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Fifth Third Bank Complaints & Reviews

Fifth Third Bank / online format

Jill Dew on Oct 17, 2017
Your on-line format has many typos. The most recent one I found it your misspelling of "cancelled". You spell it "canceled." There is no way that I can find to establish a recurring payment with your new software. A little help would be appreciated. I had deleted one occurring account because I...

Fifth Third Bank / bank manager collette at fifth third bank in rosemont il

Briana Gaines on Sep 26, 2017
Every time my son or I go into this bank, we have a problem with the bank manager Collette. Our drivers license has the address of o e of our homes in the south suburbs, so everyone we bank at this bank, Collette would ask " why are you banking here, isn't this too far from your home."...

Fifth Third Bank / online banking

Gunner2007 on Sep 15, 2017
Have not been able to log in for almost Two MONTHS tech support cannot figure it out I have waited patiently and still have not gotten any resolve I also have been charged fees that are not justified and never received a phone call back I'm sure if I was a big company tech support would be...

Fifth Third Bank / direct payment from checking account to anytime fitness

Timothy Mikolajewski on Sep 11, 2017
I called Anytime Fitness everyday for a week trying to cancel my membership before it was due again. I finally talked with them on 7/15/2017 at 12:00 noon and the man told me he would cancel immediately. The policy is that they will not charge you for the next month if you cancel right up...

Fifth Third Bank / mortgage refinance

joseph parsons on Sep 6, 2017
for past 18mths I have been dealing with 53 on a refinance t get my ex wife off of the mortgage. Jon Ullman was the first mortgage officer to promise that it could be done. I got all of the way up to the closing date 2x with him before he stated that he had made an error. His immediate...

Fifth Third Bank / call center manager and employee

I had an issue with my account and Rinaldo and his manager Erin were extremely rude to me. Erin went as far as to say, "Ma'am I work for the bank!" I then had to say, Well, so do I!" And hung up. I am a PNC employee but I kept an account with 5/3 because I liked the bank. However, as of...

Fifth Third Bank / car loan

mary143 on Aug 23, 2017
I contacted this bank many of times to get the correct amount owed. every time I have to reset my password my account information changes. I never once received notice of past due. When I logged into the account and seen where I had a letter dated 08/16/2017 I made arrangements to...

Fifth Third Bank / fraud department

Snip122 on Aug 23, 2017
I got a text from 5/3 that fraud was detected for two $100 charges. I called right away to close my debit card. The 2 charges were still deducted from my account. The bank just said it's from MICROSOFT, they Couldn't tell me if it was an Online, instore, in the usa or a purchase from on...

Fifth Third Bank / Frozen account

Michelle L Forcats on Aug 14, 2017
Deposited a legit check from a settlement conference. I have all documents with notriety and recieved half of funds next day. 2 days later I go to log on card frozen app blocked. I called the 800 number and spoke with fraud prevention was told check may not be good. Need to wait 7 day...

Fifth Third Bank / overdraft fee

MalcolmG on Aug 3, 2017
My account was overdrawn for about $111, including the 37$ fee.. I got that fee taken care of and transferred money over to make it positive again. When I woke up, there was another 74$ fee for 2 pending transactions from days before. So instead of being positive 37 dollars, I am negative...

Fifth Third Bank / fifth third bank advertisements.

Charlie Krug on Aug 3, 2017
Your Bank's advertisements always [censor] up my vibes. Honestly fix that [censor]. No one is gonna use ur bank if u interupt their [censor] twice in a row in the middle of a song on Spotify. These kids just listening to music. They don't have enough money to make transferring...

Fifth Third Bank / cashing check drawn on fifth third bank

kentuckysmith on Aug 1, 2017
Yesterday July 31st I visited the 5th/3rd Bank located inside a Kroger Store. 291 N Hubbards Lane, Louisville KY 40207. I had a payroll check drawn on said bank. I do not have an account with 5th/3rd Bank. I was charged $4 and said I could set up a profile to not be charged. This is the...

Fifth Third Bank / customer service and communications

gomikeeray on Jul 25, 2017
For starters, I still have access to someone else's account!!! I have asked to be taken off as a signer for over 3 years, so when I went to enroll my CC for online banking, I was immediately given full access to this persons account with almost $40, 000. I then started to use my CC for...

Fifth Third Bank / credit card

Vinh Le on Jul 18, 2017
Fifth Third Bank offered me a balance transfer offer that included a "special" 3% balance transfer fee (many credit card companies offer 0% balance transfer fees) and 0%, 12 month APR. I was given checks to use to take advantage of the balance transfer offer. The checks expired May 25...

Fifth Third Bank / customer service - super rude

Unhappy Customer..... on Jul 12, 2017
I'll make this brief: Called Customer Service (Paige in Cincinnati) to get an issue resolved. Tried my best to explain the need - had to interject several times to clarify my questions/needs and was instead told I was "continuing to interrupt her" and so I was made to feel that I was at...

Fifth Third Bank / highway robbery overdraft fees

Olivia Aigner on Jun 29, 2017
I need to know why your company thinks it makes sense to charge me a pending over draft fee. You already charged me the over draft fee, fine I get that. But if I over drafted I clearly do not have any money! Why do you charge me more and more and put me further into debt if you want me to...

Fifth Third Bank / unethical behavior

TALAYA D DAVIS on Jun 5, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to give an overview of my experience on May 31, 2017. My husband and I drove through the drive-thru of the DeVeaux Fifth Third Bank to deposit a Cashier's check that was under $2500.00. Jenna was the teller taking care of my transaction. We couldn't clearly...

Fifth Third Bank / customer service

Brooke Middleton on May 25, 2017
I contacted my Fifth Third customer service and spoke with a woman named "Majda". I cannot put into words how rude this woman was. My husband and I live 2 hours away from the closest Fifth Third bank and yet we have kept our account open because we usually have good customer service and it...

Fifth Third Bank / metal detectors

Al Cain on May 24, 2017
Hello, I am writing about the Fifth Third Bank located on 1606 E. 79th St. Chicago, IL. 60649. I entered the bank on 5-23-17 at approximately 5:10 pm. As I entered the back an alarm went off, I was instructed my a security guard to step back, empty my pockets of loose change, keys, and...

Fifth Third Bank / fifth third bank

Aalim on May 11, 2017
Hello Sir/Ma'am, I am actually writing on behalf of my aunt who made a transfer from Norway on the 4th of April, 2017 to a beneficiaries account whom is an account holder in your financial institution(Fifth third bank). The said beneficiary told my aunt the transfer hit his account on the...

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