relations after he left and was told by someone then that I couldn't speak to a supervisor because I had already been offered a pro-rate and no one else would do anything differently. I then told her I was contacting an attorney and she condescendingly spelled her name when I asked for it. I then called back and talked to the first supervisor who had told me that I could get a replacement if the repairman called from my home. She then told me she never told me that. I really wish I would have taped the conversation and would recommend anyone doing that in the future. I told her about the other representative's refusal to allow me to talk to a supervisor. I was then told that that complaint would be given to the representative's supervisor and that she should have never told me that. Supposedly, they are going to take it into review again and let me know something within 24-48 hours. My hopes aren't high since they haven't done anything that they said they were going to do yet anyway. My suggestion to anyone having problems with a ge product - stay on top of them everyday and don't let them put you off until they can tell you that the warranty has expired.

  • Do
    Don Killen Sep 29, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I don't believe in having to buy extended warranties. If I felt that was necessary, then I suppose I shouldn't have much faith in the quality of the product I'm purchasing. I bought a GE side by side in 2001 and have had 2 failures of water line to ice maker (one of the failures was slow enough it wasn't noticed till mold became obvious on our slab "outside the home" and further inspection revealed saturated and folding cabinetry base), 1 failure of ice dispenser flap, 2 failures of temp control in refrigerator compartment, 1 failure of mother board causing all cooling functions to cease, currently experiencing another total failure of ice machine function ( no ice).

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front loading washer

We bought this machine 4 years ago from Whiteford Keagy appliance store in Monroe, N.Y. It has already died...