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Complaints & Reviews

Window ac 1.5 tonne

I bought an haier ac from vijay sales on 25th August 2018 and during the first year it was fine, I had serviced the Ac 3 times until August 2019, 2 were standard services and one because of the AC fan not working. I was honestly very happy with their service as they took my complaints in the middle of the night and the technicians called me the very next day and sorted my problems. Untill this point my AC would bring the room temperature to 20 degrees and the compressor would cut as normally keep the ac set on auto mode at 20 degrees. I live on the top floor of my building so during the day rooms are pretty warm as we don't have sun protection at the roof. The problem actually began in March 2020 when my PCB showed E2 error and the room temperature would not go below 26 degrees. Now just imagine, top floor and the room temp 26 degrees, I was using a table fan and cieling fan with ac and I'd still sweat. so I called the technician when he visited he found out that there was ice on the pipes behind the filter. He immediate said there has been gas leak so he fixed the leak by welding and then filled the gas. At this point the E2 error was still there. Due to lockdown there couldn't replace the PCB. So I continued to use the AC with E2 error. The cooling got improved slightly and the room temperature came down to 23 Deg. Now I've been used to 20 Deg and this Ac used to bring the temp down to 20 Deg so why can't it do the same now. So I got frustrated and called the technician again. Another guy came this time to check the AC and said the previous guy didn't fix the gas leak properly so we have to repair the leak first and then fill the gas. I said ok do it. At this point he replaced the PCB and the E2 error was fixed. He also took the grill temperature which was 9 Degrees. I was pretty pleased and the Ac brought my room temp to 21 Degrees and I didn't mind that at all. This might have worked well for 2 weeks and then the same problem. Room temp didn't come down below 25 degree. My electricity bill which was usually around Rs 3000 per month, went up to Rs 5500 per month with no change in our electricity usage. I figured that it could be because the compressor is not getting cut as the room temp is not going below 25 Degrees and I had kept the Ac on 20 Deg Auto Mode. So the next technician came and said sir did you see the previous guys create vaccum before filling gas. I said I don't know. So he used a vaccum pump and filled the gas once again. Till today even at 11pm at night the temp in my 10/10 size room does not go below 25 Degrees. When I asked the technician what's wrong with this ac, he said sir this is how it will work. There is nothing wrong with your AC, you live on top floor so this is how it will work. I told him that this is not how it used to work. What's changed? He said sir there has been few gas leaks and we had to repair the ac few times so if the Ac has been repaired these many times then naturally it will not work like new Ac. Before you judge me let me tell you that I've always serviced my AC timely, I did purchase their AMC for 2 years after the product warranty expired. So this Ac is now 2 years and 10 months old and it's just not fit for purpose. At this point I don't know what else can I do. All I am thinking now is to sell this Ac and buy a different brand. Had I known all these issues would be there then I would have never purchased Haier Ac. I have no issues with their service, they have always responded timely and even during lockdown.

hwm 75-918

I have ordered an automatic washing machine for Rs.29000/- from daraz express. I got the delivery today, my order # [protected]. the product I got has no documents included, no warranty documents, the silicon pipe for water inlet is missing, Moreover the product is externally damaged. As there is a big dent on the front right side of the machine. it seems horrible.

As there are no documents included, what should I do to return in this situation. please help me I am a regular customer of daraz.

Israr Ahmad Mughal
israr. tanveer. [protected]@gmail.com

Faulty brand new air conditioner

Purchased a 1.5ton split ac, brand Haier, from Lulu on 06/04/2015. There has been constant water leakage from the inside unit from the first week. There have been 6 teams of service men trying to fix the issue to no success. The person Mr. Anil in the service centre of Yousif bin Yousif fakhro is adamant that he will not change the unit. My floor and wall is getting damaged because of the constant water dripping. Every time I call and complaint they just send some service person who say openly that everything that has to be done is done but the company is adamant on not providing a new ac. I am feeling cheated.

Faulty brand new air conditioner

Led TV

Product LED 40 M600 HAIER Brand LED TV
Serial No X 0248 Bill no 3234 dt 19 jan 14, shop Shiva Electricals Etwara Bhopal M.P.
Dear sir i have complained of product faults 2 time and lodge commplaint at the company customer care center as under
1. BH [protected] DT 2ND APRIL 2014 .
2. BH [protected] DT 6TH APRIL 2014.
Service engineer was visited 10 days back and informed that parts are diffective it is not be awailable . now no one listen to us
totaly harreasment & abusing language used by the company officers .

HHGregg Extended Warranty

My grandparents purchased me a brand new Haier washer and dryer for my housewarming gift back in October...

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will not honor warranty

I purchased a Haier dehumidifier which failed during the 1 year warranty period. I call Haier customer...

No Service Provider

I have Haier AC, to get it serviced, I tried vied their web page service number but nobody was picking the phone...then I put a complaint but no use... I think it is better to stop buying the Chinese products..

  • Us
    User4987234 May 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- An Augusta father says he kept his son home from school Friday morning for fear he'd be picked on by bullies.
    Rev. Frank Beckles Jr., then turned to school officials for help but says they offered little. It's a story we hear from many of you parents concerned about out-of-control bullying.
    Green works at Augusta Christian Academy. He waited two months before he contacted News 12. He said he wanted to give the school time to respond and take action, but when he says nothing changed, that's when he decided enough was enough.
    "One day I was walking to the bus stop and this girl she slapped me in my face, " said Copeland Elementary School fourth grader Chris Beckles. "I fell to the ground, my glasses fell to the ground and broke."
    Chris went to his bus driver, but he says he got no response, so he went home to his dad .
    "I, of course, was upset; I went to the school, went to the principal's office, " said his father.
    Rev. Beckles says he spoke to the principal's secretary who had Chris and a witness write up statements about what happened.
    "I watched them do that and she assured me everything would be handled and I said, 'Great, I'm going to work, I'm already late, I'll leave it in your hands, '" Beckles said.
    Two months later, he says he still hasn't heard anything and the bullying hasn't stopped.
    "Some other kids [are] trying to pick on me, but I ignore them, " Chris said.
    "The bullying kept continuing, so I was forced to take my son to school, which is putting me out of my way. You know, I've got a job and I've got to support my family, " Beckles said.
    So he reached out again, but he says he still isn't getting answers and now he doesn't know where to go.
    "What is the role of the school? I mean their job is to help protect our kids when we bring them to the school. Parents count on them to do that, " he said.
    As a mentor for kids from all over the area, Beckles says he knows it's not just his son. Bullying is a growing problem, and he's hoping that by bringing awareness to the issue something will be done.
    "Wake up and do something about it, " he said.
    Beckles said one of the biggest issues seems to be a breakdown in communication between the bus drivers, the principals and the Board of Education. He says issues seem to get passed on to the next person, making it difficult to find a solution to the problem.
    News 12 reached out to the principal of Copeland Elementary and didn't hear back but did speak with superintendent Dr. Frank Roberson. He says the bus stop is an extension of the school and they do their best to look into every report of bullying there and at the schools, but unfortunately, they can't catch everyone. He says he'll look into this particular situation.

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worst service ever

i received a 2nd washer in october of 2011 due to the 1st 1 being damaged during shipping. in late may of 2012 it had a mechanical failure on the pump so i called haier which my washer was still 6 months under warranty. the initial call was the best 1 i've received threw this whole thing. they said they would contract a repair man out 2 my house. a couple days later i received a call from the repair man saying he was waiting on the part(which i don't know why he ordered a part before looking at the washer) 2 weeks later he shows up and says i need a replacement washer again. the paperwork was faxed to haier and i had to call 3 times just to get the replacement process started. they played the run around game with me for about 2 more weeks and i was emailed paperwork that i had to send certified letter to them costing money out of my own pocket for a product still under warranty. that was on june 29th. it is july 10th now and i called haier again trying to get a tracking number to locate my shipment and when the woman told me their still is no tracking number called back i asked to speak to a supervisor and was told thats not possible. so when i said every company has a management department i was put on hold just to be told i every 1 of them were in meetings.i refused to accept that since 'im on almost 2 months of waiting so i'm put on hold a 2nd time and within 30 seconds a supervisor was on the line(some meeting their in huh??) i was told by a supervisor that since their is no tracking number i have to sit at my house all day every day until the washer arrives. i told my wife i will never buy a product from this company again and i will dish out the extra money 2 but products from general electric from now on

Not working properly

Dear sir
I have purchase 2 split ac 3star rating model no {hsu18lk253} last year 22/05/2011 at the shop krishna associates. That ac are not working properly. I have complain many times to the company person and contact company to many times. But no any response. I have trouble many problems.
So please request to you please manage mine problem shortly and clear that complain. Either I have gone to consumer forum and case to company to given poor services.
Thank you
Yogesh kumar
Sector-9/29, indiranagar lucknow
Mobile no. [protected]

irresponsible servic personel

I had contacted the service center for replacing the freezer of my refridgerator few weeks before.they contacted me and told me that the service personnel will be coming soon for the service. but no body turned up yet. the Cochin service center personnel are acting irresponsibly for any kind of telephonic enquiry about the service. they say that they will come at such and such time and they are not coming.

  • Po
    POOJA BHATIA Apr 08, 2011

    This is with reference to the product i purchased from ypur company in early august last year.I am a resident of Ludhiana, Punjab(INDIA). I had purchased a fridge of your company last year. Initialy all went well but of late i have been realy facing many problems in terms of its cooling . Since 1 month the fridge is nt cooling at all and despite of repeated attempts to register a complaint i have been unsuccesful. Many supervisers came and rectified the problem and went and again after 2 days the same problem started. They have visited 5 times, but the same problem persisits. Its actualy shocking to see how a top company like yours could be so irresponsible towards its own consumer...Ihave failed to understand whether if i m at fault to have purchased your product or if the company is at fault, which is why they are not even bothered to lookk into our problems. I just would like to request you to please look into the matter without any further delay so as to avoid loosing your customers and spoiling your reputation. I would like to mention here that i want the company to replace my fridge as its still under the warranty period. Hope u will oblige your customer by sorting out this problem as soon as possible., or else i would b forced to go a step further. Looking forward to your kind support. THANK YOU

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Warrenty Replacement

I had bought Portable Air condition from the online store of BJs on 7th July 2010. It was Amana 12000 btu...

Extremely poor customer service

This company has about the worst (alleged) "Customer Service" operations that I've ever seen. I have, over the past week or so, spoken to three (s) separate individuals. All did the same thing: took my name and telephone number, and promised that I would receive a call back within 24-48 hours. No one has called back. I have sent, additionally, two (2) email messages, bringing the matter of their tactic of making a commitment, and then not making any effort to keep it. Neither message received a response.

So . . . don't waste your money buying a product that, as indicated by other complaints on this board, is not good value for the money (let alone a "good" product), and then have to go through the time-consuming, frustrating experience of trying to find someone at the company who has the knowledge needed to assist you--and the courtesy to return promised messages. STAY AWAY!

  • 45
    4522d Jun 24, 2010

    i am very unhappy about a belt for a dryer, not on the truck. i call haier (supieror) and asked about talking to his superoior, he refused to go though with the information. very poor customer service.

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  • Mi
    miss latee Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a room air conditioner from Brandsmart last year. This year it does not cool at all. I purchased a used one from a friend, It works just fine. I think a brand new unit should last more than one season. I'm very disappointed with this product.

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  • Ju
    jumpin123 Jan 24, 2015

    Yes I too facing same problem.my hair washing m/c not working since 2 months motor problem.customer service agents only giving false assurances.no help till now.I have sent many mails still assuring but no technician visited till now.I completely agree that hair has very very poor customer service compared to other brands of even different areas.I want hair to improve upon it and be a quick, trustworthy and responsible service provider.

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new motor needed, again!

I purchased the above washing machine which was actually a replacement for a previous one in aug 08, it has an extended warranty on it for repairs thank god! it had a new motor replaced in june 09, the pump fixed in 09 a new pump replaced in march 10 another new motor in may 10 along with another couple of blockages etc fixed in 2010 aswell, last week my machine broke again, surprise surprise another new motor is needed, an engineer was ment to come out to me today but i have been told the part is not in yet and wont be till the end of the week i will therefore have to wait till next week for an engineer IF the part arrives, i have 3 kids at home i have so far had no machine working for atleast a week and i am generally unhappy at the way comet is treating this complaint, the machine is breaking down in excess off approx every 4 - 5 months, which for its age i wouldnt think 3 motors in 3 years was acceptable along with all the other faults it has received, i would like to take this complaint further as i am not getting the answers i want or need.

  • Dh
    dhananjay Kulkarni May 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Haier washing machine i took in the year of 2006 at Gwalior, i got transfered to nashik (Maharashtra), my machines net got damaged 7 months back, once service person came but it was not matching further ei was contineoulsy following him but he has not turned up.
    My machine is not working from last 7 months so kindly help.
    My contact no is +91 9970155951
    Address - MF 57, sunderban colony, Bhujbal Farm, Kamud nagar - Nashik - 422009

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  • Va
    vaishali haragapure Jan 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Respected sir,
    We purchased new brand haier washing machine on13/07/2010 from Dass electric trading co. Chinchwad . The item-code is 0001535 Haier W/M HBF 655 TE-WHITE. Since the delivered date the machine did not work . We also sent complaint to Dass Electric trading co. & Haier Co. But Did not get any response in this matter . so plz. take attention of this complaint & reply us .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vaishali N.Haragapure.([email protected])

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We paid $200 for an 8000 BTU Haier air conditioner at Target. We paid an additional $200 to get it professionally installed. It is a very loud air conditioner. When I called the company to ask if there are any solutions to this problem, I was told that we could take it out and exchange it for a new one. When I told the service agent that I did not want to take it out since we paid so much to get it installed, she pretty much said "too bad." So, we are stuck with a really loud a/c and a bad taste for Haier and their customer service. I will never buy another Haier product again.

  • Ka
    Kathi Holman Jun 23, 2011

    Forget the noise problem, although I do know what you're talking about...other complaints have been poor temperature control and function, units stop working after only 3 months, poor service after sale, etc.! My unit has large vent openings on the top of the outer part of AC housing, allowing LIZARDS to crawl into the unit; of course they die, and I really have no way of getting them entirely out of the unit! Outside water drainage has also ALWAYS been a problem, as well. Now, the unit has begun to drain INSIDE my home, even though it is properly tilted to the outside, has plenty of air flow inside and out, the filter is cleaned weekly, and both inside/outside coils are CLEAN, for proper air flow!!! Obviously, the drain hole somewhere INSIDE the unit is clogged, and it is NOT something I can fix! I've had the unit less than 2 years, and actually returned 2 units to Walmart within the 30 day purchase period, for poor manufacturing, AND...one unit actually had rust on the bottom of the pan right out of the BOX! I now have a call in to Haier, and spoke w/a Supervisor about these issues of this MOST POORLY designed AC unit! VERY upset, and would NOT recommend a Haier AC unit to ANYONE!!! Oh, BTW - Walmart no longer even carries Haier AC units, and NOW I KNOW WHY!!!
    Kathi Holman

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Dear Sir,

I Kulsum Banu has Purchased a Air Conditioner of a HAIER company on dated 19th May 2009.

At the time of purchase the product is working in good condition, but with the passage of time the product is not working. I have been to the seller with the complaint & in return the seller has send his staff to check the AC. The engg. has checked the AC and was found that the GAS has been leaked from the AC. The engg. has fill the GAS and did not take the money as the Product is in Warranty. After that incident again the same problem has started.

AS a consumer of the product am not happy with the service and the product provided by the seller. In the 1sr year i use the product for just 2 months and same in the 2nd year.

So to conclude i want that my product should be replace with the new one, as the product is not up to mark. Mentioning the billing details of the product.



DATE OF PURCHASE : 19/05/2009


Would be thankful for your kind support.

Waiting for your warm reply.

Thanking You,

Your's Faithfully,

Kulsum Banu.


On january 31 I called into Conn to request servivce order for my washer that was still under the extended warranty I had purchased. The technician came out and stated he had to order a part. The part was delayed due to weather so I understood, however; once the technician did come back out I was again informed he needed to order another part. So here it is March and I call in regarding no service being done and was informed since it's been over 30 days you can request that we replace the washer. I put the request for the replacement and was told I would be contacted within 24 to 48 hours. After 48 hours no call was made to me so I call Conn's back just to be told it declined by corporate but, they could not tell me why being that it had been over 30 days and my washer still wasnt fixed. I want service. I would like my washer to be replaced. I hope this is not the type of servivce everyone is faced with who does business with conns. This is only the 3rd complaint I have with conns and generally the rule is3 strikes and your out. I was hoping Conns would get it right the first time and I can say after the first two I thought conns had redeemed themselves but, well we shall see.

  • P5
    p5279 May 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Exactly same situation. I bought Haier washer at Conns, and used for three months, got a drain motor problem, so that water does not drain and stay inside of the washer.
    So i called to Haier b/c i have 1year manufature warranty. They connected me to the local service center, but technicians didn`t show up for twice withought any notification.
    Finally, one of the technician came to my place and he said he needed to order a part.
    i`ve been waiting for more than a month to fix this problem.
    I called to Haier Customer Service so many times, they only said i have to just wait.
    How long should i wait? And they never called me back, too.
    The customer service of Haier is the worst i have ever experience.
    Poor Product, Poor service... so disappointing.

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My TV didn't work right when I recieved it

I bought a Haier TV November 26 2006. I never took it out of the box till Late January of 2007 becausre of Christmas. I'm a single Mom and I have a son and worked for a delivery company and worked long crazy hours and in a area where I didn't have a cell sight. I tell them my situation and they said not to worry they understand the time of year when I bought it and that they usually extend the warrenty service when it's that close and submitted my claim . I find out weeks later that it's too bad I was 8 days out of warrenty they slam the door in my face. So Alpha Electronics told me I could bring the TV to them and they would tell me what was wrong for no cost and I just never got the chance. So now it's the end of Febuaury of 2011 and the TV is dead. I can't believe these TV's cost in the upper hundreds and thousands only last 4 yrs!!! what a rip I called Haier and talked to quite a few people and they all agreed with me about the way I was treated and the fact that back then they didn't say take it in and see whats wrong and will talk about it!!! NO NOTHING..A few people told me that they would forward my complaint to the right person so I get a call telling me they would pay for the parts and now 3 days later they have disapperaed off the face of the earth and it's going to cost me 410.00 to fix it. They also told me it should last me at least 15 yrs and every electronics place tells me the same. And for it to last only four years it would of had to be on all the time!!! Please when you are considering buying anything...NEVER BUY HAIER PRODUCTS!!! JUNK AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Replacement of timer in washing machine

I have made complaint to replace the timer in Haier Fron load fully automatic washing machine of model # HA655T with reference # BAN [protected] 0n 2.2.2011 at your Tollfree # and they have not repaired/replaced so far (2.3.2011) and the service after sales of the product for any complaint is not attended in time.
BANGALORE - 560 106
MOBILE # [protected]

Bad customer service

I have been trying to get a refund since November from Heir America for a washer dryer combo that broke within four months of use. Was sent a new one and that one came broke. Talk about quality control. Have still not received a refund. Was told that I would get a call back several times - not once did I ever get a call back from customer service department. I have been told that the refund is in the process. Some one needs to get their head out of their ***! Just send the *** refund owed. I will never buy a Haier America product again.

Lemon appliance & tardy refund

In January 2010 we took delivery of a new Haier counter-depth French door bottom freezer refrigerator. It worked flawlessly until the Labor Day weekend when we noticed the temperature started fluctuating a couple of degrees warmer in both fridge and freezer. Several days later the fluctuations became more pronounced, 5-7 degrees. We called for warranty service. At first they said there were no error codes and that minor fluctuations were normal. Acouple of weeks went by and the fluctuations became double digit. Another servicew call with no results. Over 6-7 weeks we had 5 or 6 service calls with no improvement. Finally when the fridge started reaching into mid-60's, and the freezer into the high 20's they admited they couldn't repair it.
On August 20th they sent a trucking company to our home and they took it away with the promise of a prompt refund. At first they told us there would be a 20% charge for the use we got from the appliance but they quickly backed off when my wife became irate.
To make a long story short, we made numerous phone calls to their customer service dept and received various run-around stories as to the delay in issueing a refund check. Finally on December 3rd the refund check arrived. They never did offer to compensate us for the loss of the spoiled food or massive inconvenience of living without a refrigerator.

In my 66 years I have never had a worse customer experience. I wouldn't ever consider buying another Haier product and I will go out of my way whenever appropriate to relate this miserable experience to anyone considering a major appliance purchase.