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Complaints & Reviews

bad product

GE Profile Refrigerator Model #PSS26PSWASS I have had the problem with ice buildup in the back of the...

ge air conditioner

I bought a 10, 000 btu ge air conditioner from walmart on 6/5/07. I used it for approx. 3 months, running it mostly at night. I started using it again this year around june and woke up the other morning and it was dead. I paid $208.00 and use this ac for approx. 5 months in all. I called ge but they said it was nothing they could do since it was a year old and I explained that it may be a year old but I have only used it for no more than 5 months. They said the best they could do was to give me a $75.00 rebate if I went out and bought another ge ac. Why would I want another ge if they only last 5 months? He said he could do no more and that he was sorry but that is not enough for me because $208.00 is alot of money for me and I feel like they owe me at least a partial refund. I also told him there were no ge's around here because it has been very hot and they were all sold out. So I had to drive 40 miles one way to lowes and bought a samsung ac that came with a 5 year warranty for the same money. I even told him I had recently purchased a new ge stove and refrigerator and why can't that rebate be applied to that but he said only on an ac. What a rip off ge is... So sorry now that I purchased their other appliances.

fraud deceptive service costs

The ice machine on my G.E. appliance stopped working. I called GE and set up an appointment to get it fixed. I was told that there would be a $99.99 trip fee and that parts would be extra. I had to wait from 8 to 5 p.m. so had to take a day off from work. When the repair person came, he looked at the ice machine and said that the handle was not in the proper position and that it would take him a minute or two to correct the problem. The charge for the correction would be an additional $125 dollars! For a minute or two of work! So he presented me with a bill for $225 or less than two minutes work! That is outrageous! Unconscionalbe. Never buy a G.E. product.

  • An
    AnneD Aug 05, 2011

    We purchased a GE side by side refrigerator for our second home in July 2005.
    In May, 2010 our refrigerator starting making a whirling noise but seemed to be working ok. Then we noticed the the freeze pops were not freezing hard, just soft. Refrigerator seem to be fine. Called the local dealer we purchased the product from and after checking they said there was a leak in the condensor. Said it should be covered by the GE 5yr warranty. After calling GE he said that they had changed that warranty to one year. The cost to repair the refrigerator was over $900 so we went ahead and purchased a new refrigerator. GE must have changed the warranty because of problems since I have seen a lot of complaints on refrigerators.

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dishwasher was a lemon from the get-go

I got a new GE dishwasher last year and paid $850 for it. We won't even talk about all of the delivery issues and damaged GE appliances that I refused to accept. From day one, the dishwasher did not work right. It left a filthy residue on the glasses and dishes, so I called GE about the problem. They sent out a technician who agreed that the glasses should come out clean (I even showed him "clean" glasses that had been run through a cycle), but he could not find a problem. Four technicians later (and four more days off from work without pay and technicians agreeing that my glasses should look clean and not have residue after a clean cycle), I was told by GE that since their technicians cold not find a problem, there was nothing that could be done. Although I debated this with the rep that the technicians all agreed that my glasses should not look be left with residue, the rep insisted that since no problem was found, all they coudl do was send another rep out to look for the problem again. By this time I could not afford to take yet another day off with out pay, so I took the time to compose a letter to the corporate offices of GE detailing the experience. I got no response. So now I am stuck washing the disgusting residue off my glasses after they are run through the dishwaser. I would like to point out that my previous dishwasher (a Kenmore) did not have this issue.
Now, my two year old GE gas dryer has stopped producing heat and GE wants me to pay $100 for a technician to come to the house just to look at it!
Next time, I'm buying Kenmore!

microwave repair

Have GE microwave model JVM1650, magnetron went out, was four years old, no warranty, GE repairman quoted me...

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fire danger

We purchased a GE electric cooktop that has needed multiple repairs and been nothing but trouble.

Within three years of purchase, thermostats in several burners started failing with disastrous results of ruined pans, and great fire danger. A burner on its lowest heat setting would suddenly result in the burner automatically being reset to the highest setting. This would happen with absolutely no notice.

I contacted the GE consumer department and received a letter stating they would replace a burner if another one gave out within three months. Of course that never happened in that precise time frame.

The last time I called the GE repairman to replace another burner, I was told the parts are no longer available. Although the stove was a top model and installed in 1996 it is now useless. We have paid more for repairs than the stove cost originally.

I am replacing the cooktop and would never consider another GE cooktop.

  • De
    Debi Aug 20, 2008

    We also purchased all new stainless steel GE Profile appliances for our remodeled kitchen, including: (high end) Dishwasher, Advantium and (high end) Cook top with Stainless Steel knobs. A month after our purchase, the top rack of our dishwasher fell down in a lopsided fashion. We called GE who sent a repairman out a week later. The repairman said a part that was welded broke and was not able to be repaired. He ordered a replacement, which was delivered several days later.

    One night, within two weeks of having the replacement, my husband and I fell asleep in our Family Room where I was awakened several hours later by an acrid odor. I recognized it as an hot electrical odor and hurriedly went around the Family Room checking every electric gadget and appliance we have in there to no avail. The house was filled with the heavy smell and I became scared and awoke my husband. He smelled it instantly and began to look, too. He found the Dishwasher so hot he couldn't touch it with his bare hand. He opened it with a pot holder and discovered the drying element was still on several HOURS after I had run it after supper!

    The spinners had liquefied and the bottom basket had warped and the plastic covering had also melted and both had made a puddle of plastic on the bottom of the tub. There is no doubt that had I not woke when I did we would have had a full out fire with my husband in the Family Room and our Grandson and his friend asleep in his room! I called GE who sent out the same repairman who had replaced the first unit about three weeks prior. I expected, of course, the Dishwasher would be replaced and immediately said I did not want that same Dishwasher because number 1 it's obviously a bad model and number 2 it's a fire hazard.

    Imagine my surprise when he told me that it could be repaired and he would not be recommending that it be replaced because they would just tell him to repair the unit! I got on the phone with a Tech Support supervisor who told me they would not replace the unit because the repairman said it could be repaired! I told him what happened and that the unit would have gone into flame if I hadn't woke up and could have killed my family as we slept! I advised him that the model should be recalled as a fire hazard. I said the unit had gotten so hot it liquefied the spinners and warped the basket so there is no way that the motor wouldn't have been affected. He told me they would replace the unit for 50% of the price!!!

    Fortunately we had gotten an extended warranty with Lowes, so immediately upon hanging up after giving him a piece of my mind and telling him that we will NEVER buy another GE appliance, I called Lowes. I told the Assist Store Manager what happened and without hesitation, she told me to bring the unit to the store and pick out the replacement of my choice. Needless to say, the replacement I chose WAS NOT a GE product.

    During the time the first Dishwasher broke, the $2, 500.00 Advantium also broke and had a code F3 showing in the display. The repairman examined that unit in the same visit as the Dishwasher. He said the Sensor Pad had gone bad. This appliance was also a month old! He replaced the sensor pad about a month later, since that part had to be ordered.

    Well, it is about a year later and I'm listening to the beeping of a code F3 on the Advantium again. Apparently the Sensor Pad has again gone bad. As for the third GE appliance that we purchased for the remodeling of our kitchen, the high end cook top with the stainless steel knobs: it actually came with black plastic knobs. There was a small piece of paper that said if you wanted the stainless steel knobs, which cost more, you had to "call this number." I called several times and have never received the knobs that I paid a premium for.

    We will NEVER buy another GE product. It's junk and they do not stand behind their products.

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terrible experience

I own a group of apartment buildings in the Chicago metropolitan area. I purchase major appliances an average...

fraud & scam

We bought an extended war form A.&E factory service, which we thought was through general electric corp...

they are really bad

I came across some blogs on the ge cafe line discussing issues. You won't believe this... We spent $7k on the cafe line of appliances. We had to replace the microwave three times... The dishwasher twice... And the refrigerator doors once. Unbelievable! We requested ge to take all of the appliances back and they refused. They gave us a measly 4 year extended warranty that we demanded for the dysfunctional appliances. Here were the problems:

Microwave: 1st: dented left lower side; dent upper left side; venting would open and close twice and then stay closed with the microwave on. 2nd: dents again in the lower left; key pad visual became distorted so you couldn't read anything 3rd: dents in the lower left again and the key pad went completely out!

Dishwasher: 1st: door was crooked on tub (Bent); water leaked on the top control panel from condensation; leak in rubber seal on left side of door. 2nd: installer filled dishwasher with two large glasses of water to prime pump; he turned dishwasher on; all of the water came pouring out on the floor; inspection revealed the dishwasher came with a nut missing on the clamp that holds the motor female end that attaches to the male end that goes into the dishwasher tub.

Refrigerator: 1st: right door dented; left door ice maker/water dispenser frame dented; water leaked out from capture tray behind the frame and on to the front of the door onto the floor. 2nd: icemaker/water dispenser frame not latched on lower left side (Sticks out): began leaking water again.

Awaiting ge appt to repair.

No problems (Yet with dual fuel range). Dishwasher stays wet after cycle; rep sent bottle of staydry to fix it!

Don't buy ge cafe; don't buy ge period as they work with iran!

we will never purchase ge again

We have a GE Profile range, the stovetop cracked and is continuing to crack when the burners are used. We did not do anything to make this initial crack happen other than normal use of the stove. We tried to get the part replaced and GE said it has been discontinued and there is nothing they can do. We feel GE should do something to remedy the problem since we cannot safely use the range now. We will never purchase GE again if they do not help with this problem, can they replace with a new range or at least partial cost of a new range.

  • Ni
    Nimeshpatel Mar 23, 2010

    GE appliances are not good any more

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  • Ni
    Nimeshpatel Mar 23, 2010

    We bought GE Profile Refrigerator and GE Profile Dishwasher about 3 months ago and both of them are not working properly

    GE Profile Refrigerator compressor make huge tremendous noise and GE dined to replace the compressor since it will bring more issue to a unit and GE Profile Dishwasher does not clean dishes and also smart dispenser on dishwasher does not function properly. We will never buy GE appliance again. GE profile appliances are expensive and they do not work proper and GE has the worst customer service where they do not care about customers after they sell their junk appliances

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  • Na
    nazrene Jun 03, 2011

    I truly believe what Nimesh patel feels about GE, I too have the same problem and frustration with GE, in fact my other GE appliances too have some problem or the other with the plastic parts just falling apart or cracking. Terrible, will never buy a GE ever in my life. WORST DO NOT BUY!

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  • Ci
    CindaRella Jun 11, 2011

    We built a new home about 2 years ago, and installed stainless steel GE appliances We thought they had exceptional quality and service and was confident in our choice. We were wrong.

    Within 4 months after installation, the number 9 on the black control panel of our built in oven bubbled up. A technician came out and looked at it, ordered the black control panel, and returned to install it. Repeat that same experience 4 times, (8 visits)always the 9 bubbling up. With only a year warranty, and it continuing to happen, GE did extend our warranty six more months, which ran out 12/5/2010, and it has happened again, of course, but with it not being repaired now, the number 4 above it it now bubbling up.

    When calling the service department and at times being very frustrated because I wanted a “permanent fix” to this problem, a couple options were suggested by the assistant on the phone. There was a recall on the almond and white build-in ovens, I could have a white or almond control panel installed on my stainless steel appliance. Live with it, it doesn’t affect the operation of the unit. When the warranty runs out, I will just pay for the replacement panel my self, or the best one, “ You can always buy a new oven.”

    Yes, I realize it doesn’t affect the operation of the appliance, however the look is not attractive, and the few times I use the 9, it feels as if it will crack if I push it. A couple of the service technicians thought it may have to do with the latch inside the oven since the 9 is directly above that and I think one even replace a part, however, it is bubbled again. The 9 is not a commonly used number in baking, and we have never used the self cleaning option.

    After much frustration, and the same problem being fixed four times in 18 month, I took the extreme action of writing to Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE. I received no response (no surprise) from him or any of his people.

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  • Ci
    CindaRella Jun 11, 2011


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  • Be
    Bead nut Nov 30, 2012

    I had GE Monogram appliances in my home from 1990-2003. The refrig. Was great, the wall ovens were so bad I finally pulled them out. In this home I moved to in 06 there was a GE monogram wall oven, GE Advantium, and warming oven. Also, a GE Monogram refrig. that I added to match. The oven is a nightmare. Nothing cooks properly in it, just like the old ones I had. The refrig. is nothing like the old one. It produces tons of mold from the rear center vent system. Must be thoroughly emptied and cleaned weekly to control it. My daughter recently asked me what to get for her kitchen remodel, my response, "anything but GE."

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dishwasher leaves soap on everything

Bought a GE dishwasher last May and our friends bought a slightly different model. Now both machines, just approaching the 1 year mark, are leaving the dishes covered in a soap film.

My husband is very handy and has taken the machine apart and cleaned everything, but nothing seems to help.

At first we thought the problem was our well water, but our friends are on city water. We then thought the problem was the soap we are using, but again our friends use different dish soap, but have the same problem.

The bottom line: do not buy a GE dishwasher unless you are ready to throw it away a year later!!

  • Ni
    Nimeshpatel Mar 23, 2010

    We bought GE Profile Refrigerator and GE Profile Dishwasher about 3 months ago and both of them are not working properly

    GE Profile Refrigerator compressor make huge tremendous noise and GE dined to replace the compressor since it will bring more issue to a unit and GE Profile Dishwasher does not clean dishes and also smart dispenser on dishwasher does not function properly. We will never buy GE appliance again. GE profile appliances are expensive and they do not work proper and GE has the worst customer service where they do not care about customers after they sell their junk appliances

    We had 5 service calls for two new appliances and one of the call, technician did not show up and all the other 4 service call, technician refused to fix the problem. Technician also refuse to replace the refund the product as well and to deal with GE customer service rep is the worst experience because they do not listen your problem and they do think we are calling just for refund or replacement. They do not have any plan or curtsy to help the customers. I would stay, STAY AWAY FROM GE APPLIANCE

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If GE Monogram put more effort in designing a quality product than marketing it as a quality product perhaps it would work correctly. I have had my GE Monogram Trivection Oven for 2 months and have used it all of twelve times before it failed completely. I am now on my third service call and the oven still does not work. The repairman cannot even access the service menu. I have also been treated rudely by GE customer service agents. GE finally agreed to replace the oven, but I am on day 48 without an oven. Worst customer service ever.

do not buy ge adora

Do not buy GE Adora Washers or Dryers; we are now trying to get service for our second washer and dryer in...

they were very rude and did not seem to care

Within less than two weeks my brand-new GE profile had to be repaired for multiple reasons. I called GE corporation and they were the rudest people ever. I explained to them that their product was a factory reject and I should have stayed with Sears Kenmore. Two days later my factory reject machine "broke" again and I told Lowes to come and get it. The two GE repairmen were worthless. They thought that they had "fixed" the problem, when all they did was camouflage. Lowes servicemen came to get the useless machine which leaked all the way out of the house.

not working right!

This pertains to a GE Profile product. When my husband and I invested in remodeling our kitchen, we...

sub-standard service!

As far as I'm concerned your a "Nooobody" when you make a purchase at Lastman's Bad Boy. Unfortunately we didn't research Bad Boy's background before making our recent purchase at the Kennedy & Lewrence Ave store in Scarborough Ontario. We are finding out how poor their customer service has turned out to be.

Our recent purchase was a freezer-top GE refrigerator and GE standalone range. Fortunately both items were in stock and delivered promptly, however upon delivery (we had paid the delivery fee) the movers had a hard time bringing the items in. I would have thought they are professionals and would know what they are doing. It turns out they backed their truck up under our lawn tree and broke a few tree branches, leaving the branches thrown aside. Upon later inspection of our fridge, we noticed a 1 inch "ding" or "dent" on the side. It seems they used a little too much force pushing the fridge through the front door. I work for a large car dealership. Do you think anyone would want to take delivery of their new car with a door ding? What makes you think I pay full price for a new appliance and pay for delivery only to receive damaged goods?

My first indication that Bad Boy's service is bad was upon my first call to the store. I was looking to make a complaint regarding the delivery and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who told me the "delivery" department was not available but, if I held she would be back to help me. Twenty minutes on hold and an annoying hold message seemed to go on and on. "Nooobody" returned on the line to answer my call. I hung up.

After experiencing their poor customer service I would have rather taken my money and business elsewhere. Unfortunately as many people here have pointed out, "ALL" their sales are final (they make sure to conveniently circle that on the sales slip). And to make matters worse, we purchased the "Bad Boy" extended warranty on our items. I am now shaking my head wondering what kind of lousy service we are going to get if we ever run into a problem in the next 5 years.

I almost always make my appliance and electronics purchases with Costco Canada. Their products are top-notch and their prices, returns and exchanges, refunds, and warranty policies are second to none. Unfortunately they didn't have what we we're looking for in this case (product selection).

Is it that "Bad Boy" is understaffed? Or that they don't care? How would I know, they still haven't called me back. You'd expect more from a company which prides itself on being a family owned business for 60 years.

As far as I'm concerned the only place bad boys belong is in the slammer. Don't be a "NOOOBODY"! It's been now our 3rd time leaving a message for a callback, and still no reply from anyone.

class-action suit on refrigerator moisture!

A recent visit by a GE service person (who was replacing and fixing some parts on our dishwasher due to their...

scratched appliance!

I ordered a GE CAFE dual fuel range and it came with a broken leveling leg and bottom oven drawer would not shut all the way on one side. Some one from GE came to fix it and said it could not be fixed because the frame was bent. Someone must have dropped it. I just had another stove delivered on Feb. 12, 2008 and it came with scratches on the control panel. I called GE when the delivery people were here and they told me I can't refuse delivery because it is a replaceable part. That seems crazy to me. So if there was a dent in the door I have to accept delivery and have someone come fix it. Confused here. Needless to say I already had to miss 3 days of work and now have to miss another to have the repair guy come back out. Would not even take $ off because it is a replaceable part. Good old GE!!

profile harmony dryer stopped working!

I had a GE Proflie Harmony Gas Dryer which stopped drying after three years. When I called Sears which is where I bought it from to come out and look at the dryer they told me it would cost 700.00 to repair. The Dryer itself cost about 1,000.00. The parts for this dryer are very expensive. I almost had a heart attack. Well at that cost it made more sense to just purchase another dryer since they were on sale for about the same cost. I decided to email GE since I also have the washing machine that matches the dryer, and 7 other GE appliances that I purchased all on the same day, but they refused to answer my email.
When I finally got a chance to call them on the phone they bounced me around between four different people. One was more rude than the other. I told them I would like an explanation as to how these parts could die out in three years, and if they would give me some assistance with having to purchase the new dryer.

Well they could not answer any of my questions and offered to do nothing to help me with my situation. I am very disgusted with GE, and disgusted that a dryer which should last at least 15 years, only lasted 3.

  • Ja
    Janet Bryan Jul 07, 2008

    I too have had my GE harmony for three years and one month the dryer stopped heating it would be approximately 400-500 to repair the blower motor. I have never heard after three years of a major part like that going out. Needless to say we purchased this dryer because we thought it would last. All of the appliances in my home are GE. I will never purchase from them again.

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Failure to honor warranty!

This is a complaint against the General Electric Company for refusing to honor their stated warranty on a dishwasher installed in September 2007. Briefly, the new General Electric dishwasher we purchased has a stainless steel tub. Shortly (i.e. 2 weeks) after installation a number of small, pinhead-sized pits in the surface of the stainless tub were noticed due to rust rings forming around them. The area covered by these pits continues to spread. We now regularly scrub the rust off to avert possible health hazards associated with rust particulates clinging to “clean” dishes and silverware.

A GE service technician confirmed this was not normal and that there was a defect. He put us in touch with Consumer Relations who told us the warranty does not apply for defects like this. We subsequently sent a letter to GE. The only response to this letter was to have someone in their Consumer Relations department call and reiterate that they would not honor the warranty.

Interestingly, this person in Customer Relations, after hearing a description of the defect, agreed something was wrong and that this was not normal; but asserted that GE will not honor their stated warranty in this instance. In speaking with this GE representative, I pointed out the following:

· If this is truly a stainless steel tub how can it rust? Assuming GE is not defrauding the public with their claim that this dishwasher is equipped with a stainless steel (i.e. will not rust) tub, then the alternate explanation for the pitting and resulting rust on this brand new dishwasher is that there was a fault in the manufacturing process causing this defect.

· I also observed that the GE Warranty clearly states that “Any part of the dishwasher which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship... GE will provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home service to replace the defective part.” There are no stated exclusions for defects caused by pitted surfaces in the stainless steel tub or for the resulting unhealthy rust build-up.

GE’s service technician, mentioned above, along with their Customer Relations representative, agreed that the new GE dishwasher we purchased is defective. This defect clearly and substantially reduces the expected useful life of this appliance. I am asking your assistance in contacting the General Electric Company on our behalf and persuading it to honor their stated warranty.

  • Ne
    Necrosis Oct 28, 2008

    What you may not understand is that not all stainless steel is truly "stainless". The corrosion inhibiting characteristics is dependent on the grade of stainless steel being manufactured. Typically, residential appliances utilize a lesser grade of stainless steel, than say, a commercial grade stainless steel appliance.

    The presence of rust means that there is iron present in the composition of the stainless steel; true stainless steel is non-ferrous, or in other words, contains no significant trace amounts of iron.

    The best test: use a magnet. If a magnet will attach to stainless steel then it is a low grade stainless steel.

    So, in short, GE most likely feels that the corrosion and rust is not a defect at all, since they specified a lesser grade of "stainless steel" in an appliance which you (and many others) subsequently bought.

    Asko (Swedish) and Bosch (German) make excellent stainless cabinet models with high grade stainless steel that are comparable in price to domestic brands with stainless steel cabinets.

    So much for American quality!!

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  • St
    steve Jan 29, 2009

    I agree---they should honor the warranty. Consumers are not steel experts. My dishwasher from GE is 1.4 years old----they installed the tube wrong---loose clamp--and tub was not holding water. MFR defective assembly. Since it is past the 1 year, they charge me 125 for the guy to install the clamp correctly. I am going to contact the BBB. If a factory goofs, consumers should never have to pay anything!!! They sucked me into a 5 years service warranty today...but at $203 I feel it is worth it since they charge around $325 per visit. I hope I made the right choice. I think they deserve a class action suit. [email protected] and we need to contact BBB and file suit and despute charges through the creditcard.

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  • Ga
    GayleC Nov 12, 2012

    I have had 4 appts to have a GE tech come out and check my dishwasher which has been leaking. The first appt the tech, Robert, called me at 3:45 pm to cancel as he was busy on another job. This on a Friday afternoon with no one to call since the service center had already closed. 2nd appt tech Tim shows up says it's the gasket, has ge send us new gasket. 3rd visit tech Dave shows up to install gasket. Dishwasher still leaking. Call GE they send tech Dave out again to see what's up on the same day. Tech Dave takes apart the door and low and behold there is tons of condensation which was causing the leak in the first place. Engineers tell him to lower my hot water heater temp from 130 to 120 and that should stop the problem. Really, that's a crock of crap. Of course that doesn't help, 5th call today Tech Tim comes back out again at 4:25 pm and says there is screw lose and that's the cause which is BS and then has the nerve to tell me that's all he can do and that I should call GE in the morning to deal with it. SERIOUSLY GE IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS!! I AM SO OVER GE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I have never experienced such crappy customer service. Mind you this dishwasher is not even a year old AND it's the replacement for my old one that was recalled due to fire hazard. Now I have to call GE Customer Relations tomorrow morning and start all over again. GE should be calling me to apologize and pay me for all the hours of work I missed to sit here waiting and waiting for this ingnorant repair/tech guys. I basically threw Tim out of my house for his complete ignorance and snotty attitude. Does anyone have a suggestions on what to do? I swear I'm going to sue GE and blast them on all and any blogs I can find.

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